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Hong Kong Cupid Review: What You Need To Know



This is the no-BS Hong Kong Cupid review that you need. In this article, you will get to find out:

  • The kind of women you should be expecting in HK..
  • If going with the premium dating option is worth it.
  • What do these Hong Kong ladies like in a man?
  • Is Hong Kong Cupid the best place to meet your Hong Kong hottie?

If you’re looking for answers to those questions, then read on further…while also finding out more!

Hong Kong Cupid Review: An Overview

If you’re familiar with Cupid Media then you should know that Hong Kong Cupid is one of their many websites.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Cupid Media, they’re the world leaders in international and niche dating. If that’s not enough to convince you, then perhaps their 35 million members over their many platforms will!

Speaking of their platforms, membership is paid for at least one of the people in an interaction. Here’s the thing on how that generally works:

Suppose you find a hot Hong Kong girl and you want to send her a message. You can be able to send her the DM but she won’t be able to see that unless one of you has registered as a premium member.

Does that mean then that I don’t have to pay?

Ultimately, the choice is up to you. But let us just say this: Hong Kong girls, like most of their Asian counterparts, are rather conventional. This means that they’ll surely not fond of having to pay for dating.

Because of this, there are only a handful of female profiles you will find on Hong Kong Cupid that are premium.

You can certainly give those a shot so you don’t have to pay for anything. But if that’s the only thing that you’ll work with, let us tell you right now that you’re barely scratching the surface with that. You’re definitely limited to the tiny percent of the many fishes in the Hong Kong Cupid sea.

hong kong cupid

What Are The Kind Of Girls You Meet On This Dating Site?

Before we talk about the women you will encounter on this site, you need to ask yourself this very important question first:

“Are you looking to date Chinese girls in Hong Kong or are you open to dating girls from other Asian countries as well?”

If you’re solely looking for that perfect Chinese girl for you in Hong Kong Cupid, here’s the thing: it might be hard for you to do so.

“Why,” you ask?

Because it is a mixed bag of women on this site, as more or less 50% of the members here can either be:

Hong Kong is definitely one of the more advanced countries in the world. This definitely shows with how it’s a multi-ethnic city. There’s definitely a stark contrast between her and China, even if Hong Kong is mostly full of Chinese men and women.

With that in mind, it can’t be helped that there are a lot of Filipinas and Indonesian women who fly to this region in search of a job, mostly as domestic helpers. Chances are, these ladies are also looking for a man themselves; hence also registering to Hong Kong Cupid.

You shouldn’t be discouraged at all by this though if you’re looking exclusively for Chinese women.

I mean, don’t get us wrong, of course they’re what make up for the majority of this site. All we’re saying is that there are also hundreds and thousands of ladies here that are from the neighboring Asian countries.

If you’re open to other Asian beauties then this site is definitely more than just a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow for you. It wouldn’t be that much of a hard choice to make if you’re contemplating on getting the paid membership for this site.

No Language Barrier Here!

What we find very convenient with this Hong Kong Cupid review is how easy it is to talk to the women here and set up dates.

And no, that’s not because we’re experts in the dating scene, with matching good looks and suave that’ll make the ladies drop their panties and thongs in seconds. We’re talking about how easy it is to communicate with the ladies here because not only do most of them have class, but they’re really fluent with the English language.

Yes, that includes the Filipinas and the Indonesians as well.

Here’s the thing that you need to know about the women here as far as their control of the English language goes:
  • Chinese women who are born and raised here in Hong Kong are fluent with the English language.
  • Filipinas are as fluent as their Chinese counterparts.
  • Indonesians are competent, and they definitely have better English skills than the Thais.

Unless you’re in a country where English is the first language, we’re pretty sure that many of us have had that experience of chatting someone and getting a response where you don’t understand a damn thing.

Such is not the case with the women in Hong Kong Cupid. And the cherry on top? They have a very high response rate:

Above the 70% mark.

A Word Of Caution In This Hong Kong Cupid Review

Because of the many members here having good command of the English language, looks and appearance aren’t everything.

Of course, you need to set up your profile in a way that’ll definitely get the ladies’ attention. What we’re saying is that you don’t need to have those six pack abs and that killer jawline to win a lady over.

You just have to be good with words!

Come up with a nice approach. Asians are very conservative and traditional so one with politeness and respect will go a long way here. And although being aggressive and upfront may also work, it’s not really as successful as the former.

More importantly though is you just have to be yourself. For us it was simply just complimenting the girl/s we came across and asking if they want to go out on a date. And, well, it worked to perfection!

So, what’s the “word of caution” about?

That’s for if you’re targeting the Chinese women in Hong Kong Cupid.

The thing that you need to remember is that it’s easier to set up dates with the “other Asians” compared to setting up dates with the Chinese ones. But in an honesty that is to be expected already.

Here’s the thing: the people who are born and raised and who both live and work in Hong Kong are rich. And the Chinese girls? Let’s just say they’re pretty much the same, not to mention that they’re exceptionally beautiful as well.

What we’re saying is that they have A LOT of options. And although this is not a knock to you not being able to get a Chinese woman for yourself, we’re just saying that it might be more challenging.

It’s obviously a complete 180 to the Filipinas and Indonesians who work as domestic helpers here.

And no, this is not to say that these group of women aren’t rich and beautiful…they just don’t have the options compared to their Chinese counterparts.

For one, they are not on any Chinese guys’ radars mainly because of tradition. There’s a huge chance that the guy’s family will not allow it and that is just the traditional, conventional Asian way.

Expats might not consider dating these women as well because heck, who wouldn’t try to kill you if you banged the nanny?

So again, if you’re not exclusively looking for Chinese women to date, this would be the perfect opportunity for you to take a shot at the other women looking for love in Hong Kong Cupid.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Hong Kong Cupid?

Not everything is perfect and obviously we can say the same thing with dating websites such as Hong Kong Cupid.

Which is why it’s important for us right now to weigh in on the good and the bad about this site. Hopefully then we’d be able to draw out an informative conclusion on whether or not this is in fact the dating site for you when you’re in Hong Kong. Let’s start with the Pros.

  • The region only has less than 8 million people in population. Although this is the case, the site doesn’t seem to have a scarcity of women as there are hundreds of them.
  • Most, if not all of the women speak English on this site. If we were to give it a grade it would definitely be an A or A+.
  • You don’t only get Chinese women here but also women from other parts of Asia. Talk about diversity!
  • They have cheaper membership fees when you compare it with other Cupid Media websites.

This just goes to prove how easy it is to find your Chinese/Asian gal here. So what are the Cons to this awesome dating website?

  • For an international dating site, it’s rather small. We’re talking less than 40-50 girls who are online at the same time—not a huge number!
  • Most of the responses are from immigrants of other Asian countries. Bad if you’re looking for a Chinese hottie!
  • Girls don’t chat first for the most part…a rarity in an Asian dating website.

Personally, we feel that the pros definitely outweigh the cons on this one. But then again it all depends upon what your preference is…especially when it comes to the women that you want to meet and date on here!

What The Others Are Saying About It

Of course, this isn’t a complete Hong Kong Cupid review if we don’t include testimonials of those who have actually “been there and done that” on the site.

This is what we love most about the Cupid Media websites, is that they publish their success stories. Obviously, Hong Kong Cupid is no exception to this. While there are a lot to share with you guys, we’ve just handpicked what we thought were the best ones.

Enjoy reading!

It took a year (although I met a lot of nice people in that period as well) but I think I have finally found someone really special. We first talked a year or so ago but it didn’t happen then … but actually met for the first time properly recently and it was just great. So I am very grateful to HongKongCupid, it’s a great site and designed to make it easy to meet and chat to people – then it’s up to you, right?! Thanks again!

We have another one from Arthur. And he thinks he’s already found the love of his life…all thanks to Hong Kong Cupid!

After 5 month dating with May, I think she will be my good partner in my rest of life. I hope we can marry in not far future.I hope I will be his husband and she will be my wife. We have gone to different place and share different experience with sorrow and joyful. Thanks so much for HongKongcupid Arthur

If you don’t believe us and think this is just too good to be true, check out the success stories for yourself!

Is It Worth Your While Paying For The Membership Fee?

Hong Kong Cupid is a premuim dating service. That said, their fees are affordable and all-inclusive.

With that said, here are their two membership types:

  • Gold gives you all the basic features like communication with all members, paying and non-paying and even anonymous browsing. 
  • Platinum doubles profile space, highlights your personal in searches, and lets you use the built-in message translation service

The membership fee is a lot cheaper if you pay for more than 3 months at a time.

But what about when you want to subscribe for a year?

Go for Platinum membership, the difference is minuscule and you get the bonus features. Otherwise, Gold is perfectly fine for meeting the Chinese cuties!

Overall, here’s what we can say about paying for the membership in Hong Kong Cupid:
  • It’s relatively cheaper for an international dating site. Heck, it costs the same with getting a meal here in Hong Kong. The difference being you only get to choose one meal, while in Hong Kong Cupid you get to choose a lot of women!
  • You get to chat with all the women. Plus, you get style points as well for paying for the membership and not only getting the free service. A lot of the women dig that!

Final Thoughts On This Hong Kong Cupid Review

So, is Hong Kong Cupid the right dating site for you?

It may or may not be, and again it all depends on what your preferences are.

Why don’t you go ahead and give the free membership a try first, fix your profile, chat with women and see where it goes from there!

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