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How To Be In The Top 20%

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Here’s the good ‘ol 80/20 rule again.  The Pareto Principle.

20% of the people in this nation hold 80% of the wealth.

20% of the input creates 80% of the result.

20% of office slaves create 80% of the revenue for a corporation.

20% of men have 80% of the sex of all men.

Since this is primarily a sex/relationships/game blog, let’s take the last example and run with it.  BUT…let’s say you’re in that 80% of men who are left with 20% of the sex, i.e. table scraps: fatties, single moms, and sluts.  I get it.  It’s not fair.

Do you think the 80/20 rule cares about how much your life sucks?  No.

Start working towards being in that 20%; because trust me, it is not that hard.  Just remember, unlike females, your value in a sexual sense is not measured primarily by your looks.  Remember these points, if nothing else:

  • Your looks, style, and level of fitness matter
  • Your income/job matters
  • Your passion/goals matter
  • Your GAME matters


Okay, so you have an ugly mug.  Let’s say you’re a 4.  But, you hit the gym and develop a 6-pack.  Grow out facial hair appropriate for your facial shape.  Now, you’re a 6.  You buy good fitting clothes.  You’re now a 7.  The world is wide open.

80% of guys don’t maximize their potential through these three things: looks, fitness, and style.  Be in the 20% who does.


For example, I’ve pulled some charts of state income.  I picked my two favorite states, both of which fall into the category of most expensive states.  Take a look at the “1 earner” income; it’s roughly $48,000 in each state.  So this means, to be above average in these states, you need to make $50,000 a year.  That is NOT that difficult to do.

80% of guys don’t maximize their income, be in the 20% who does.

EstimateMargin of Error
  No earners (dollars)29,588+/-548
  1 earner (Dollars)47,798+/-542
  2 earners (dollars)89,951+/-601
  3 or more earners (dollars)98,490+/-1,126
New York
EstimateMargin of Error
  No earners (dollars)28,470+/-710
  1 earner (Dollars)47,414+/-642
  2 earners (dollars)92,335+/-706
  3 or more earners (dollars)112,857+/-1,670

Passion & Goals

I get it, you like to sit around and play Warcraft all day.  If you have a cool passion or hobby though, you’re above average, because MOST GUYS DON’T.  It doesn’t even matter if that passion makes you borderline homeless.  Look at musicians – some of them play gigs for free, desperate to have their big chance, yet women will still flock to them.

80% of guys have no cool hobbies or passions.  Be in the 20% who do.


Learn to stand up to a girl and put her in her place.  Learn how to approach, hook, tease, and ultimately, seduce.  Learn to fuck her hard and good to the point she has trouble standing.

80% of guys just thrust in and out in missionary and hope for the best.  Be in the 20% who knows how to rock a girl’s world.

It’s not a lot of work to be in the top 20%, where you’ll be part of the exclusive group having 80% of the sex.

I gave you a quick path, so what’s your excuse?

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  1. How would you know anything about this, considering you are a whipped beta bitch who is only dating one girl?

    Come back when you’re spinning 25 plates, otherwise you don’t know shit.


  2. The Pareto Principle is perhaps one of the most useful conceptual tools that I picked up in working with Asian followers of Deeming.

    This a succinct, practical explication of how average guys can make the move above average. Arguably, they have a ways to go to get the top 20%, but this gives them a path and the framework of a plan.

    Plate spinning is a poor singular measure of your worth as a man; ignore the crowd noise.

  3. So many guys could drag themselves out of the lower half just by hitting the gym and not stuffing their face with junk. It’s very sad to think that the majority of guys value the taste of a doughnut over sex with an attractive female. Or perhaps they’ve just never experienced sex with anything other than a fat hog?

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