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Hi, I’m Kyle. I’ve been blogging here at This Is Trouble for three years. I’m simply a guy who had a sad childhood (major anxiety and no social skills), and who struggled finding his place in the world for the longest time. I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 19, didn’t lose my virginity until 21, and always just felt so lost in the world. Just look at the pictures.

I turned it all around, and this blog is where I’m sharing it all with YOU; my self improvement path to becoming a strong, masculine, cool guy; whether it be with girls, money, fitness, or just general life. I want every guy to simply have the chance to be the best man he can be, and I sincerely hope my experiences and putting them into coachingbooks, blog posts, podcasts, and videos can help you become the man you want.

While I post lots of information nearly daily on this blog, I do email subscribers exclusive content and offers. So, let’s get started on your path to self improvement.

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Why Does a Checked Bag Have to Be So Difficult?

A recent true story out of Yours Troubly's life in Eastern Europe… When trying to purchase a bag for my recent trip to Ukraine, the airline I was flying on wouldn't let me purchase a bag online (I booked through my credit card and the bag wasn't included). One would think, in 2018, that it would be pretty reasonable to buy a checked bag online. I tried to email for [...]

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How Trump Out-Wizard-ed Harry Potter (and J.K. Rowlings)

Time to knock out a few questions today regarding online business. Q: hey Kyle, i feel kind of gross asking this, but i'm not business minded at all. if i went the independent business route for publishing fiction work, where would begin with that? researching markets? building a website? i really don't know where to begin on this A: Well, first off, if you feel “gross [...]

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Introducing “The Daily Trouble”

After much debate, I've decided to rename Troublesome Radio as "The Daily Trouble" and begin doing podcasts on a daily (Monday-Friday) basis. I've had so much success from blogging daily, and doing daily emails, that I just can't help but think this is the best thing to really blow my podcast up to the next level. The channel is the same, just the name is different. So, all [...]

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The Microsoft Outlook Email of Death

Ding. A notification for Microsoft Outlook appears in your inbox. It's the project "manager", though manager is a strong word. More like professional butt-licker with an incredible ability to bend over whenever needed. In all seriousness though (for those of you still left), project managers are everyone's worst nightmare in the corporate environment. They're constantl [...]

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Introducing my biggest venture yet (plus summer state of the union)

For the last few weeks, on my daily email list, I've on-and-off teased about a new business venture I've started up. Well, today's August 1st, a new month has crossed over, and our target launch is it's time to shed some light on something that I'm very excited about. I’m proud to announce that I’ve partnered with my friend Martin to create: SeloOils.c [...]

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The Cookie-Cutter Life

(Photo taken in Kiev, Ukraine---these are some of the many old Soviet-communist style "cookie-cutter" as it gets...) A few weeks ago, I dropped an email ripping into some commenters who believe in the “save forever and retire at 65” mantra that I love to hate on. In response to that email, a long-time reader wrote back to me… “Oh shit! You're going [...]

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27 Years, 27 Thoughts

Yesterday was my 27th birthday. That time when I think I can officially say, I'm in my later 20s, not mid. In any case, I've got 27 quick-hitting thoughts about life I'm going to share before I head out for my birthday drinkfest dinner celebration... You'll notice quite a few of them boil down to freedom, power, money, and just overall "breaking the system". On to the [...]

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What It Costs to Live in Eastern Europe

"Kyle, how much does it REALLY cost to live in Eastern Europe?" A question I get about every day. So, I've done the liberty of breaking my own expenses down. 1. Apartment My apartment costs $1,200 a month with all utilities (no internet). This is an absurd price for Eastern Europe. It's city center, 85 square meters, 3 rooms, and has a panoramic view of a stunning squar [...]

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