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Indonesian Cupid: Your Ultimate Dating Guide

Indonesia, Southeast Asia


Indonesian Cupid is one of the most popular Southeast Asian dating sites. And for good reason.

Is it worth the hype?

Let’s find out!

Indonesian Cupid

The Best Thing About Indonesian Cupid

You’re a Western guy who wants to date in Indonesia?

Look no further than Indonesian Cupid, which is specifically made for international dating. With over 1 million users, this is one of the biggest Indonesian dating platforms and definitely the best for you.

The best for…who?

Well, if you Googled, “date an Indonesian girl” or “is Indonesian Cupid legit?”—chances are your first language is English.

In Indonesia, English isn’t spoken as widely as in more developed countries.

Main perk of Indonesian Cupid:

No language barrier & the girls are interested in foreigners.

While it’s naïve to think you won’t have any cultural differences or language-related hiccups. What makes the world of a difference is you go in prepared (and so does she). You will figure it out as you go.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Cupid as a site does its’ best to help!

They even have a Relocate? section on your profile.

It’s the fourth thing that appears (after name, age, and location). This way, you can immediately find out if you are compatible!

Indonesian Cupid: Enough Active Members?

I checked out Indonesian Cupid around 9pm local time on a weekday.

Why that time?

I wanted to test out if there were active members of the site – girls that sign in often and are currently single. 1 million members sounds like plenty of choice but ghost profiles are a thing. If Indonesian Cupid were a scam or a site that people no longer use, there would be very few active members.

What I found:

There were around 700 girls online. My searches (for girls 19-26) yielded thousands of results. All the members had logged in within the last 2 days.

In conclusion:

Indonesian Cupid members are real and active.

Meet Your Indonesian Ariel

The first girl that caught my attention will be nicknamed Ariel. This is for obvious reasons – she had big red(dish) hair and a warm, girly quality about her. Ariel was living in North Sumatra and, by her own words, she wasn’t playing.

Here is what her ideal guy looked like:

I am looking for a man who is good, loyal honest and romantic and I am looking for a serious relationship in a marriage for my future(…) I do not this to play.

Broken English aside, nowhere did she mention looks. In fact, this is one of the best things about Indonesian Cupid – it’s for relationship-minded people and looks don’t matter as much.

Fair warning: If you plan on using Indonesian Cupid as a hookup site, it won’t work as well as say, Tinder.

Indonesian beauties are looking for commitment. This is why loyalty, honesty, and kindness are among the first things they want. It doesn’t matter if you’re a Calvin Klein model if you can’t stay faithful for over a week!

How I Got A Date With Ariel

Don’t overthink the first message. Granted, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression.

However, most girls on Indonesian Cupid aren’t totally fluent in English. They won’t understand your clever joke, featuring a reference to a 90’s sitcom (unless it’s Friends).

Keep the messaging simple, to the point, tell a bit about you, and then ask a girl out.

Too easy?

You bet it is!

But it worked with Ariel—and a lot of other Indo girls, too.

Her first line (in response to the fact that I’m not all that religious) was, “Don’t worry about religion, the heart matters more.”

And this is not an unpopular opinion!

Can Non-Muslims Use Indonesian Cupid?

When you first get on the site, you might be surprised. A lot of the profiles are hijabis!

Are they even allowed to do that?


For most Muslims, ‘halal dating’ means you get to know each other without getting intimate. It’s a purpose-driven dating process, too. The idea is to decide if you’re compatible for marriage. As long as you meet in public spaces/with a chaperone, online dating is perfectly fine for Muslims.

But not all Indonesian girls are Muslim!

In fact, the ones I talked to were 50:50. One girl was a Baptist and she specifically said she wanted to date a Christian guy. So, while you can meet beautiful Muslim girls on Indonesian Cupid, non-Muslim dudes stand a chance, too. Just remember Ariel’s response!

Indonesian Cupid Girls: The Perfect Age Range

On Indonesian Cupid, you have this section that compares your profile to theirs. For instance, Ariel was 25. She had set her age preference to ’25-50’ and we matched based on that.

Some girls even prefer older! One blonde Jakarta cutie had set it to ’35-60’ when she was barely 20!

Indonesian girls want to date older guys.

Once you’re over 40, dating in the West gets complicated. The women that are interested in you will have some baggage. After all, so do you. With every previous relationship, you become more cautious. On the plus side, you probably know what you want much better than you did in your 20s!

This is the exact reason why Indonesian girls look for mature men.

Indonesia is conservative and they don’t want to deal with 20-something fuckboys.

Don’t kill me in the comments but it’s true. Most younger guys aren’t looking for a meaningful relationship. In Indonesian culture, where a girl can lose her reputation for casual dating, young men are of high risk.

Indonesian girls date to get married.

This is the other reason they prefer older men. You already have your career and you can provide for a family. Even though most single Indonesian girls work, they hope to become housewives one day. A younger man that is struggling financially simply can’t provide that.

Bottom line: Your chances of dating an Indonesian girl are better if you’re older.

Don’t let your insecurities tell you otherwise!

Indonesian Cupid

Indonesian Cupid: The Typical Girl

So Indonesians will date you for your heart, not your looks?

And they don’t care about an age difference?

But other than Ariel (who was my case study), what kind of girls can you meet on Indonesian Cupid?

Good, Good Girls

Indonesian Cupid is a ‘good girl’ dating site.

The women here are looking for something serious. They’re not exactly the adventurous, party girl type. You might not be badass compared to other people… But to her, you’re the Wolverine on steroids!

Most of the women on Indonesian Cupid are the girl-next-door type. They’re close to their parents, have a small but tightly knit group of friends, and haven’t dated much, if at all. You’ll meet a lot of virgins on Indonesian Cupid, too!

Cutesy Selfies

Virtually every profile picture on Indonesian Cupid is a selfie. The cat filter (doggie filter is no longer popular, apparently), the cute cheeks filter, the one that makes your eyes huge… Actually, the last one isn’t a filter, it’s the result of excessive FaceTune.

The edits to their pictures aren’t subtle, either. It’s obvious that everybody has smoothed their skin, made their eyes lighter and larger, lips plumper, cheeks rosier, etc.

Browse through the photos to find what she actually looks like.

Doesn’t Smoke Or Drink

This goes hand in hand with the ‘good Indonesian girl’ type. These women don’t drink, don’t smoke, don’t do drugs. The only psychoactive substance they’ve dabbled into is coffee!

Honestly, I was surprised at the amount of strictly sober girls. It has to do with Islam culture, of course, but it’s also not a thing nice Indonesian kids do. And they don’t rebel against their parents like nice Western children!

Caring & Family-Oriented

Indonesian girls want a meaningful relationship. They’re not unrealistic about it, though. From a young age, these women are taught to take care of their partner, to be loyal and kind.

The difference in culture shows when you start talking to them. They’re among the sweetest, most genuine people you will meet.

Bear in mind that this is only if you pursue them like a gentleman. Play games and you might get her brothers looking for you… with bats! That’s a joke but also kind of true. Treat these women right!

In Conclusion…

Indonesian Cupid is the leading site for international daters… And for a good reason!

The quality of matches, the sheer amount of users, and the intercultural dating friendliness are just some of the perks.

Plus, did I mention how awesome Indonesian girls are?

Yup, several times.

Then the only thing left is that you try it out! Register for free today and come back to tell us your success story soon.

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