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Hi, I’m Kyle. I’ve been blogging here at This Is Trouble for three years. I’m simply a guy who had a sad childhood (major anxiety and no social skills), and who struggled finding his place in the world for the longest time. I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 19, didn’t lose my virginity until 21, and always just felt so lost in the world. Just look at the pictures.

I turned it all around, and this blog is where I’m sharing it all with YOU; my self improvement path to becoming a strong, masculine, cool guy; whether it be with girls, money, fitness, or just general life. I want every guy to simply have the chance to be the best man he can be, and I sincerely hope my experiences and putting them into coachingbooks, blog posts, podcasts, and videos can help you become the man you want.

While I post lots of information nearly daily on this blog, I do email subscribers exclusive content and offers. So, let’s get started on your path to self improvement.

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Who Knew Olive Oil Would Cause So Much Hate

"Too expensive." - More than one person who has been to And: There was a little Twitter spat about it… Selo Twitter: "It's silly to put a price on what you put into your body..." Some dude on Twitter: "$65... a liter? Good luck with that, dude." Selo customer: "Go be poor somewhere else" Some dude on Twitter: "This snark isn’t helpful and won [...]

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Either PayPal, Shopify, or the Italian Mafia is Responsible…

Within about a day of beginning to take orders this week, we got a big 'ol warning from our payment processors. The crazy thing is that it was BOTH Shopify (which processes our credit cards), and PayPal froze our accounts. We were still able to receive payments, but we were unable to actually withdraw the funds into the bank account. This is typical for online busines [...]

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James Holt Is 19 and Making Six Figures Online—Here’s How

1. Let's rewind a bit. You were back on Troublesome Radio...Episode 35. You've come a long way since then. What have you been up to? Back then, I had just started making decent money with niche sites. I’d had a couple of successes and doubled down on those to get myself to the $3-$5k/month mark. To be honest, I kind of stagnated at that level for a while. I made a dece [...]

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The Serial-Cereal Scam

A Selo-Smart man wrote to us recently: You know an industry is completely rife with potential problems when your average chef is aware of the fact that many olive oils sold in the stores is…well, not olive oil. Here’s the thing: Here at Selo Oils, we recognize there is nothing we can do to solve the problem on a larger-market level. Simply put, we’re small po [...]

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How to Beat Fake Foods like Donald Trump

An extremely astute reader recently tweeted to us: "This seed oil meme needs to stop Olive oil companies sell their oil in dark bottles because it is cut with seed oils that would spoil in clear bottles Yet most seed oils are sold in clear bottles at the store Am I missing something" Read that carefully, and really think about it. Because it made both of us think abo [...]

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I (Try) to Come in Peace

One thing I’ve learned recently with all these attacks on me: Most people simply attack. Blindly. Do they ever click through to this site? Read the 1,200+ articles I’ve written here? Listened to one of my nearly 250 podcasts? Rarely... They take my 280 characters, spin it whichever way fits their narrative for ego preservation, and then blindly attack, att [...]

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Selo Oils Is Open For Business

We’re thrilled to announce that the Selo Oil doors are now open for business. For a very limited time, you can get our exclusive Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil for nearly 15% off the final retail price. We have a very limited quantity that we’re going to offer for the first set amount of bottles (set amount won’ be revealed yet, there’s more in store). Hit up the [...]

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Fake Chemicals and Foods In Your Body

People HATE being sold fake goods, unless they’re aware of it. (Knock off Rolexes, for example) Even more: They HATE being sold fake shit they put in their bodies. At the Selo we’re trying to change the olive oil narrative with our 100% Croatian Extra Virgin Olive Oil. As I write this, we are waiting on delivery of the bottles. Shortly after bottles are he [...]

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