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Hot Japanese Girls • 5 Untapped Cities to Meet Them (2020)

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Tired of the big cities and never-ending rat race that can be Tokyo? Check out these small towns. There are plenty of hot Japanese girls for you in cities you’ve never even heard of it.

Word of warning: I don’t recommend going to the deep countryside with minimal Japanese.

If this is your first time in the country, try lining up some dates via online dating. This way you won’t end up stuck in a village of Japan with nothing to and poor language skills.

Hot Japanese Girls: How This Article Was Compiled

Hot Japanese Girls

We start out with a warning. Japan is very homgenous. Only around 2% of the population is from another ethnicity. 

In cities like Tokyo and Osaka, there is a lot of international trade going on.

It’s not hard to see how well Japan is doing economically.

While they still have their distinct culture (which is very different from the West), women in large cities would’ve come across foreigners. 

If you are going to Japan for a longer period of time, it’s easy to get frustrated with city life. The countryside seems much more serene, right? Surely there must be some cute potential girlfriends out there? 

Yes and no

In the countryside, your chances of meeting an English speaker are around 0%. If you do speak Japanese, that should not be a problem.

Small towns are great for Western men (especially Caucasian-looking ones) because you will stand out.

Most Japanese girls are really into Caucasian men so you would find yourself showered with female attention. 

On the flipside, there is some stigma around dating a foreigner. In smaller communities where they haven’t even seen a foreign person up close, this is an even bigger challenge. Japanese parents will not be happy for their daughter to go out with you. 

What is the stereotype for a foreign guy, you might ask?

3 Worst Things To Do In Japanese Culture

  1. Unfaithful – Western men are seen as players that try to get in a girl’s pants as soon as they meet her. Not all Japanese people think like this but it does exist. I think it comes from the larger personal space that Japanese people tend to have. Simple, non-flirty gestures can feel over-the-top for them. Whatever the reason, the stigma exists. 
  2. Poor – the most common job for a foreigner in Japan is teaching English. The monthly salary of a teacher is hardly impressive. Even worse, it does not allow for starting a family or anything like that. Japanese women, especially the ones in small towns are looking for a potential husband. Your low economic status is a turn-off. 
  3. Transitory – there are plenty of tourists in Japan. Some of them are super into the local girls. You guess what happens next, right? It’s a fling that ends with their return flight. Many hot Japanese girls, even the ones that look slutty, are not about that. They want an actual relationship. There is a legitimate fear that you would not be able to provide that. 

All that said, there are perks and downsides of going to the countryside to meet women.

If you decide to try it out, here are five of the most beautiful and interesting small towns.

They attract a lot of visitors so you have a higher chance of success.

Japanese girls on vacation are a pretty interesting demographic if I do say so myself. 

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Kamakura: Kyoto of Eastern Japan

Аn hour south of Tokyo, Kamakura is one of the most popular summer getaways in Japan. It was once an important political center. These days, it’s famous for the beautiful natural scenery, as well as its’ rich history. If you only visit one of the towns on this list, make it Kamakura.

What used to be the de facto capital of Japan, was ravaged by various battles and natural disasters.

Nowadays, Kamakura is all shrines and beaches. Tokyo locals love coming over for a day trip. Getting to Kamakura could not be easier from the capital. The best way is by train. Japanese high speed trains have no rival. Get the Kamakura Enoshima Pass for 700 yen and you can use the trains around Kamakura. Other railway passes (slightly more expensive, of course) include the JR East pass for the East of Japan or the JR pass.  

Spend a couple of hours admiring the shrines. Even if you’re only here to pick up girls, there is no harm in some culture. Kamakura happens to be incredibly instagrammable. It’s an easy way to approach girls, too. Japanese women love getting their picture taken. Help out a group of hot Japanese girls and you have yourself some friends (and potential matches) for the day. 

If shrines and Buddha statues are not your thing, check out the beaches of Enoshima island.

They are easily among the most beautiful in the country.

Unlike the ones in Kamakura itself, they are not super crowded.

Fortunately, they still have a lot of women and most of them are locals (as the foreign tourists tend to stay behind). 

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Kagoshima: The Naples Of Japan

Kagoshima is warm and friendly, not to mention how beautiful the nature in the area is. No wonder they are a sister city to Naples!

Kagoshima is the capital of Kagoshima Prefecture in Kyushu. It’s famous for the lush vegetation, the palm trees, colourful flowers, and striking contrasts. The bay of Kagoshima looks onto an active volcano which happens to errupt often. When it does, the entire town is covered in white ash. It might not be the best thing for your lungs but it sure is beautiful. 

The best time to visit Kagoshima is in summer, when firework displays take place almost every night. The city is a very attractive destination for Japanese people, especially younger vacationers. Summering in Kagoshima might be one of the best ways to meet hot Japanese girls on break. I find them much easier to approach, not to mention that the city itself is a lot more relaxed and friendly than Tokyo or Kyoto. 

Takayama: Paradise In The Mountains

One more “little Kyoto” for you.

It’s buried deep down in the Hida Mountains and still preserves that historical charm. Most of the 18th-century buildings remain intact. The old-fashioned spirit extends to every single element of the atmosphere. Stay in one of the traditional Japanese inns, if just for one night. This is the best place to experience that. 

The towering mountains isolated Takayama for centuries. The town developed it’s own unique culture. It is famous for the master carpenters that worked on some of Japan’s most famous constructions.

The Imperial Palace in Kyoto is just one example of a building where a lot of the art comes from Takayama. 

Come to the town in fall or spring. The festivals turn the city into a surreal place. Besides, they attract a lot of visitors and it’s also the time when locals let loose. All of this makes them the perfect time to meet hot Japanese girls in Takayama. 

Hot Japanese Girls

Furano: Are We Still In Japan?

Furano is the place of fairytales.

Except the scenery does not remind you of Japan at all. The rolling farmlands are covered in lavender blossom in spring and bright white snow in winter. Furano is one of the country’s best skiing destinations. In the warmer months, it attracts tourists with its blooming fields and gorgeous surrounding landscape. 

It looks like something out of a Disney movie. In spring, it makes you think of Dutch tulip fields or maybe the lavender of Provence. In winter, it’s a skiing destination that could easily rival the Alps. 

All that natural beauty extends to the women as well. If the local 22K inhabitants seem a little too limited (not a lot of choice of hot Japanese girls), rest assured that that number grows once you add in the tourists. Furano also makes for the perfect weekend trip location to take your Japanese girl!

Kanazawa: Narrow Streets And Old-Japan Charm

Unlike other large(ish) cities, Kanazawa was not bombed in World War II. Having been spared the raids, it has some beautifully preserved attractions. Get lost in the narrow streets of the old geisha districts or take a boat down the Edo-period canals, Kanazawa has a lot to keep you busy!

Make sure you check out the 17th-century Kenrokuen Garden. Most Japanese people swear that this is the most beautiful garden in the country!

In terms of dating options, this is the largest ‘small city’ in our list. When you compare it to megapolises like Tokyo, it does seem small. Still, Kanazawa has a little under half a million citizens. The nightlife is vibrant and so is the dating scene. I’ve found girls in Kanazawa to be among the most open towards dating a foreigner. 

Closing Thoughts

Of course, if you are still worried, you can chat with hot Japanese girls ahead of time.

My personal favourite is Japan Cupid.

It specializes in international dating, so the women speak some English. More importantly, they have 700 000+ singles profiles on the site. That’s more single women than all the towns on this list. Check it out for free today. and read our full review here.

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