Last updated: March 1, 2017

Hiring Your Staff From Freelance Sites

Niche Sites


At the end of last year, I began hiring people on UpWork and Fiverr. The reason was so that I could grow some of my smaller niche sites faster. There were also some specific articles and keywords that…well, I didn’t care to write about.

It’s been a mixed back. I hired a couple of absolute duds on Fiverr. I couldn’t even use those articles and felt like I just pissed $10 down the tube on multiple occasions.

I even hired a couple of friends at one point. One of them finished a batch of articles, the other one I basically had to let go after he finished about 70% of the assigned ones.

However, the one bright side to all of this is that I found a fantastic person to work with on Upwork. I’ve hired her out to write many articles on both Eastern European Travel and another couple of my smaller sites that aren’t actually public.

With that being said, I thought it was appropriate to kind of “introduce her” and show you a few of the articles she’s written.

She’s of course written many more—and I’ll point those out in the future. The goal with Eastern European Travel is to make it very broad. Over time this will either turn out to be a GREAT move (because the site will make a ton of money) or a very bad one (too broad and just doesn’t rank well in Google).

So far it is ranking pretty well though.

In any case, this was a site where I was interested in having multiple contributors on and diversifying the authorship a bit.

Let me know what you think about her work!

In addition, to those of who you have hired online—what have been your experiences? Share them below.

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