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How to Seduce Women Through Photography by Goldmund

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Game is pretty simple when you take a step back and look at it from a general perspective.

Get in shape, make some money, talk to lots of girls, and working on yourself in general is something that every man knows they should be doing – even if most won’t follow through. Because every man knows they should be doing that though, it actually means that game is quite elementary in it knowledge, even if the application itself is much more difficult.

That’s why I really enjoy it when men come up with new and revolutionary ways to pound pussy.

Enter Goldmund’s book: An Introduction to Camera Game: How to Seduce Women Through Photography.

While Goldmund probably isn’t the first guy to utilize his camera to get laid, he is the first I’ve seen that has consciously realized it and written it down into actionable advice and steps. Wielding his DSLR throughout the streets of Manhattan (among other places) has proven to be extraordinarily successful for him. Even if you’re never wielded a camera beyond an iPhone in your life, Goldmund walks you through all of the technical steps of taking good pictures.

Then, he combines it with damn good frame and game techniques to give girls an experience they’ll never forget.

And experience it is. The stories he tells at the end of the books is the stuff that chicks fantasize about. Goldmund literally gives the blueprint on how to make these fantasies come true. Trust me when I say that girls are fantasizing about a sexy photographer approaching them, taking photos, and then fucking her silly – they are not fantasizing about having sex on a dinner date at a five star restaurant.

Really, all of us involved in game should be taking a page out of Goldmund’s books – an experience is everything for a girl.

Camera game is by far the fastest way I have had girls reveal their personality. I have learned more in 3 minutes of camera game than on most 3+ hour dates.

My only true gripe with the book is the formatting, but I’m nit-picking. The one thing that I would have liked to see in a photography book was some real photographs with some of these girls. Granted, they are publicly available on his blog in many cases, but it still would have been nice to have them scattered throughout the book. Maybe even a few “premium” photos would be a great idea for a second edition.

Overall though, I highly recommend An Introduction to Camera Game if you have an interest in photography, or in developing a next level game technique.

Click here to buy Goldmund’s book.

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