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Is Kiev, Ukraine Any Good Still?



Reader Danny writes in to ask about a potential trip to Ukraine:

“I’m torn.

On one hand, Ukraine is rumored to be awesome with beautiful girls (I know you really like it), but on the other hand I know that when these cities become “known”, it ruins everything.

Girls get elevated and many turn to prostitution which limits the quantity of good looking girls, no fun for anyone. I think the RSD guys routinely go there.

Are you still overall thumbs up on Kiev?”

First off, let’s tackle the pay for play issue head on.

Girls don’t just start doing that…I think?

I mean, making the decision to sell your body for sex is not something that is taken lightly.

I can’t say I know a single girl who has, in my entire life.

But, I mean, it’s sort of an icky thing to do…

Maybe not when survival is at stake, but just for a few extra bucks?

Listen now, as this is important:

That does not mean that girls don’t like money. Girls have always been attracted to men who could provide for them. Back in the day, it was perfectly normal. It’s totally hardwired for girls to be drawn to guys who can provide a comfortable life for them. Back in the day, it used to be a cave and warm fire.

These days, the modern equivalent to the cave and fire is money.

But, that’s not all…

It’s that more and more westerners come, so they’re not as shiny. Plus, with more westerners comes more morons willing to get taken for a ride, all in the hopes of getting a little bit of fun out of a pretty girl. Blame feminism and the lack of masculinity for this…any whiff of the puss, and guys will do just about everything when they come here in order to get it.

Including, but not limited to paying for ridiculous sushi and champagne dates or any of the other numerous “scams” people fall for.

All in the name of “love”…

This is effectively what balances the market.

The local Ukrainian guys have always had their pick of the best girls, for a variety of reasons.

Hence, they’re not desperate chumps.

It’s balance in the universe.

But yeah, the westerners tend to come in and screw that up.

That’s why you see PUA camps coming in to these cities.

If those guys had a speck of game or masculine core, they wouldn’t need to.

And we would have kept feminism and all the pitfalls of it in check for the last few decades, instead of where it’s gone today (read: insanity).

In conclusion:

I think Kiev is great, but I live here. Being a local who is staying at least somewhat long-term gets you major points. The real problem is that many of the RSD/game guys all congregate in one or two areas to hit on girls during the day, and then go to the same three clubs/bars at night. If they bothered to walk a few blocks or metro stops anywhere else, they’d probably do much better and be more exotic.

But, I suppose you have to be a bit of a local to know that…

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