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How Many Good Girls Are Out There?

Last week, I ran a post called The Diamond:Rough Ratio, in which I posed these questions:

  • Out of 10 girls, how many are worth actually seeing again after the first bang?
  • Out of 10 girls, how many of them end of worthy of being in a harem?  For simplicity’s sake, we’ll consider a harem member a girl you see once a week, primarily for sex.  There can be the occasional “real date”.
  • Out of 50 girls, how many of them are worthy of being in a long-term relationship?  We’ll consider this to be monogamous, in which you see each other 3+ times a week, and are at a point where families have been introduced to the other partner.
  • Out of 100 girls, how many of them are worthy of marriage?

There were a lot of excellent comments about the post.  The general consensus was:

Run the fuck away.

For example:

AudioRebellion wrote:

I’ve a student pf game for nearly 12 years.
My count is some where near the high 200′s.
Of those girls i’d say about 7 were full on LTR/wife material.

For those bad at math, that’s 3.5%

My fellow SoCal’er Sploosh had some factual statistics to back his claims up:

total bangs: 49.

ONS: 17

Repeats: 32

Worthy of seeing again: Of the 17 ONS I wanted to see 8 of them again. Sex gets better the more often you have it with a woman so why do all the work to get her to like you only to pump and dump her. silly. Mostly they wouldn’t see me again because while they were able to get caught up in the night with me, i always told everyone I will not be monogamous. They knew I would not commit to them. They knew what they wanted and it was a BF so they pumped and dumped me basically.

Of the 49, I would say 10 were worthy of a LTR if i were looking for it.

Marriage: only 2 i’ve met I’d consider for marriage if I were so inclined. My first because we were virgins, first love all that. tiny blonde with an ass and tiny perky tits.

the other because of what I put here through and how she responded.

so for me it’s 2 out of 49.

thebastardson wrote:

5 out of 10 worth seeing again after bang. I’ve honestly only had a few I wouldn’t hang with after.

2ish out of 10 are worthy harem tramps.

1 out of 50 for LTR. and that may be stretching it.

less than 1 out of 100 is worthy for marriage.

These are all excellent comments.

There is something that I purposely did not mention in the original post.  While obviously there are situations where it is a one night stand, and you know there will not be a second date, fuck, etc, they honestly should be few and far between.  You should always try to fuck a girl for a second time.

“But why, Troublemaker?  Isn’t that what game is about?  Fucking a lot of SLUTS?!”

No, it’s not.  It can be, but if you get yourself into the habit of fucking girls that aren’t up to par, it simply isn’t good for you.  Especially if you know you can do better.  It’s the equivalent to eating fast food all the time.  Even though you know it’s bad for you, it will work in a pinch.  Trust me, I get it.  You’re horny and alone, and you just want to get your rocks off without resorting to jerking it yourself.  So you settle.

I had a fuck buddy for a long time who was mediocre.  She was a great lay, but honestly probably wasn’t higher than a 5.5.  She was convenient though, and always down, would do dirty shit, and didn’t insist on cuddling after.  Every time she left though, I’d feel a little regretful.


Don’t settle for it.  Would you rather be fucking two 8’s or four 5’s?  I’ll take the 8’s, thanks very much.  If you have issues keeping them around, learn how to fuck a girl properly in order to keep her around.

It will be a learning curve, but don’t make a habit of consistently dumpster diving.  Else, you’re hardly better than the 20 year old who has taken three dozen cocks already.

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Anonymous - March 10, 2014

7/200 = 0,035 = 3,5%

    Trouble.Maker - March 10, 2014

    Doh. I’m an idiot.

    Anon - March 10, 2014

    Exactly, the author isn’t terribly great at “path” or spelling.

      Trouble.Maker - March 10, 2014

      Yeah yeah yeah fixed both of them.

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