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How to Find Your Purpose as a Man

In episode #78 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome Hunter Drew from The Family Alpha.

Have you seen Captain America?

When he falls into the ocean, and awakes decades later in the middle of Times Square in the 2000s instead of during World War II?

Well, Hunter went through a similar transition when he was in the service. From going in to duty in 2006 and then coming out at 2014…well, society changed. A lot. Many men lost their way, the general population has come to shun men, and things have just become much harder.

Hunter shares a ton of insights into how much the world is changed and how he has begun to handle it.

(Apologies for the lackluster sound quality on my end – I am aware and will have it fixed in the next episode).

 Hit the ‘Play’ button below, and you’ll learn:

  • The message behind The Family Alpha
  • How Hunter is raising his son to be masculine at a young age, whilst also continuing to develop his daugther’s feminine side
  • How to game a wife in a marriage, or a girl in a long-term relationship
  • And how to make sure you have damn good sex
  • How to fight against societal pressure and come out ahead
  • Leaving people behind; his unique situation with his own family and his thoughts on what to do when people drag you down
  • Finally, how to get back up when you feel there is nowhere else to go but down.
  • And much, much more!

Make sure to check out Hunter’s Men of March (which is upcoming book is based on).

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How to Find Your Purpose as a Man

One of my favorite quotes from his site:

It’s OK to have gained a few pounds, I have kids and we’re Married.

I’m content in my job; I don’t need to strive for advancement and professional growth.

I used to be a jock, I will be able to pick up where I left off – I’ll just wait until New Years Eve and start then – I deserve this break.

Sex is supposed to decrease after Marriage & Children…

Why do I need to hit the gym? I’m not that bad and as my wife- she owes me sex.

If I do a lot of chores I will get sex.

Attraction is negotiable

She loves me the way I love her…

She will tell me what she wants.

Every single one of these are thoughts are wrong.

Every. Single. One.

Original show notes:

  • MESSAGE: What kind of state do you think our society is in, and what kind of goals do you hope to achieve with TFA over the long term? Is it feasible for a movement to turn things around? (What do you think will happen to Europe long term which seems to just go deeper down the rabbit hole).
  • FOR THE YOUNG GUYS: Obviously you are in a position where you have a family, and have their best interests at heart. But for someone who is early 20s, perhaps, and single – what would you recommend? Try to make a difference or do (what I did) and just leave it all behind?
  • RESENTMENT: Do you have any advice for guys who are BITTER about just finding things out. Is there a way to move past it? What about for sons who perhaps harbor a bit of resentment for their own father for this?
  • WHERE TO BEGIN: We’re now reaching a point where there is just so much out there. Are men now hitting a paralysis by analysis point, where they are just too scared to start?
  • 1. If yes, what would be your advice?
  • 2. What about those who just feel hopeless about their entire life and situation?
  • FATHERHOOD: You’re not too much older than me, but obviously in a much different point of life. Would you do it again, or do you wish you’d had a little more wild time.

If you have questions or comments about the show, make sure to leave them below.

Finally, make sure you check out Hunter’s site here.

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