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It Only Takes 1 Idiot Leaving The Village



Longtime reader Keith writes in to share his thoughts on some of my recent “California hatingposts:

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Only one comment – if Cali is so wonderful, why are it’s citizens moving to Texas en masse?

1) when they arrive, they complain about the weather

2) they complain about Texas politics

3) they angrily (I have personally experienced this) complain about “our” conservative attitudes and beliefs, and become threatening in their manner – saying outright they will make Texas into California

But they like:

1) Best economy in the US, bar none, if not on the planet

2) Great housing pricing as compared to Cali

3) Extraordinarily low taxes

4) Abundant natural resources

5) Highly technical

6) Industrial base awesome

7) Medical and support services, world-class

8) Attention to environmental concerns far better than reported by the press

So, for the California women bitching about their lives and the California men who sheep for them:

1) Don’t come to Texas – you are undesired

2) If you are in Texas already, either join us in our success as a culture and a nation-state, be thankful for the opportunity, or go home. You are unwanted here, I assure you

3) If you can behave well, we will accept you with open arms

4) Quit your bitching. Be thankful for all the blessings and opportunities our state offers.

Otherwise: go home. There will be no middle ground, and if you behave badly enough, we will throw you out.

Keep up the good work, Kyle – you are RIGHT ON TARGET.

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You know what they say…

People gonna idiot no matter where they go. Just kidding, I totally made that up, but, my point also stands. Reason why is simple:

People have very, very little self-awareness. Someone voting for all the free stuffz in California goes and votes for the same shiat elsewhere, totally ignoring the fact that the bad policies are why they left California to begin with.

Again, reason is simple:

People are addicted to “feeling good” and doing/saying the “right thing”.

That means that you can’t say something along the lines of, “Most illegal immigrants are a net negative to society as a whole”, because you might hurt someone’s feelings.

Like I probably just did, oops.

No matter what you do, you can never ever ever fix all the idiots in the world.

Plus, the people at the “top” count on that, and control them to do whatever they want as their little puppet masters. No need to go all tin-foily on you here, but you get what I’m getting at. People desperately, desperately want to be told what to do because they lack the ability to think for themselves.

Anyways, the first step towards thinking for yourself is to cut out the garbage and start making money outside of the typical “system”.

The system which keeps you locked in, paying outrageous taxes, and too tired to do anything but go home and turn on the TV after…

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