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Hi, I’m Kyle. I’ve been blogging here at This Is Trouble for three years. I’m simply a guy who had a sad childhood (major anxiety and no social skills), and who struggled finding his place in the world for the longest time. I didn’t kiss a girl until I was 19, didn’t lose my virginity until 21, and always just felt so lost in the world. Just look at the pictures.

I turned it all around, and this blog is where I’m sharing it all with YOU; my self improvement path to becoming a strong, masculine, cool guy; whether it be with girls, money, fitness, or just general life. I want every guy to simply have the chance to be the best man he can be, and I sincerely hope my experiences and putting them into coachingbooks, blog posts, podcasts, and videos can help you become the man you want.

While I post lots of information nearly daily on this blog, I do email subscribers exclusive content and offers. So, let’s get started on your path to self improvement.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dating Honduran Women

There’s nothing like world-class murder rates to get the blood flowing. Am I right or am I right? Although, that blood might not end up in the right places when you’re looking to seduce Honduran women. Bad metaphors aside, Honduran women are severely underrated on the world scene because of one reason and one reason only: The country is way too dangerous for most [...]

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5 Unique Date Ideas You Can Try This Summer

Here are a few fun, relatively inexpensive date ideas that you can implement, especially as summer comes ‘round. Most of these are best suited for a girl you’ve gone out with a few times (and know you like) as they are a bit more time intensive. Use them or set fire to them. #1: Horse Racing Take a girl and teach her out to bet on the horses. Out here in Eastern [...]

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Conundrum, Part 2

Got a heck of a lot of responses via email to yesterday's post. The funny thing is that this whole newsletter and podcast was inspired by something I said in a recent WhatsApp group chat: Straight from group chat comment to a killer blog post. Great read by @KyleTrouble here today. — Nomadic Jake (@NomadicHustler) April 11, 2018 https://platfor [...]

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The Café Conundrum of Eastern Europe

Now, I’d be the first person to tell you that I’m very fortunate. Fortunate to be born Stateside, where the hustle is ingrained in you from a young age. Certainly, the rat race catches many people out - and you just work, work, work to pay for all the things you can’t afford. Until you die. But, that attitude and hustle is a beautiful thing to take to a cheaper coun [...]

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The Importance of Game

I recently participated (very last minute) with the Red Man Group to discuss the importance of game. Rollo invited me on about 30 minutes before showtime, so I'm one of two people with no video --- but there are some great discussions that shouldn't be missed. Other people involved: Rollo Tomassi (listen to him on Troublesome Radio here) Goldmund Unleashed (lis [...]

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Dropshipping and Email Marketing Mastery with

In episode #125 of Troublesome Radio, I welcome a new kid on the block - Nate Schmidt. Nate really knows his stuff on the email side of things, and has some great insights into the dropshipping world as well. Show Notes: Who are you? Seems you’ve gone from pizza delivery dude to reasonably successful internet marketer, and best of all, being transparent about it. [...]

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The Secrets to Success with Salvadorian Women

The danger, the allure, the excitement and more. We’re talking about Salvadorian women and the country as a whole. If you’ve got some balls on you, then checking out El Salvador could be a whole lot of fun. Just know that girls in El Salvador may be the most attractive in Central America, but the country is one of the most dangerous in the whole world. Big risks, but [...]

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How to Make Friends in 2018

In TR #124, I discuss the difference between making friends as a kid and as an adult. Also mentioned in the show: Belgrade, Serbia DA #064 Red Man Chat Subscribe: iTunes – RSS – PodBean - Google Play - Stitcher If you enjoy this podcast, please leave a review for the show on iTunes. Rough draft of show notes: When I was a kid… Didn’t [...]

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