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How Traveling to Russia Has Made Me a Better Man

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[Hey gents, Kyle here. This is a guest post about Russia from Jack at Road to Solidity.]

My trips to Russia have helped me improve my game like never before.

You don’t really date Russian women like you date western girls. Some mistakes I made before moving to Russia were quite handicapping. Some facets of my game were repelling to some women there.

Here’s why:

I used to be too playful.

Back then, when I first discovered the game and all the PUA stuff you can find on the internet, I mainly focused on one thing: being playful.

Because according to the “experts” I took advice from, being playful was essential to stand out and arouse girls’ interest.

Of course there were some truth in all of this. It helped me a lot. Thanks to this stuff, I started to get better with girls and to really improve myself.

I developed my conversation skills, learnt how to trigger positive emotions in girls, leant how to approach beautiful women, and so on.

I gained a lot of self confidence. And I came to enjoyed dating women. It became a part of my life.

But my game wasn’t solid enough to date really feminine women in Russia.

Before moving to Russia, my game lacked solidity.

And I figured this out pretty quickly by interacting with feminine Russian girls.

Since my game wasn’t solid enough, some of these women weren’t taking me seriously. As if they were interacting with a little boy.


Something was lacking in my game.

But what? And why?

Here’s why:

russian women

By acting too playful, you actually appear weak.

You actually look like a guy who is trying to demonstrate to the girl that he’s worth her attention. You look needy (not to mention the fact that you don’t look authentic).

Do you often see James Bond constantly trying to be fun and playful when interacting with a woman?

Of course not.

When you’re too playful, you look like a child and you can’t be taken seriously. Women can’t see you as a real man.

That’s why I had some difficulties to turn on feminine women when I was behaving that way.

Not to mention that some girls would feel offended as I tried to tease them…

Of course it’s better than nothing, but with russian women it will only take you so far.

Russian women are looking for a man who is…a man.

They are looking for a masculine guy.

And when you behave in a masculine way, the girl starts to be attracted. She gets turned on.

Because she can feel the man inside you. She can feel your masculinity. Which leads her to reveal her femininity and to just give in into you.

Once I started to be less playful and more masculine, it was like I had discovered a cheat code.

Now I’m going to be a little more specific so that you understand what I mean by being more solid…

I’m going to give you some tips that will help you make your game stronger.

Here are a few key points that will make a difference:

Only smile when it’s appropriate:

Back then, I used to smile a lot. I used to smile too much.

I was told that smiling was essential in order to create a positive vibe with the girl I wanted to attract.


When you smile too much, you can’t be taken seriously. You can’t be seen as an alpha male. You appear weak.

Once I dropped the smile, I noticed that feminine girls were paying much more attention to me, and that I could turn them on.

So smile only when it’s appropriate.

Don’t laugh for no reason:

For the same reason as above, only laugh when it’s appropriate.

Back then, I used to laugh too much when interacting with girls.

As a result, I appeared strange. I didn’t look really authentic. I looked like I was affraid to be serious.

Laughing too much is a feminine behavior in Russia.

And as you can guess, it doesn’t work to attract feminine girls. What attracts them is a strong masculine behavior.

Don’t talk fast:

Don’t talk too fast like a nervous guy.

By talking too fast, you look weak. People talk fast because they are used to be interrupted by others. They are used to not be respected.

So don’t do it.

Instead, speak slowly. You’re the boss. People listen to you when you speak.

Don’t reply immediately to everything she says:

By replying immediately to everything she says, you look nervous. You look weak. You look like you’re not in control.

So don’t be reactive. Don’t react right away.

Stay calm. Be master of the situation.

When the girl asks you a question or tells you something, relax. Take your time to answer (whether you want to give her a proper answer or to give her a playful one).

Adopt a strong body language:

The most important thing here is to adopt a calm body language. In other words a body language that is smooth and non-reactive.

Don’t gesticulate like a stressed out guy. Stay grounded.

Give her a solid look:

Don’t look away when talking to her. Because if you do so, you’ll appear weak.

A girl can tell if you’re solid or not simply by looking at the way you look at her.

Adopt a relaxed and piercing look. The girl should have a feeling that you can see right through her.

Use those key tips to make your game more solid and you’ll notice a big difference in the way feminine women (and even the other people) look at you.

These tips are extremely powerful to attract feminine russian women, who crave for masculine guys.

But there’s more…

Traveling to Russia has also taught me how to behave like a gentleman:

Russian women also love when men show romanticism.

In Russia, men always bring flowers to girls on a first date. And women expect men to bring them flowers when going on a date.

It might sound cheesy (especially if you live in the US or in Western Europe), but that’s how things work in Russia.

Here’s something key to understand:

When your game is solid, you can afford to be romantic.

Many western men refrain to express desire because they are afraid to look needy. But you can express desire without looking needy.

This is precisely the key to a powerful game: being able to express desire, while not being needy.

And when you know how to give off a strong masculine vibe, you can do this pretty easily. That’s precisely what my trips to Russia have helped me do.

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  1. Russian culture seems to be a cold and stoic….except when they bring flowers. Good post! Never been to Russia, but I have been to Estonia and really enjoyed it.

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