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I Recieve A Hand-Written Thank You Note For An Orgasm



I received the following ***HAND-WRITTEN*** thank you note from a lovely young lady.  Slight inside joke between the two of us, but I still thought it was cute.  Please note that she wrote this at work and with her company’s stationary and mailed it with their stamps, as well.

The entire sexual text story is below.  Funniest part is that the majority of this transpired at work while I was on a boring conference call.

LIL SIS (hey kiddo!), I would recommend you NOT read it.

Take note of the great girly/cursive handwriting.  Major bonus points.



You are such a sexy man and an even sexier texter!  Seriously, I’ve never been so turned on by my iPhone.  Last night would have been pretty bland without you!  I appreciated your creativity, masculinity, and delightful use of bondage.  Because of your generosity, I had two orgasms!  It’s men like you who remind me that there are still some good ones out there.  Your story will be enjoyed for many nights to come.  Again, thanks for the pleasure 🙂



Trouble Maker: If you ask nicely, I might walk you through an orgasm.

Cute Girl: I don’t know what you have in mind, but will you please do whatever it is that you’re thinking.

TM: Say please and then take your pants off.

CG: Please. But I’m not wearing any pants.

TM: Good girl.  Imagine I’m there.  on top of you.  I’ve pinned you down on the bed and you’re being submissive.  I want to take you as you squirm and moan in pleasure.  You feel a tingle in between your legs as I touch your body.

I yank you up by your hair and pull you in, kissing you deeply.  I use my fingers to run through your hair with a little force and scratch your head gently which relaxes you into me.  I then grab and spin you around until your hands are behind your back.

I grab your hands with a forceful grip and make you bend over the bed.  SMACK.  Your ass s tings a bit as I give it another good smack.  It stings but then leaves a good, raw feeling.  I grab your hands and force them behind your back, and tie them tightly together with my belt.

CG: Holy moley!

TM: Want me continue?

CG: Yes pleaseeeeeee

TM: You whimper as I force you down into the bed.  Shoving your face into the pillow to muffle your moan.  I pull my hand back and smack you again…hard.  This one hurts as you yelp.  I growl for you to shut up and take it like a good girl.

You’re on your knees and I make you suck my dick while I stand up.  You look at me with your eyes as you take my hard cock in your mouth.  In between moans I forcefully grab your hair.  I tell you to stop and bend over.

CG: mmmmm hmmm this is good

TM: I lay you down in the middle of the bed and grab your legs stretching them out.  I reach under my bed and retrieve the rope running under the bed posts.  I tie your left ankle up as you whimper in pain, because it’s so tight…just like your pussy, which is dripping wet.

I smack the inside of your left thigh as you squirm and yelp in pain.  I put my hand on your throat to silence you.

I forcefully stretch the right leg out and tie that ankle down too.  Your hands are still tied behind your back.  You’re completely unable to move and at my mercy as I start to kiss my way around your body.

I take your panties off and tell you to open your mouth.  Wide-eyed you ask why.  I smirk with disapproval and stuff the panties in your mouth.  Another smack on the right thigh leaves a stinging mark.  I insert my fingers inside your soaking pussy and curl my fingers upward…right to where I know your G-Spot is.  I smack you again, this time on your right leg near your squad.

CG: :):):):):):):):)

TM: You try to squirm in pleasure but can’t move.  You can’t talk either, not with those soaked panties in your mouth.  I run my nails up your legs as I continue to finger you.  My other hand makes its way to your clit…

My right hand keeps fingering your G-Spot and you feel a release coming on…around this same time I start to slowly rub your clit in circles with my left finger.  Still tied up, you arch your back in pleasure as I pick up the speed.

Just as you’re about to cum…I stop.  I remove my soaked fingers from you and smack you hard on both legs which causes a muffled yelp…or was that a moan, slut?

CG: Mm k so I’m about 30 seconds away from cumming.

TM: Nope, I didn’t let you yet.

CG: Oh? Well yesss sir

TM: I untie your legs and force you to lie down stomach side on the bed.  I grab another belt and CRACK…whip your across your entire ass.

It hurts but you moan.  I put you in doggy style and slide my cock up and down right outside your wet pussy.

CG: 🙂

TM: I slowly enter you as you push back, desperate for more.  Eventually I give you what you want, at the same time giving you another smack with the belt.  I pick up speed and start to fuck you hard.  You are climbing the walls in ectasy as you moan my name.  I slowly slip one finger into your ass…gently.  You’re so turned on you accept it gladly and enjoy being penetrated in both your pussy and ass.

My other hand yanks your hair and pulls you deep into a kiss.  As my cock keeps sliding in and out of you I growl into your ear that you can cum…if you ask nicely.

CG: That’s new…but creative.  Continue please 🙂


TM: You manage in between gasps for air to ask if you can cum.  I say yes as I give you another, harder smack on both ass cheeks.  You whimper but it sends you over the edge.  You feel your orgasm building in your stomach, down to your pussy, and then pleasure flowing over your entire body as you scream in ecstasy.

Cum now.

CG: May I?

TM: Yes.  Now.

As you come down from your orgasm I keep fucking you harder.  You aren’t even allowed to come down all the way from it when you feel another one building up deep inside of you.

As my cock continues to fuck your dripping pussy you beg for me to cum inside of you, you want me to fill you with my cum.  I yank your hair one final time and begin to cum inside your pussy just as you start to orgasm again.

This sends me over the edge as I erupt inside of you.  I continue fucking you hard hard as your pussy squeezes tight on my cock…trying to get every last drop from me.

I slowly pull out of you and cum drips out.  I lie next to you and pull you in close.  Give you a kiss on the forehead.  Sweat glistens on both of our faces as we bask in the after glow.

The End.

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  1. I am more curious about the “cumming inside your pussy” part. How does one do that, avoiding the consequences?

  2. I happened to experience it as a turn-off. Also experimented with it and had somme girls really got freaked on the thought..

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