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Is Internet Business Ethical…At All?

Online Business


I thought I’d take the time today to talk a bit about internet business ethics, because it’s something many, many people are split about.

Here’s one thing you must understand:

We live in a generation where basically everybody has what would have been classified as ADHD 30 years ago. Things change EXTREMELY quickly. What is hot one month is not hot the next, or even week to week.

It’s absolutely ridiculous, and I won’t lie, a bit out of control.

Hence creates a major problem for people like me, I won’t lie…

What do I mean?

I’m glad you ask…

Basically, my new newsletter is designed exactly so I can jump on to hot topics (and yes, profit from it, believe it or not!). Because the alternative is, in my humble opinion, not as ethical.

Let’s use Cryptocurrency as an example.

A few years ago, when it was shooting past $10,000, all the way up to $20,000 – you saw many an internet guru all of a sudden come out with a Crypto course. And of course, they were rather expensive. Many of these guys brought their product to market with weeks or a month of announcing it. I personally believe this to be slightly unethical. They haven’t developed any mastery in this area. It’s just a cash grab.

I’ve sold exactly one “make money” course over the last 6 years of writing online.

Because I don’t feel good putting out something really premium for something I don’t know anything about.

I could have easily cranked out a dropshipping course, or a personal branding course, or many other things in the span of a month or so, slapped a $497 price tag on it, and watched the money faucet pour in.

But I didn’t.

Because I couldn’t get past the fact I didn’t feel good about it.

If I make a product, I want it to be really, really good.

For example, my recent “Girlfriend Blueprint” product was a year in the making…

So, what’s hot?

Take, as an example…

Crypto is picking up steam again, but no, I don’t really want to make a course around it.

I think you’re going to see more and more people go away from Dropshipping and building their own actual physical businesses they own – I have expertise in this area with Selo Oils…again though, it’ll be hot for a while then fade because it’s difficult.

My gut tells me that in the coming years or so more and more men are going to want to become fathers instead of players…then someone will get divorced and tell everyone to go back to playing the field…

What’s the bottom line?

Trends come and go.

You can’t make people care about something they don’t care about.

It’s hard to get on to the hot topics without sacrificing quality.

Anyone can jump on a trend, slap a pretty funnel and a high price tag on a digital course and call it a day…

(Heck, some people don’t even bother to do that and do the same thing with a PDF document…)

And make no mistake. I definitely am in business to make money. Without money, the free content (blog posts, these emails, podcasts, tweets, etc.)…yeah, it would have to dry up. Obviously.

Listen: Now, pay attention.

“Trouble Times” is set up the way it is so I can talk about the trends, but not on an expert level. Just enough that I can be informed about it, discuss it intelligently, and offer some suggestions based off of the conclusions I’ve drawn.

It’s also why there are numerous topics in each and every newsletter.

And, finally, here’s the deal:

If it bothers you that I charge for this information…

That I’m willing to admit I designed this product to be “evergreen trendless”…

And that I can fully admit to you I am not a master master guru in all of the topics in the newsletter…

You do know you can just hit “unsubscribe” at the bottom, right?

I ain’t holding a gun to your head and making you read my emails or blog posts.

I won’t miss you, you won’t miss me, we’ll all live in harmony.


Here’s the link.

What's Included This Month

* Why today's ADHD-millennial generation is completely unable to function or focus, and how you can stand out from the crowd (even profiting from them)

* Why the way your grandfather or father planned his life will flat-out NEVER work for you in 2019 (and beyond)

* The secret, and yet incredibly simple way that anyone with half a brain could easily make 2, 3, 5x or more on some very basic Crypto coins (with extremely low risk).

* The simple formula to give your business the best chance of success without having to come up with the "next big thing" (plus a real-life example of a very profitable one)

* A recent example of how I entered with a coin at $0.14 and exited at $0.44, and how I knew this investment would work out without knowing anything about the coin itself

* A breakdown of whether we're at the "tipping point" of the dating scene, and what I think is on the horizon for men looking for solid, longer-term relationships as they get older

* The singular trait men must remove from their personality if they want to ever find success with women

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