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How Liberal Arts Hurts Our Economy



Originally at Return Of Kings.  I really, really like this post, so I decided it was worth running it again a few days after the ROK version.


Tori and Tory are both accountants at a local accounting firm.  Tori holds a Bachelor’s in accounting, has five years of experience in the industry, and is 30 years old.  Tory has a Bachelor’s in finance, with four years of experience, and is 27 years old.  Both Tori and Tory are considered to be top accountants at their firms; they have happy clients, bring in profits, and are generally considered to be good employees.  However, they differ slightly…

Tory is supposed to start work at 8:00am sharp every day.  Typically though, Tory walks into the building at 7:30am.  Tory has one hand on a briefcase, and the other hand holding a smartphone to the ear, already working with clients.  Once in the office, Tory focuses on the task at hand.  Tory typically only takes lunch twice a week, and that time is spent in the company gym, knowing there is little time after work to accomplish this.  Other days, Tory works through lunch.  During major tax season, Tory often works 80 hours a week with no further financial incentive.  At the end of the day, Tory is scheduled to get off at 5:00pm.  However, it is more often to see Tory walk out the door at 6:00pm with a tired, drained expression.  Tory collects a respectable $54,000 a year for work.

Tori is supposed to start work at 8:00am sharp every day.  Typically though, Tori saunters into the office, Starbucks in one hand, the other hand glued to a smartphone with Facebook up, at about 8:30am.  Tori loves water cooler talk, and will spend 30 minutes every day talking about the latest episode of American Idol.  Tori will often take a two-hour lunch on Fridays to relax before the start of the weekend.  During major tax season, Tori often works…40 hours a week.  Tori is scheduled to work at the office until 5:00pm, but often slides out around 4:45pm with a cheery smile.  Despite this, when Tori focuses on work, good things happen.  Tori collects a respectable $50,000 for work.

One day, Tori finds out that Tory makes $4,000 a year more.  Tori is outraged at this, as Tori has more experience, age, and an actual degree in accounting over Tory.  Tori complains to HR, and the managers give Tori a raise to bring their salaries closer together.

Which one of these accountants is a woman, and which one is a man?


Women should get paid the same as men?  Absolutely!  Women should work just as hard as men to get that pay!  Absolutely!  While feminists will agree with what I said, they’re lying.  I consistently have seen women/girls expecting to get paid the same, but when the going gets tough, they are the first ones to complain. If you work less than someone, you should get paid less, regardless of gender.  Let’s take the above analogy with our accountants and now apply it to college-level education.

Feminism –> Liberal Arts –> Government-Created Jobs –> Less $

With feminism spawned more girls furthering their education by going to college, which is all fine and dandy.  However, notice how, year after year, courses become flooded with more and more liberal degrees that are at best repetitive and at worst…total bullshit.   This spawns from the analogy above, women want the same opportunities, but don’t want to work as hard.  Hence, worthless majors and degree programs are created; simply so that more pieces of paper with degrees stamped on them flood the job market, which hurts everyone in the economy. I graduated college less than a year ago, a semester ahead of most of my peers, most of whom graduated this past May.  Most of them are having to move home and are taking up jobs as valets, babysitters, or waiters/waitresses.

Why does it hurt everyone?  Economics 101, supply and demand.  There is far too big of a supply of people with degrees, and simply not enough jobs  to keep up.

Feminism –> Liberal Arts –> Government-Created Jobs –> Less $

Some examples from my own alma mater about the “career opportunities,” of Liberal Arts degrees.


Career opportunities for sociology graduates are as varied as is the discipline of sociology. Many sociology graduates find themselves working for businesses while others find employment in social service agencies or correctional departments (e.g., child welfare worker, parole or probation officer).

Other fields that might employ sociology graduates include population analysis, public opinion research, public administration and politics.

The sociology major is also a good preparation for graduate programs in the following areas: sociology, social work, law, medicine, teaching and research.

A sociology degree is nowhere near as good of preparation for med school than…you know, a pre-med degree.   This basically says that after you get your degree, you can go spend a few hundred thousand more dollars to get your master’s in social work…which you then do what with?  Be a correctional officer, working on counseling criminals for $40,000 a year?

Women’s Studies

As with any Liberal Arts Degree, Women’s Studies provides a well-rounded education that can be useful in any job. A Women’s Studies degree also provides an excellent foundation for further graduate work in professional degree programs such as counseling, social work, law, and public health. A degree in Women’s Studies will enhance student’s ability to participate professionally in a range of organizations and businesses in the public and private sector, particularly those addressing women’s issues. Women’s Studies not only provides an excellent Liberal Arts education that improves one’s skills in writing and discussions, but it also prepares the student to work with diverse populations and be aware of the forces of privilege and oppression.

Read that first sentence.  “As with ANY Liberal Arts Degree….useful in any job.”  Think about that.  They basically said that a major in Women’s Studies provides NO additional skills, experience, or knowledge any more useful than any of the other Liberal Arts programs.  So, why does it exist?

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Studies

LGBT Studies is an interdisciplinary program, not affiliated with any one department. Courses offered include LGBT literature, history of sexuality, media and sexuality, psychology of human sexual behavior, sexuality in modern society, valuing human diversity, lesbian lives and cultures, among many others. There are also over a dozen internships in LGBT organizations.

There is nothing even listed on this page for “Career Opportunities.”  What does this major entail?  How to have gay sex without lube?  The only mention of career opportunities is for “internships” in LGBT organizations.  Great, so you pay $100,00 grand for a college education, then all it does is qualify you to go march around in a gay pride parade in your underwear.

Feminism –> Liberal Arts –> Government-Created Jobs –> Less $

What do all these people with Sociology, Women’s Studies, and LGBT degrees do?  Well, there are no real jobs for them.  The government, not wanting to waste all of the scholarship money and money spent printing the diplomas, has to create jobs.  Think jobs like paper-filer, keyboard-presser, HR <insert made-up title>, hot-girl-in-tights who walks around (it’s a real position, I’ve seen it)…you get where I’m going with this.


Feminism –> Liberal Arts –> Government-Created Jobs –> Less $

The cycle has come all the way around.  Now there is less funding to science, technology, business, engineering, economics…you know, worthwhile careers and fields that contribute to our development as a country and builds future leaders.  This in turn cuts the lack of funding to these sectors of the economy, which results in fewer careers in those areas.  So then what happens?  The people who pursue worthless liberal arts degrees essentially take jobs from those sectors, and on top of that, the science, business, IT, and engineering  folks lucky enough to have a job pay more taxes to fund those degrees.  This degrades their quality of life and doesn’t allow them to be as productive as they could be.

For the immediate future, I see no stopping the government money going towards funding the next great liberal arts program at your local state college

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  1. I think there is a hair to be split that is very important. It is not the existence of these liberal arts degrees that are a problem, but the funding of them. The government funds education, and rightly so. This is an investment in the future so we will have another generation of skilled workers to make new things. The liberal arts degrees are not creating skilled workers that make new things. These programs should not qualify for government grants or scholarships. For the very few people wealthy enough to afford University costs without aid and wish to pursue personal fulfillment in education, the liberal arts programs are great. The problem is not that “women’s studies” exists, but that tax dollars are being used to fund the non-productive degrees the program distributes.

    1. Correct. I’ve got no problems with the programs existing. I have a problem with the government and taxpayer money funding the salaries, and then the scholarships of the respective teachers and students.

      If you have the money, do whatever the fuck you want as far as I’m concerned. I’d rather blow $100k on a new set of wheels.

  2. If i am a dictator, i would only allow individuals with useful degrees (science, engineering, business, etc) to earn more than ~$30000 income

    With all these useless females liberal arts majors earning minimum wage, people who actually contribute something to our society (scientists, engineers etc) would be able to earn six figure salaries. Society and particularly females would no longer be able to afford to shun/disrespect intelligent men or call them nerds/geeks

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