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I Never Want Anything To Be Easy




Take it easy?  Fuck you.

Job?  I want to show up every day and be challenged.

Girls?  I don’t want them to put out on the first date.

Fitness?  I want to push the limits.

Travel?  I want to immerse myself and deal with the difficulties of a new culture, not take a cruise like every other Bob.

Lottery?  I’ll pass, I’d rather earn it.

Fine, the last one is a lie.

I don’t want anything to be easy.  Everyone throws this phrase around, that nothing worth doing is ever easy.  Too many people spout this off but don’t follow through.  They’re all talk, no walk.  There is no life without challenge.  There is nothing to be gained by wallowing in a familiar routine in which you never challenge yourself.  Challenge fosters improvement, confidence, self accountability, and humility.

If something is easy, it means people that are inferior to me can accomplish it, too.  My genetics, intellect, and drive puts me near the top of the totem pole in everything.  My modesty, too.  I’ve got that in spades.  Girls want to be with me.  Guys want to be friends with me.  Employers want to hire me.

Why would I want to poison the well and let other people accomplish what my select company can do?

When girls put out on the first date, I know that inferior men to myself have been there, done that.  It shows that these girls are not on my level.  They gave up their best play to an inferior level of game to my own.  Therefore, they are not worthy of my genetics, my resources, or even my time.  It shows they have standards that are below me.  They took the easy route, too.  And that’s not good enough for me.  Hence, I kept looking for a while until I found a good one.  She knows, too, if she doesn’t keep up, she’s out.

Before the Internet haters come flying in, I’m not going to say I haven’t fucked a slut or two.  I’m not perfect.

When I started my first big-kid job last year as a SAN engineer, I went into it with a plethora of confidence.  After all, I’d been good with computers, technology, and troubleshooting my entire life.  I didn’t even think it would be that much of a challenge to step right into the job, ace the training class, and then start putting everyone else in the office to shame.  Well, troubleshooting $100 million+ computer environments when you have CEOs of companies on conference calls is a lot harder than I thought it’d be, but I gained a ton from the struggle.  If it was that easy, they’d be paying any average Joe to do my job.  Instead, I’m one of maybe a thousand people worldwide that have the skills I do.

It forced me to be honest with myself.  I knew nothing.  I had to work hard to improve.  When I did improve, my confidence went up and I became more efficient.

When I first started lifting, I was like everybody else in the gym.  3 sets of 10 for 5 different exercises.  I’d hardly go heavier.  I’d avoid the “scary” lifts like the squat, deadlift, and even the bench press.  I realize now though, no pain, no gain.  The majority of my program have these compound lifts that challenge every fiber of my being.  I get heavier with every workout.  By the time I finish my last squat, I want to collapse.  My last deadlift, my hands feel as if they’ve been severed off.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I’ve got a physique to be proud of (though I’m never satisfied).

These are just a few examples of how nothing worth doing is ever easy.  Apply to all facets of your life.  Stop settling, start taking on every challenge you can, take your lumps, and watch how much better it gets.

In closure, the next time someone tells you to “take it easy”, leave the easy paper-pushing job, slutty girls, and pussy workouts to them.

They “earned” it.

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