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“Attractive, In-Shape, Successful, Independent American Female” Says Men Shouldn’t Date Abroad

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Reader “Heather – western female” left a comment on the blog that just reminds me of how most “western females” just do. not. get. it.

“Wow…from an attractive, in-shape, successful, independent American female who is still looking for an American man who is actually a man and doesn’t want to disrespect me for being smart and successful but can also still be the man in the relationship. Seems to be impossible to find these days. So asshats like yourself make comments like foreign women are more attractive and fun. My guess is that most men who feel this way are insecure douchebags.”

You know, I honestly feel bad for women like this, I truly do.

She just doesn’t get “it”.

Read that first sentence.

It’s the perfect example of a girl projecting what she likes on to men, thinking that men like the same thing, when in reality, nothing could actually be further from the truth as far as male and female dynamics

Not to mention, the insane expectations…

I get it.

  • Girls don’t want to date men who aren’t better than themselves.
  • Just like guys don’t want to date below their league, as far as looks.
  • But, there used to be an unwritten social contract between men and women that made all of this an even playing field.

What I mean is this…

Even if Heather is in-shape, attractive, and successful, she wouldn’t broadcast it to the world and demand a man on her level.

Or, to take the example further, you wouldn’t have your typical out-of-shape and nasty western girl demanding a six figures, six abs, and 6″+ ya-know-what.The social contract was breached a while ago, and there is absolutely zero equality in it.

Hence why guys like me go abroad, and why I think every man should consider it. Strongly.

To further illustrate this point…

I heard an interesting rumor recently that online dating apps are beginning to implement what they’re calling:

“Height Verification”

Honduran Women

Not sure how it would work exactly, but I’m guessing it involves sending in a driver’s license or other official document that states your height.

As usual…

The standards only seem to go one way in the dating scene.

Can you imagine if men asked that we put in a “Weight Verification” for women?

There would be riots in the streets with fat girls with their shirts off, flouncing everything we don’t want to see.

It would hilarious.

Nonetheless, the dating game isn’t fair. Never has been, never will be. However, in 2019 and in recent years, it’s especially against men. Then again…other than an inch or two, it doesn’t do you a whole lot of good to lie about your height anyway, does it? Not like you can hide that in person, yes, yes, there are inserts and high-heeled-esque boots, but you can’t keep your shoes on forever…

Whereas something like income, lying isn’t hard at all.

Anyways, this is just my way of saying that life ain’t fair, double standards exist, but really…

What can you do about it?

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  1. 60% of people enrolled in university of women, so if they just want something as simple as a guy with a college degree, it’s a 3:2 ratio. They need to lower their standards. This is why we see such a high percentage of never-marrieds compared to years ago.

    1. I know what you mean. I worked in the skilled trades and got alot of grief from women that refused to date “the grease monkey ” despite it being a secure well paying job with lots of room for advancement.
      Some women heard $35 /hr salaries and suddenly decided that I should buy them dinner at nice places if I really liked them. Or worse…asked me to fix their car…plumbing etc.
      I will not have any part of this

  2. Bang on post. Yes you are right about the height factor. If any man asks about any physical details of women then it’s considered body shaming or mysogny. With #metoo and Oprah’s speech, times up, men in general are on the back foot. I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s male apartheid and everything considered masculine is branded as evil. I believe in gender equality but I don’t understand why women want equal rights as men and at the same time they need the extra privileges of having a vagina. Men don’t demand opening the door of the car or getting his chair pulled before sitting. I hope women will understand that chivalry is actually sexist behavior.

  3. What happened to the other comments on this thread? I was going to show them to one of my teaching colleagues. There were a few interesting ones discussing ridicule for STEM careers, and silliness in education.
    New site looks good.

    1. I pushed a new theme over and lost a couple days of comments, sorry about that – I know you had some good ones.

          1. I hope that you can use this and the previous comments to create a new blog post describing these issues

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