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Italian Women • The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide

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So you want to date Italian women? Here’s everything you need to know!

Use this article as a reference guide to the world’s most temperamental (and exciting) girls ever. Read on to learn: 

  • Why hooking up is complicatissimo in Italy (and how that’s a good thing)
  • The secrets to Italian nightlife and meeting the hottest girls at the club
  • All the best cities for dating Italian beauties
  • … and the insider guide to all of them!

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Now on to the job at hand…

Italian Women

The Five Big Cities For Italian Lovin’

There is more to Italy than Rome. This guide will focus on the five biggest cities in the country – women, nightlife, and dating strategy.

These are Rome, Milan, Naples, Turin, and Palermo. 

But wait… aren’t all Italian women alike? 

Boy, could you be more wrong!

Lesson number one:

South Vs North is the key to understanding Italian people. 

The north is all about work, work, work.

Not as much as the US, of course, but Milanese people are still workaholics by Italian standards. They are more serious, tend to have smaller social circles, and are very driven to succeed. 

The south, on the other hand, is the epitome of Mediterranean living. Much like Greeks and Spaniards, South Italians enjoy la dolce vita way more than any career achievements. Life has a different pace in the south. People eat for hours, date for years, and don’t rush into anything, especially not marriage. 

It’s easier to meet people in the south. However, ‘wifey material’ women are in the north. 

Then there is Rome, which is in the centre and brings everything together. Since it’s the capital, people flock here to work and study. In Rome, you can meet all sorts of Italians. Of course, you’d also be battling with crowds of tourists but that’s just life. 

Roman (Love) Holiday

All roads do lead to Rome. Since this is the first stop for many foreign men, here are all the secrets to dating Italian women in the eternal city!

Tinder Is King Here

Tinder is big throughout Italy but nowhere is it more popular than Rome. The city brings together people from all over the country (and the world). Most Italians in Rome aren’t Romans per-se, which means they need an easy way to get together. When you’re away from home, dating in your social circle gives way to king Tinder. 

Don’t assume Tinder = sluts. 

Italian women want to be seduced, whether you’ve met on an app or in the opera. They will play hard-to-get and you’re expected to persevere. Tinder is not a way around this (and straight into hookup land). These days, it’s more like Instagram for singles. Every girl and her recently divorced grandma has it. You will still have to put in a lot of effort. 

Message her first. 

Almost no exceptions to this rule. Italians view dating as a chase, that’s why girls expect you to take initiative. It’s a cat and mouse game and you’re the hunter. First message? You. Suggestion to meet up? You. First physical move? You. 

Bring your compliment A-game!

Italian men are very flirtatious by nature. Chances are, your girl has heard every compliment under the sun. Don’t think a lazy ‘you have beautiful eyes!’ will make her swoon. Open your Tinder convo with a sincere but original compliment if you want to have a real shot. 

Singles Nightlife In Rome

It is still possible to meet a girl while you’re both drunk at a bar. The old-fashioned way, if you will. The hiccup here is Italy has almost zero hookup culture. 

In the US, drunken making out is common, if not expected. In Italy, it only happens in clubs, definitely not bars. If you’re the type to prefer jazz and wine over loud electronic music, you’re unlikely to bring a girl back home. 

On the plus side, bars are a great opportunity to meet people. Romans come out in huge groups after work for an apperetivo and they’re happy to socialize with strangers. It’s easy to chat up a group of girls at a bar, sometimes as easy as asking for their favorite gelato spot. Even if they’re not interested, you’ll get a local recommendation! 

Popular areas for drinks include: 

  • The side streets around Piazza Navona (not the square itself, though, virtually every place there is a tourist trap)
  • Trastevere, which is popular with locals and visitors alike (on the downside, it gets really crowded on weekends)
  • Testaccio, Rome’s nightlife district, which has enough lounge bars and mixology heavens to keep you busy for a lifetime.  

Via di Monte Testaccio: Where All The Discos Are

Rome’s club scene isn’t explored in a day but Via di Monte Testaccio is a great starting point. Some of the city’s most prominent singles discos are on the same street. You do not want to miss out!

Most clubs open around 11 PM but it doesn’t get interesting until after midnight. Check out their social media pages for any promotions or special events. Also mind that Sundays are usually days off so you might have to look extra hard. 

Caffe Latino and Caruso Caffe are perfect for reggaeton/salsa lovers. Good dance skills will get you ahead with Italian women, who love to be (literally) swept off their feet. If jumping around to commercial/electronica is your jam, check out Akab or Villaggio Globale. 

In clubs, you do have the hookup culture. Still, be extra careful about the signs she gives you. A girl that is interested will look your way a lot, respond when you try to dance with her, giggle with her friends while you pass by. Do not sloppily attempt to kiss a random Italian woman. You will get slapped (and possibly beaten up if she happens to have a boyfriend)!

Daygame In Rome: Mission Impossible? 

Some would say daygame is dead in the Italian capital. With everyone on their phones and tourists focused on the attractions/avoiding pickpockets, it’s easy to understand why. But hey, I am not one to turn down a challenge. 

For successful day game in Rome: 

  • Decide your target group
  • Pick a moderate foot traffic area (a.k.a. not too crowded!)
  • Be persistent and accept you’ll get rejected a lot

The rules aren’t too different from any other European capital!

With Italian women in Rome, the language barrier isn’t such a big issue. Compared to other parts of the country, Rome has decent English levels. Don’t expect your foreigner-hood to be a bonus point, though. It might even be a downside during high season, where she might assume you’re just a tourist looking for an easy fling (and nothing is more offensive to an Italian girl than this).  

Some of the local-dense areas of Rome include: 

  • The Monti neighbourhood and especially Piazza Della Madonna dei Monti where Romans of all ages gather to drink beer, smoke, see and be seen!
  • Pigneto area in the east part of the city is Rome’s bohemian centre. Tourist-free but full of friendly locals (even if some may be on the pretentious/hispter side of the spectrum)
  • Ostiense is Testaccio’s calmer neighbour but it still has some exciting locations to explore. Check out Via Giuseppe Libetta for bars and cafés, or hit up the square in front of the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls
  • Want to meet students? Look no further than San Lorenzo where all the hot college girls are!

Milan: Supermodels And Supercars

Milan might not be the capital but it is luxury central. During fashion week, the city is bursting with models, designers, and high fashion lovers from all over the globe. 

Can I really hook up with a model? 

It’s good to have ambition but probably not. There aren’t that many models in Milan outside of fashion week. During the event, they do flock here and you can find them buying espresso, partying with oligarchs, or even jogging in the Sempione park. Whether you have a chance is an entirely different matter. 

Models in Milan tend to group together. The high fashion community is a tightly knit one. You’re either in it because of your job (photographers and models have a history of getting it on), or you’re rich enough to enter. Models usually hang out in the VIP areas of clubs or in private parties that normal folk aren’t invited to. 

You can meet a model if you have the right connections. 

The connections to be at the same location as the girls, that is. 

The good news? 

Milan has no shortage of gorgeous Italian women! You don’t have to look for a model to find an amazing girl in the capital of fashion. Here is how to do it! 

Dating Within Your Social Circle 

This is not just a stereotype. People in Milan are a bit colder, compared to their counterparts in the South. You can still meet a cutie on the plaza but your chances are much slimmer than they are in Naples or Rome. 

Social dating to the rescue!

Milanese natives make friends in their childhood/school years. The ones that come here for uni find their social circle this way. 

But what if I am simply a tourist or an expat? 

Don’t worry, Italians are still a very warm nation. Weirdly enough: 

You go to the boys. 

When you’re out on the town, whether it’s a café, bar, or a disco, try to make friends with the guys first. It helps if you speak some Italian but it’s not a must. In Milan, English levels are much better than the South. 

You strike up a conversation with a cool dude, he introduces you to his female friends, win!

Of course, this is a long(ish) term strategy. If you want immediate results: 

King Tinder To The Rescue

Italian Women

There is no getting around it:

Tinder has the biggest user base and it’s the most effective way to hook up in Milan.

Unlike other countries, in Italy you can find high-value women on dating apps. There is just not that much stigma around it!

If you only want to hook up, though, try to make it clear. Something small on your profile like ‘in Milan for a few weeks, looking to meet cool people and have fun’ is enough, there is no need to be blatant about it. The point is: you won’t trick Milanese girls on Tinder. 

They might steer a little from the stereotype of an Italian woman, but they’re still very much no-BS. 

Imagine this scenario: you meet on Tinder, she thinks you want something serious, you only want sex. Because you’re a great guy (and a foodie), you take her out on a proper date. This further confirms her belief that you’re after more than her body (which you might be, but only on the short term). 

It becomes clear that you’re in Milan for 3 days and you’re not coming back to start a family with her. 

Will she still sleep with you? Because you took her out, you two clicked, because she doesn’t want to feel like she wasted 4 hours of her life…? 


You’re getting rejected – whether she does it politely, swears at you in Italian, or slaps you. 

Lesson learned: don’t try your sneaky ways around Milan beauties. Italian women appreciate honesty, especially since they get so little of it by local men. 

Singles Nightlife In Milan 

Looking to let loose and meet some hotties? My best advice is to focus on younger girls. While the 25+ crowd won’t be interested in a club hookup, university chicks are more than curious about it. Your best bet is to go where they go! Which means: 

  • Navigli neighbourhood bars such as MOMO and Spritz, where apperetivo (a drink and some food) can be as cheap as 10 EUR. A great way to start the night for sure! Of course, all the college girls also help… 
  • Le Banque is just 5 minutes away from the Duomo, it has two dancefloors, a wide selection of music, and elegant vibes. There are student discounts every Saturday, which is when the younger crowd flocks here. Don’t miss out!
  • Hollywood club is a good choice on any night but particularly on Thursdays. This Corso Como institution has epic student parties and the long lines are proof enough that everybody wants to be here on a Thursday! Dress up nice, though. Just because it’s a student’s party it doesn’t mean you can’t get unlucky with face control! 

Naples: Southern Belles

The girlsof Naples are a lot to handle, probably because they’re the quintessential Italian women. They’re outspoken, passionate, fiercely loyal to their friends, and ready to fight you (yes, even if it’s a tiny 5’’0’ girl we are talking about). 

Naples is in the South, which is a hot place in every sense of the word. People like to hang out outside, having drinks on the plaza or at a side street. It’s not hard to meet women this way – what is harder is to avoid the ones with boyfriends. Observe her a little bit before you approach, or else you might get punched (and not necessarily by her boyfriend…)

Here are the best hangouts in Naples to meet Italian women: 

  • Piazza Belini is a beautiful little square, surrounded by artsy cafés and bars. Needless to say, it’s a favourite among local nonconformists, budding artists, and university students (but mostly in humanities, for some reason). 
  • Piazza San Domenico Maggiore in the centre of the city is touristic but only by day. Come nightfall, and the square gets filled to the brim with chatty locals, beautiful Naples girls included. 
  • Piazza Vanvitelli and Piazza Medaglie d’Oro are in the higher-end district of Naples but it doesn’t mean they don’t attract street parties. The only difference is the alcohol you’ll see them drink is a little fancier. Walk around the nearby bars if you want to meet girls above the age of 25 (which is not the case for the Piazza Belini or San Domenico Maggiore). 

By day, don’t bother with the Naples beach. It’s dirty and only frequented by misinformed tourists. Instead, head to one of these beautiful spots: 

  • Gaiola beach is one of the cleanest but also the most popular beaches near Naples. You can make a day trip out of it and meet Italian beach babes from all over the country. And you know people are a lot more open-minded when they’re on vacation… 
  • Lido Enea looks straight out of the Carribean. The beach club here can be budget-friendly or meet-an-Italian-model-friendly. Hire a chair in the premium area and enjoy your time with some of the Naples area most attractive singles. 
  • Miseno and Miliscola are the best sandy beaches in Naples area (meaning: you don’t have to worry about sea urchins… which is a major concern for some of us that have been stung). They also attract Naples beachgoers by the hundreds every weekend so you are sure to meet some hotties!

Turin: Beauty And Football

There is more to Turin than their famous Juventus club.

This Italian city is full of pretty girls and here are some great bars to meet them: 

  • La Drogheria at Piazza Vittorio Veneto is a staple in Turin nightlife. They make delicious cocktails, have beautiful outdoor seating, and their aperitivo is to die for! 
  • Birrificio Torino doesn’t seem like a place to meet girls – it’s a craft beer brewery. Yes, the tour is a fun activity with your friends. However, Italian women aren’t shy about enjoying their beer either. On an average night you’ll meet a lot of girls-only groups that came to explore this legendary beer maker. 
  • The Big Club is self-explanatory. It’s Turin’s biggest disco, everybody knows about it, everybody loves it, and it’s the single best club to meet Turin hotties from all walks of life.
  • Hiroshima Mon has a decidedly alternative vibe but people here are among the friendliest in Turin. If you prefer Patti Smith and Sinead O’Connor to Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, this is the club for you!
Italian Women

Palermo: Beauty Everywhere

If you only go to one Italian city that isn’t Rome, go to Palermo. The place is gorgeous! Just check out some of the pictures online, I am convinced it’s impossible to want to miss out. 

But in-between medieval gems and baroque churches, here is how you meet another type of Palermo beauty: 

Singles Nightlife In Palermo: This Is Your Schedule

When in Sicily… 

  1. The night begins around 8PM with aperetivo. This is also the earliest hour for a date. Anything before that and it’s way too hot outside!
  2. Then, you go to a bar with music to have a few drinks. Proceed to bar hop way into the night. 
  3. If you want to dance, discos don’t get busy until 1AM. Be there around 12 or 1, anything before and you’re just going to hang out by yourself. 
  4. There are after-party spots where you can stay until dawn. Or, grab some junk food and have it at one of the piazzas. It’s also a way to meet girls (though they might be a bit messy-looking at this point of the night)

Here are my personal Palermo favourites: 

  • The Old Town bars for aperetivo. Some key areas include Piazza Rivoluzione, Via Vittorio Emanuele, and Via dei Chiavettieri.
  • Later in the night, check out Piazza Magione where the vibe is laid-back and fun. There is no need to over-dress if you’re staying in this area. In some clubs, you can even wear flip-flops (I still don’t recommend it, though, Italian women aren’t at all fans od the look)
  • For clubs… I don’t really have a recommendation. Instead, go bar hopping and you’re bound to meet some club promoters. Pick the offer you like most and go there. Chances are, there’d be plenty of Sicilian beauties to choose from. 

Italian Women: In Conclusion

Italian girls are a handful but they’re so worth it.

Whether you choose International Cupid, Tinder, or try to approach them in a club, I have my fingers crossed for you.

Who says you can’t date your own Monica Belucci lookalike?

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