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Hi, I’m Kyle. I’ve been blogging here at This Is Trouble for three years. I’m simply a guy who had a sad childhood (major anxiety and no social skills), and who struggled finding his place in the world for the longest time. I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 19, didn’t lose my virginity until 21, and always just felt so lost in the world. Just look at the pictures.

I turned it all around, and this blog is where I’m sharing it all with YOU; my self improvement path to becoming a strong, masculine, cool guy; whether it be with girls, money, fitness, or just general life. I want every guy to simply have the chance to be the best man he can be, and I sincerely hope my experiences and putting them into coachingbooks, blog posts, podcasts, and videos can help you become the man you want.

While I post lots of information nearly daily on this blog, I do email subscribers exclusive content and offers. So, let’s get started on your path to self improvement.

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Intermediate Game Mastery

In episode #133 of the show, Kyle welcomes back his friend from Episode #126 to continue the discussion, this time moving on to intermediate game. We'll be continuing on with this to a third part where we'll come Advanced Game, and we've got some other cool things planned for the future as well. Stay tuned... Show Notes: 1:57 - Kyle's friend talks about what it was l [...]

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Do You Need a Girlfriend Blueprint?

In the latest show, I give a quick update to what's going on in the world of Trouble. Mentioned in the show: The Girlfriend Blueprint Provide your own feedback Business Emails/ECCC Listen to "Beginning Game Myths" in prepration for part 2 [...]

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Let’s Talk About Getting Laid on the ‘Gram

Got another response to the email the other day asking about whether it was desperate to approach girls in Eastern Europe: "Haha, dude. That guy is totally full of shit. That’s some grade A, game denialism right there. I wonder how many girls he’s approached in his life, especially out here." The ironic thing? I actually agree with this after thinking about it. The [...]

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Rationalizing Your Lack of Action With Women

A reader writes in to ask about the balance between business and women: "What do you say about neglecting women (almost entirely) to focus on making money and business? How can one handle that without female touch? I'm also curious on your thoughts about keeping sexual energy to fuel business (like I guess I've been doing)? Women are attracted to me everywhere, some I'm [...]

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Why You Must Set Ground Rules With Women

I recently finished a book called "Red Notice: A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man's Fight for Justice", by Bill Browder. It's about him starting his first hedge fund at the same time the Soviet Union fell, allowing him to swoop in and buy companies at fractions of pennies on the dollar. How? Well, when good 'ol Communism fell, the government took eve [...]

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6 Things I Learned About Dating Spanish Girls in Madrid

You’re at a bar, and a stunning brunette walks in. She’s got the big, brown eyes, gorgeous thick lips, all complemented by perfect, smooth olive skin. You catch her glance at you - leaning back up against the bar top, beer in hand. Her eyes quickly dart downwards and back up, sizing you up like a piece of meat. She smiles. You sense an opportunity. You wonder w [...]

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Episode #131: Stop Being So Needy!

In episode 131 of the show, I go on a few epic business rants about why being needy is killing you with girls, business, and much more... Mentioned in the show: Get a job: T-Solutions: Hire a VA: Subscribe [...]

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Digital Nomad Vs. Digital Expat: When Constant Travel Starts to Lose the Luster

Yes, I get it. You harvest the best damn coffee in the world. Right here. In this bullshit finca you designed to sell $25 USD tours to unsuspecting tourists looking for an “authentic” travel experience and “real” coffee. Thing is… I heard the exact same spiel two months ago while I was in a different country. Same thing a few years back in a different region [...]

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