Last updated: March 26, 2017

It’s Not Your Fault



Too many men are made to feel ashamed that they can’t give a woman an orgasm, and it erodes their confidence both in and out of the bedroom. It’s quite unfortunate.

If you’ve been in this position and made to feel inadequate, I have sympathy for your pain.

The reality of the situation is that many women are unable to orgasm either by themselves or with a partner; and it’s unlikely that they’ll volunteer this information – it’s much easier for them to just bottle it up inside.

In order to give a girl a multi orgasm experience, more than likely it’s not going to be the first time you have sex with her, and will require some form of comfort on her part with you. Of course, there are outliers – such as girls that squirt on demand (they’re quite fun) – but those are the exceptions, not the norm.

Do not get down on yourself if she struggles to achieve a multi orgasm state

I’ve put a free guide out — The 17 Steps to Give Her Multiple Orgasms.

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  1. A woman’s orgasm comes from the mind, not the loins. Unless there’s some physical reason she can’t get there, a lot of it depends on how comfortable she is and how hot for the guy she is. It’s her responsibility too.

  2. look if you are high value, and you set up the frame right she is going to orgasm muktiple times 100% of the time. the whole dynamic of sex should be you are dominating her. she will orgasm when she submits fully to you and you pound the shit out of her.

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