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Herein Lies Why You Can’t Date American Women

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I have to say, this has continued to be one of the craziest years of my life.

Most successful, easily.

And yet, craziest.

So, after moving from Prague to Ukraine, I’m getting settled in here. Just in time for Selo Oils to start shipping. And I realized, I just had way too much on my plate. And with my “Dating Abroad Podcast” nearing 100 episodes, I decided that was the cord that needed to be cut. In reality, I was about running out of things to talk about it, anyways. I’m in a good relationship. I’m not traveling as much. I’ve covered most of the places that interest me.

I’d have to keep digging further and further to find people who could speak on even more off-the-grid places like Tajikistan or the likes. It wasn’t going to happen. Not that those places don’t fascinate me, they do, but I just didn’t want to dig for that info.

So, DANET has now shut down.

The good news, for you, is that I’m selling all of those episodes in bulk now.

No more recurring payments for it.

Pay it once, and you’re done.

And, even more:

You get all the bonuses that were ever created with it, too. A couple of ebooks, dozen or so transcripts, etc, etc. I’ve lost track of everything.

So, the one time purchase price is $97.

It’ll be going up to $200 this upcoming weekend.

Act fast, and get the episodes you always wanted, but maybe didn’t want to pay monthly for.

And notice this:

I sent out an email a few days ago – “Why I can handle female vitriol“, where a reader wrote in to ask:

“You were on the receiving end of a shitton of female vitriol a bit earlier, you had dared to advise men to exercise standards and screen the women they date. The sheer volume of female bullshit piled on was staggering, it had to have been awful to endure. What helped you get through it? Does running a business help to foster an “IDGAF” attitude?”

What really helped me get through it was the thousands of dollars, hundreds of email signups, and thousands of new social media followers I gained. That was in the middle of my move from Prague to Ukraine, too.

I was sitting in a baller hotel (Hotel Indigo Warsaw, look it up for yourself), money was flowing in, and I was doing it all while moving from a new country – from my smartphone.

So, yeah, I guess I really did not give a F.

I mean, sure, it was crazy.

Especially when those lame SJWs and feminists started digging into my entire history and persona.

But, ultimately, they moved on to other targets, I got tons of new people in my squad, and hopefully fostered some stronger connections with those who were already in my corner.

And made a ton of money in the process.

Now, I will say this:

Obviously, if I had a corporate job, yeah, I would have been fired. I’ll never forget this one in particular:

And yeah, it is too bad.

For them.

Heaven forbid men in today’s world have a few standards for the girls they date.


There are plenty of women in the world who are of high-quality. Sadly, many are concentrated outside of the US. Hence why women in the US will throw stuff like, “You couldn’t cut it in America so that’s why Kyle moved to EE”, and so on and so forth.

But you know what.

When it’s girls like Kate, it doesn’t really matter.

This Twitter follower summed it up well in his reply to her:

“Too bad youre a sad woman who judging by your tweets have a hatred for men, and spend your nights drinking box wine and pizza.”

Girls like Kate are bad for men.

They’re bad for you.

There ARE better girls out there, you just have to find them.

I’ve shut The Dating Abroad Podcast down for now, but all the episodes are available for a one time-purchase.

Date abroad.

Don’t date Kate.

Because it’s becomingly increasingly apparent to me that the Western world as a whole is become increasingly hostile to men. There’s going to be a time coming where it’s not okay to breathe and be a man. I might be exaggerating that, but the dating options are going to become more and more grim. Even the girls who check all the boxes – thin, pretty, pleasant – are going to have so much attention heaped upon them that they’ll be ruined anyway.

Product of the environment we live in.

So really, you owe it to yourself to at least poke around in other parts of the world. If you want to have a family, if you want to have some options, if you want a girl who is simply pleasant instead of loud-mouthed…

Well, you might have to look places other than America.


Here’s the link to purchase:

Get Instant Access to All of DANET

(Don’t worry, it’s secured by Gumroad, you can checkout right here on this page)

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