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5 Big Cities For Hot Filipino Women • #1 A-Z Seduction and Travel Guide

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Hot Filipino women come from small towns and big cities alike.

But in a country scattered over thousands of islands, dating works best in large cities.

Not only do they offer more – more culture, more activities, more things to see and taste, big cities in the Philippines are still very centered.

Some places are huge but feel really small.

People are still as hospitable as they would be in towns and villages.

The only difference is you’ll have more options. So here are five big city options for you to meet your future Filipina girlfriend.

Keep in mind, this country is extremely picturesque, so make sure you go prepared with a good camera and plenty of sunscreen, too.

Stick around until the end, there is also a bonus option on this list!

Manila: Simply The Biggest

I simply couldn’t skip Manila.

This is the largest city in the Philippines, and one of the most densely populated places on Earth.

With a population of nearly 13 million people, Manila is not just the capital, it’s the heart of the country.

The city generates 50% of the Philippines’ GDP.

There is no other metropolis in the country that offers the same economic opportunities.

With a booming economy come tons of working places.

People flock to Manila in search of a better life for themselves and their families.

While there are many poor neighbourhoods, the overall quality of life is still higher here.

The Philippines’ economic growth has been centered around Manila for decades now. It has come to a point where Manila is no longer representative of the whole country.

The main industries are textiles, food, tobacco, and chemical manufacturing. These employ many but concerns have been raised over working conditions and potential child exploitation. While some of the areas in Manila are elegant business districts or beautiful and spacious neighbourhoods for the upper class, many live in slums, surrounded by crime, pollution, drugs, and inadequate to no sanitation at all

It’s not all sunshine and roses in Manila….

Overpopulation is taking a toll on the city.

You can really feel that during any car ride. Traffic is horrible 99.9% of the time. That’s why it’s best to stay in the centre and plan for twice as much a commute than you expect.

All those people also make for a vibrant nightlife. Though conditions are not always ideal, Filipinos know how to have fun. Manila is easily a party capital of the Philippines, too. After dark is the best time to meet hot Filipino women in Manila. There is a range of entertainment options, depending on what you like.

At the very heart of Manila nightlife is Quezon City. Though Quezon is a separate city, QC is still a part of the Manila metropolitan area.

Since this is a much larger city than Manila itself (when you count the population, that’s for the greater metropolitan area), Quezon is the obvious choice for travelers.

Morato Avenue in Quezon City should be the first stop of your night adventures. You will find tens, if not hundreds of bars, diners, and comedy clubs around here. Unlike the other two restaurant rows in Quezon,  Timog Avenue and West Avenue, Morato Avenue has a more artistic, laid-back vibe. Bars close later, the crowd is colourful and inviting, and alcohol flows as it should.

Hot Filipino women (and all other Filipino women, for that matter) are surprisingly shy.

At night, alcohol helps.

You’ll feel the distinct action as a social lubricant.

Remember though: No matter how much she’s drank, she’ll never make the first step. Approach first or spend the night alone!

Cebu: Tourists Welcome

Cebu is significantly smaller than Manila.

With 2 million inhabitants, though, you will still not lack opportunities.

In recent years, Cebu has been growing in popularity. New hotels and resorts are constantly being built. Most locals are employed in either that or the service sector. Since there is very little industry, pollution is much lower in Cebu. Locals and foreign visitors alike agree that Cebu offers an amazing quality of life.

The major problem for Cebu right now are the floods.

Poor drainage has caused floods and damaged thousands of home during the last wet season. It’s usually all sunny when tourists come to visit. If you will be relocated, make sure you bring your rain boots.

The other issue comes with the traffic. Drivers in Cebu are horrible! It’s not as civilized as say, Japan.

The best advice I can give is:

Buckle up and grow a pair. You need all your courage to drive successfully in Cebu.

You don’t have to wait until dark to pick up girls. In Cebu, people are a lot more used to travelers. Most younger women speak English and are open to the idea of dating a foreigner.

The downside is tons of prostitutes.

Cebu is notorious as a hotspot for sex tourism. Make sure you’re protected.

That’s why most “decent girls” would not be open to hookups. The last thing they want is to be mistaken for a professional. You will have a lot more luck in malls, on the beach, or through dating apps and platforms.

Other than that, hot Filipino women are…well, really hot here.

Davao: Cacao And Exotic Hot Filipino Women

Davao City is similar in population to Cebu. With 2.5 million, it ranks as the third largest city in the Philippines. Davao the obvious economic and cultural centre of the region.

It has also been receiving many internal migrants, especially in recent years.

People come in, seeking jobs, and new opportunities. Davao feels very young and very hopeful, as newcomers work hard for a better future.

The people of Davao are so diverse because they come from all over the region. The major groups include Cebuanos and indigenous Davaoenos. But, as locals will tell you, nobody’s blood is pure. The mix of ethnicities makes for some of the most exotic and beautiful girls you will need in the Philippines.

Davao is incredibly underrated among travelers, making it your perfect undiscovered gem.

Women here adhere to traditional values, they are caring and nurturing, and they make for amazing girlfriends, wives, and mothers.

There is still a booming sex industry in Davao though.

Girly bars always have one girl dancing on the stage and the rest walking around, chatting up guys. It’s not long before one comes up to you. You could buy her a drink, watch the dancing, or even take her up to the private rooms. Beware, drinks cost 50-70 pesos for you but around 300-350 for the girls. Ladyboys, happy ending massages, and street hookers are also a part of the sex scene.

But the good news is it’s all separated.

Women don’t walk around, afraid they will be taken for a prostitute. They are more receptive to both day game and pick-up at night. Still, you’d do best to stick to daytime activities. Some of the best girls in Davao wouldn’t be caught dead in a nightclub anyway.

And, as a fun fact, the cacao industry has been growing in Davao region. Get some local chocolate, you will not regret it!

hot filipina women

Cagayan de Oro

Cagayan de Oro must be one of the fastest growing Filipino cities.

It’s a little over 1 million now but it will surely increase in size. Many international companies are choosing it to set up base in Asia.

The infrastructure is a lot better here, the labour pool is large, and the market is still not saturated (as it is in Manila).

Cagayan de Oro is a true melting pot of people and cultures. It’s relatively small, as compared to the rest of the cities on this list. In terms of diversity, it must be on top of the list. Many expats choose it because it’s a larger, friendlier community.

In terms of entertainment, Cagayan de Oro is perfect for the adventurous types.

The whitewater rafting and kayaking adventure opportunities are endless! As for nightlife, your foreigner status will definitely earn you some looks. As they said in Swoop the World:

Your exotic value in 2nd tier cities is twice as high. Cagayan de Oro girls made me feel like a rock star.

I don’t necessarily agree with the “second-tier cities” part. I definitely agree with the foreigner novelty factor. You look physically different. Girls will be looking at you. Some out of curiosity, while others – because they are checking you out!

Angeles: Beautiful And Damned

Finally, we have Angeles city.

It offers the highest density of hot Filipino women.

But it’s also a growing entertainment capital, making it hard to meet a nice girl. Go go dancers are fun and the abundance of gorgeous women in the sex industry feels liberating. But meeting a serious future girlfriend here is like hoping to marry a Las Vegas stripper. It is virtually a thing of the movies.

But there is a way of meeting Filipinas in Angeles (as well as the other cities on this list), that weeds out prostitutes and gold-diggers pretty efficiently:

Online Dating To The Rescue

I know, I know, it is hardly an original idea. But online dating is the perfect option for long-term relationship seekers.

Try to stick to well-policed dating platforms (a.k.a. not Tinder) and prepare to invest some time in making the profile and meeting the girls. Don’t think that online is faster. It’s not, it’s just more convenient.

We have some dating site reviews up here if you’re interested in that option.

Also, let us know if you have any questions or article suggestions in the comments below. Good luck with the girls, tiger!

Keep in mind, you can meet Filipino girls who are really looking for relationships on Filipino Cupid. You can also give Asian Dating a try.

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