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10 Improvements You Can Make Right Now: Wake Up Easier, Be More Productive

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Here are ten general tips I use to get myself up, keep myself going, and in general be more productive. These are absolutely improvements you can make right now in your life to improve your sleep, productivity, and overall drive.

#1 – Do. Not. Snooze.

Ever notice that when you hit the snooze button, you almost always feel more sluggish after the second alarm goes off? If you’re not aware of this, give it a shot. Have one day where you get up on the first alarm, no questions asked. Immediately start your daily process, and scratch down a few notes on your energy levels throughout the day.

The next day, snooze as much as you like (minimum ten minute snooze). Mash that button five times if you so desire. Make the same notes throughout the day as to how you feel.

Then, sit down and compare those notes.

More than likely, you’ll find that you have way more energy on the day you got straight out of bed. I believe it’s part psychology, part biology. The biological part is that once your body is roused out of sleep (REM or not), it wants to get going. If you’re going to go back to sleep, it needs to be enough for your body to get another cycle. Even if your first alarm awakes you out of a sleep cycle – the second snooze alarm then repeats the process. Now you’ve been broken out of two sleep cycles instead of one.

From a psychological perspective, you’ve already started the day on the wrong foot. You’ve already turned down getting going, and in favor of what? To crawl back into bed for a measly ten minutes. This tells yourself that being a lazy slob is better than kicking ass.

Drop the snooze.

#2 – Move The Alarm

Now, I recognize that snoozing is a habit that might be hard to break, so I’m going to give you the easiest way to do it. Most of you probably use your cell phone for an alarm; alarm clocks are pretty much a thing of the past, as weird as it sounds. If you do need an alarm clock, you can still move it to the other side of the room. Perhaps this one so you can avoid getting rape accusations.

I set my alarm up in the farthest possible location, but where I know I’ll still hear it.

This forces me to actually get up, physically stumble across the room, and then reach down, pick up my phone, unlock it, and turn off the alarm.

By the time I go through this process, I’m awake. I have absolutely no way to just roll over, punch that snooze button, and roll back over.

And if you take the time to do all that, and then hit snooze and walk all the way back over to your bed…well, I don’t know if I can help you.

#3 – Have A Routine

What you want to do is up to you. But you need to do something to get yourself going. 25 push-ups isn’t a bad place to start.

Personally, my body is trained to take a dump right on the dot when I wake up every morning. So nature usually calls me right into the bathroom and I have no issues with staying awake.

#4 – Use Your Phone

I bet you never thought you’d see me write this one.

But the light from cell phones is proven to keep you up at night, and that’s why I use tools to dim my screens to a “lazy haze” color. Modern day screens, with their bright whites and vivid colors, trick the body into thinking the sun is out at all times.

Whilst these screens are a downfall at night, you can use them to wake you up in the morning. Turn on your phone and do your usual crap, and you’ll probably find the vivid colors help wake you up.

Note, this shouldn’t be done while still laying in bed. Go sit on the couch and do it if you need to. Personally, I do this while I take a dump. Yeah, I’m serious.

#5 – Start Small

Do you ever have those days where you just don’t want to go to the gym?

Or how about times when you’re supposed to be out and approaching girls, but are coming up with a million excuses not to?

To counter this, I tell myself I have to go to the gym – but if it sucks, I can leave after one set. That’s right, ONE SET. I tell myself that if I just want to go home after that one set, I can – no judgment will be made.

How many times do you think I’ve actually left after one set? That’s right – NONE.

As soon as the blood is going and I feel the iron in my hands, the desire to pussy out after one set is gone. Then it’s off to the races.

In the case of approaching girls, if I’m ever being a weasel, I tell myself to just walk in her direction. I don’t even have to walk all the way to her, much less open. Just take five steps in her direction.

Often times, once my feet are going I’ll just approach. But if I still weasel out, the next girl I promise myself I’ll get myself in a position where I could talk to her. And almost every time, I’ll end up opening because I’ve put myself in a position where I’m thinking, “Well…come this far. Might as well.”

This is a technique I use for any student of mine suffering from approach anxiety. Just put your feet in motion. Start small.

Take this tip and apply to any aspect of your life, and it works. Got a major project you’ve been procrastinating on, and the deadline is fast looming? Tell yourself that you’re going to focus the next ten minutes on it. No looking at phones, no email, nothing. Just a measly ten minutes of focus. My bet is that you will find something in yourself to keep going.

(Perfect example: I started writing this draft at 2:35 and it’s now 2:48. I told myself I was going to focus for five minutes, until 2:40. And I’m still going. Perhaps I’ll update it when I finish it.)

(Crap. I just looked at my phone, ha.)

#6 – Let Technology Work For You

I realize this is a bit of a broad topic, but it’s really a good rule to follow.

If you’re an accountant in charge of budgeting, you may have to do a bunch of calculations by hand. But if you have a computer, you have Microsoft Excel. And you should know how to use it at a beginner level. So do some Googling and find an Excel program that can help automate some of your processes!

Another example: online dating. As you can see, I’ve developed an entire system that allows me to constantly acquire new leads, dates, and bangs – all with the least amount of work possible. If I was writing custom messages to girls and having long conversations, the amount of time lost would be absolutely insane. Instead, I leverage modern technology to make my life easier.

Too many people say that they’re “overwhelmed” by all of the technology in this world, but the reality of the situation is that it’s not going anywhere. In all likelihood, our world will continue going down this rabbit hole – more and more jobs are going to be lost to the hands of automated processes or robots.

But you know who will always have a job? The people clever enough to create the automatic processes.

Think outside the box.

#7 – Fresh Air

Nobody is meant to sit all day.

Vitamin-D, fresh air, and exercise are all a vital part of (2:53, got distracted by a co-worker needing help…back to it!) life balance. In fact, a lot of my new system on harem management is built around girl versus life balance.

If you’re working your ass off all day at a desk, make sure you get up a few times a day and get some fresh air. My co-worker and I take a half hour walk around the park, or go up to the balcony and soak in the sun. We do this every morning and every afternoon. It helps keep our sanity, and ultimately – helps us be more productive.

#8 – Take Supplements

The American way of life deprives you of necessary vitamins and nutrients. I take these supplements every morning.

Speaking of “performance enhancing”, heh…

#9 – Use Drugs

I wish I could say I was kidding, but I recently acquired got a Modafinil prescription from my doctor and HOLY MOLY BATMAN. It is amazing.

If you’ve seen the movie Limitless, this is supposed to be the closest thing to the drug in that movie, which is called ‘NZT’. While Modafinil doesn’t “unlock 90% of your brain” like NZT does in the fictional movie, it’s still incredibly powerful.

Half of a pill at 8am in the morning, and I find myself working non-stop until at least 5pm. By that time, I’m so stiff from sitting in a chair all day that I just need to get moving. I could probably go at least until 8pm if I so desired.

During that time, I do not eat because I am so focused. I’ve had occasions where I nearly pissed my pants because I was so locked in to my work that I forgot about my bladder. I get pissy at anyone who texts me because they pull me out of my hyperdrive state.

While Modafinil isn’t legal in the United States to buy without a prescription, you can try to get a prescription from your doctor. I have a post coming out soon about my review of Modafinil, as well as how I talked my doctor into giving me one.

Of course, there are free alternatives such as Adrafinil (which your liver turns into Modafinil), and of course – caffeine.

Stay away from the sugary garbage, but there is nothing wrong with a cup or two of straight black coffee everyday. Some people will say it’s bad for you, you should learn to function without it, etc.

Forget them.

Coffee keeps you alert, focused, and to top it all off – it staves off hunger, so it can help you with intermittent fasting so you don’t become a fatty.

#10 – Stay Away From “Feel-Good” Bullshit

You’ll notice something about this post regarding improvements that you can make right now

Every item I’ve listed, I’ve given explicit examples of how I’ve used them, and then followed up with ideas that are very broad in general. Almost anyone could read this article and have an, “Aha!” moment.

Anyone can set the alarm across the room. Anyone can find a way to get fresh air throughout the day. Anyone can use caffeine.

I’ve given actionable advice to help you with productivity.

What I haven’t done is feed any bullshit down your throat along the lines of, “To be more productive, just take a deep breathe and let your work come to you.”

That’s a bunch of garbage, just like “productivity seminars”.

There’s no secret to motivation. Most of it comes down to just doing it – and you’ll notice that the websites that have the feel-good, “Use these 376 tips to become SUPER DUPER PRODUCTIVE!!!”, are websites that inherently designed to suck you in and make you waste more time.

You know the sites I’m talking about – Buzzfeed, Tumblr, StumbeUpon, etc. What those sites are great for is for ads and getting people to your site, as I’m finding out with my niche website project.

Ignore the butterflies and rainbow bullshit, and just put your head down. Like I said, start small.

Improvements You Can Make Right Now Bottom Line

  • Waking up well is vital – no more snoozing.
  • Start with the smallest thing you can do and just do it – more often than not, you’ll just keep going.
  • Get some sun and fresh air.
  • Drugs are good, kids.
  • Ignore spammy, feel-good clickbait to help you be more productive.*

*Except this article – which indeed does have a clickbaity title. So stop reading it, and get to work.

(Final note: I finished this at 3:10.)

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  1. Propecia has some nasty side effects including lost interest in sex and inability to get an erection. Do you reduce the dosage of finasteride?

  2. Was linked to your article via Reddit – r/decidingtobebetter. You should not be writing articles about life improvements. Modafinil is for narcolepsy and excessive sleepiness. The reason it’s not legal to buy without prescription in the US is because it’s habit forming. You are proposing people use it for reasons besides what the medication is meant for. You’re a fool and it’s important that impressionable people on the internet are aware of how foolish you are before they take your advice. Your advice falls under #10 – Stay Away from this Bullshit. …And btw, 17 steps to give her a multi-orgasm? Cmon man, just stop.

    1. Comments like this remind me that there are a lot of idiots in the world.

      Of course I’m not a doctor. My doctor WROTE me the Rx. Of course it’s habit forming. It allows you to kick ass. And like any supplement, you cycle it.

      Sounds like you’re unhappy with your shitty life and have nothing better to do that hate anonymously.

      1. It’s not a supplement. It’s medication. Specifically for sleep disorders (i.e., narcolepsy, sleep apnea). You abuse it to “kick ass.” Doctor’s don’t prescribe meds for an “inability to kick ass.” If you have a sleep disorder you should say so in order for readers to understand the context of your drug advice.

        You’re promoting Rx drug abuse, under the guise of self-improvement, and deceiving medical professionals in order to obtain Rx meds. I know three full blown heroin and coke addicts whose addictions developed from Rx med abuse. Improvement? The other four I knew are too dead from overdoses to comment (They started abusing Rx meds but went to heroin and coke because of lower costs and easier access. It helped them kick ass too.)

        I can appreciate your willingness to help those looking to improve their life, but you’re making dangerous recommendations. Don’t post nonsense like this on a subreddit (r/decidingtobebetter) devoted to self-improvement. There are real people there looking for real help for real problems. An article about productivity and self- improvement carries no weight when it literally states that “Drugs are good, kids….”

        1. Notice I DID NOT say to buy Modafinil from some random Indian pharmacy. I said I got it LEGALLY from my doctor. He asked me to cut down on caffeine – I told him I’d heard of this as an alternative, he wrote an Rx. There was no deceit. I didn’t share the whole story because it wasn’t relevant. I even said it was illegal.

          And Adrafinil is perfectly legal and is essentially the same thing as Moda.

          Of course doctors don’t prescribe you the good stuff usually, they would rather keep you in the rat race as a mindless slave. Good for you for if you’re okay with that. I’m not. My readers aren’t. My readers are also intelligent enough to not abuse medicine just because I said so.

          I appreciate your mature response and will take back my snarky idiot comment. But to zero in on one of TEN points and call it “nonsense” when it’s perfectly clear that this is something that should be done with medical advice is silly.

          I am a real person who had a lot of real problems, go read this:

          Even by your judgment, 90% of this article is acceptable – so while I get your concern, stop the preaching like Reddit is the greatest thing in the world where only top-notch Nobel Prize quality is posted.

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