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Hey, Young Internet Frauds, Get Off My Lawn

Today alone, I’ve seen half a dozen Twitter bios that say [paraphrasing]:

  • I make more money than any 9-5er
  • I make more $ from one income stream than your entire family
  • College dropout who makes more than you ever will

I’ll say it to them.

You’re making yourself out to be a dick.

Nobody takes you seriously. Those few words in your bio telegraph you don’t understand anything. Who do those bios appeal to? 18 year olds. Who has money to buy the stuff behind your $500 generic ClickFunnels page? Not 18 year olds.

[PS: I cancelled my ClickFunnels account recently. Leadpages is better now—by far. Click here to check out what they’re doing. Yes, that’s an affiliate link, and no, I won’t feel bad about it.]

Talking like that your audience is a great way to make a one time sale… But NEVER, EVER build a lifetime customer. And that’s where the money + satisfaction is at.

I’m not trying to be a hater.

I’m sure some of you do know some things.

I hope you find success, really.

The world could use more guys with their shit together.

But, there’s a fine line between cocky that shows confidence.

And just flat-out arrogance that makes YOU look bad.

It took me quite a while to learn this, but even I wasn’t at the level of some of you. Anyone can see you just started your Twitter account a few months ago and you’re just recycling typical platitudes. You have no body of work to stand on. Just a few thousand tweets. And that’s fine. Everyone has to start somewhere. Just tone it down a tick. You will find older folks who have the cashflow will then take your advice and be happy to support you – and be happy for your success.

And look, before you say I’m the old cranky guy who is jealous…


I started my blog at 21 and started sharing my story.

I was at a Fortune 500 at 21 years old.

Senior Engineer at 23.

Quit the job and built a business at 24.

I’m all of 27 now.

Trust me, people HATED me.

A lot still do.

BUT…it wasn’t because they were “haters”.

It was because *I* was an asshole.

That’s all.

And I never bragged that I was making oodles of money, or put people down in such a way. I mostly just shared my own life story, which, yes, has had plenty of successes, people never note that I do write plenty about hardships, too – and yes, people were still offended – but that’s their problem then, not mine – also, this is the longest sentence ever – basically, it’s one thing to write about your journey and success and have haters, it’s another to put the “I’m so much better ha ha loser” everywhere.

Last note:

There are some young guys on the internet who I have endorsed who are making good money, and I do not doubt them.

These guys also have far more modest bios, simply telling their story, instead of feeling the need to put others down to make a point.

Anyways, point’s this:

You can tell a lot about who is real and who is not just by a few mere words.

Anyways, that’s where I stand as far as the internet marketing mythical men. You might think the same of me, and I’m cool with that. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. And Yours Troubly is not for everyone.

So, back to income streams:

I have a lot.

My main blog. Selo Oils. Some crypto investments. Big pot of gold.

I also have a lot of niche sites.

Anyways, that’s what I’ve got for today.

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Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Romero Sanchez - January 22, 2019


I believe success to be like a fine musk. It follows you around; the deeper & more aromatic it is – the more sensual the partners it helps attract.

You can normally tell the level someone’s playing at by the context through which they do things. The more BS they peddle, the more they have to front; rented cars, AirBnB in Bali and everything else. Your Ukrainian escapades are a good example of how to retain authenticity.

The real winners are working in corporate (or at least silence). They’re too busy making bank to worry about what “@highschooldropout98” thinks of their “shitty website”. Their shitty website brings in serious paper and they are continually doing new + interesting things as a result of the excellent work they are able to deliver.

Unfortunately, most will never get to this point because they want to be SEEN to be successful, rather than actually being successful. Fucking models and all that other crap is only good if they’re on the same level as you. Most models have the personality of a rock and get by off their looks.

Big lesson is QED.

    Kyle Trouble - January 22, 2019

    Excellent comment, man. And thank you much for the kind words.


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