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How Trump Out-Wizard-ed Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowlings)

Time to knock out a few questions today regarding online business.

Q: hey Kyle, i feel kind of gross asking this, but i’m not business minded at all. if i went the independent business route for publishing fiction work, where would begin with that? researching markets? building a website? i really don’t know where to begin on this

A: Well, first off, if you feel “gross” asking a question, maybe it’s because you’re recognizing that answers to stuff like this can often be found free of charge…

But that’s just me.

Here’s my $0.02 on fiction:

It’s gotta be really fughkin hard.

Not that I think anyone should shy away from a challenge, but actually writing fiction is incredibly difficult. Do you have a plot, storyline, developed characters? Writing a non-fiction book about something you’re an expert on isn’t that difficult. Knock out a few thousand words a day and presto, you’ll have a book.

Fiction is a whole ‘nother animule.

Not only do you have to have those aforementioned pesky storylines and characters developed, but there is no real way to MARKET RESEARCH a fiction book. Sure, you could throw up a landing page and see how many people “express” interest, but until you get your story out into the wild and get feedback…it’s impossible to say.

Do you think JK Rowling market tested Harry Potter much?

More than likely she pitched her story, someone liked it and gave her a shot, and then it took off.

(Now, Donald Trump is the only thing that lives in her head)

So, to answer the question – I have no idea where to begin either when it comes to writing fiction.

Google away bucko, don’t feel too gross.

Q: I’m debating between doing dropshipping or physically buying the products as inventory and selling. Focusing on solely one product or having multiple products. What do you recommend?

A: I would not physically buy products and hold inventory unless it is a BRAND you control, like my current venture I discussed here.

Otherwise, you might as well just dropship and let somebody else handle all the hassles of inventory, shipping, etc. If you don’t get equity in something, I can’t say I see the point of doing all the headaches.

In regards to DS:

You’re going to HAVE to have more than one product, more than likely. It’s gonna take some testing and failures before you find the winners.

That’s just the nature of the game.

Get too complacent and you’ll get eaten alive anyway.


If you want to learn the ins and outs of dropshipping, from finding a niche and a product, to running ads, and fulfilling orders (and making mucho moolah), check out James Holt’s “Start Dropshipping Stuff”.

I made a profitable store from it and have leveraged those skills into something even bigger with Selo Oils.

To start making money with dropshipping, go here.

Q: Kyle- I bought your niche course today and am enjoying it. I already have two ideas that are showing low competition in google keyword.

My question is this:

How do you structure ownership and banking of all sites?

I’m thinking of creating an LLC to register this and all future domains. I’d like to keep my identity hidden and this would help.

Any experience on this question or other ideas? Thanks for your time.

A: Yes, that’s how I’d do it.

Wyoming, New Mexico, and Delaware are the easiest place to get LLCs.

Buy hosting and domains through the LLC, get paid out via PayPal.

Should keep you relatively anon and get what you need.

Q: Hey, I saw your post on your sites. Firstly, awesome job! I’m keen to look into it more, with a view to getting going but haven’t a clue where to start. Any pointers?

A: This question was on Twitter in response to this tweet:

As far as getting started, the most important thing is that you can pick a good program and it’s something you’re interested in on some level.

Pro Niche Site can help you do that, and I’ll personally consult with you on the entire process.

For more details on that, just click here.

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