Last updated: September 15, 2019

Introducing “Actually Abroad”



So after a bit of hemming and hawing this week, I’ve decided to move forward with my idea of a “mastermind” for men specifically looking to get abroad.

And, after staying up late the last few nights trying to put it all together, I think I’m ready.

And when I say ready, I actually mean…right now.

I found a great program I liked that did everything I wanted to, so I started moving stuff over there today, and as of now, I’m going to open the checkout.

Here’s the catch:

I said at first I wouldn’t sell it for less than $50/month, but I decided to break that and open it up a little bit cheaper. Reason why is simple – the community still won’t quite be “open” yet. I’ll get the members feedback if you want a Telegram, WhatsApp, Slack, or a forum, or some combination of the above.

I’ve also realized, with this specific platform I’m using, it will also be a great platform for me to share short stories about personal stories…

Take for example; the fact I’m about to buy two apartments here in Ukraine…

I’d love to write about it, but that’s not particularly something I want to broadcast too specifically about with a very public blog post or daily email about it (I can’t vet all of you mofos!).

You know?

What I’m saying is, this platform will also be used as a bit of a private, Patreon-style blog over the long-term.

i.e. Premium content, in a way, you could almost think of them as premium daily newsletters.

Which is why, as of just a few minutes ago, that first piece of content that comes with your membership is now up (and yes, it’s about apartments in Ukraine).

Anyways, doors are open.

The price as it is will not last, so I suggest you go in and lock it up:

Get Instant Access

Read about it here.

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