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Has Female Attention Whoring Finally Reached Its Peak?



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Gentlemen, I have an exciting announcement.  It is entirely possible that shallow, shamefulattention whoring by females in American society has reached its peak capacity.  Truthfully, I don’t know how it could get much worse than this.

The All Girls Vegas Trip


Yes, there are “girls nights out”, and plenty of groups of female friends take trips to Vegas and plenty of other places together to get attention, but this is taking it to a whole new level of attention whoring.  From the FAQ page on the website, you can see what these “All Girl Vegas Trips” are all about.

(Q) How is this trip FREE for me?

(A) It’s quite simple! The Clubs, hotels and pool parties we work with want to have good looking girls at their events and their is a WOW effect when 50 girls walk into a casino or nightclub as a group. All of our trips are paid for by Las Vegas Hotels and Management groups. The expense for this current trip including transportation, accommodations, selected meals, VIP bottle service, and drinks is being paid for by Tao Management group.

I’m sure there is a WOW effect.  It wow’d me.  But not for the intended purposes, but because this is the perfect example of everything that is wrong in society.  Why does this business model work?  Well, because when guys see fifty girls in line they think,

“Hey, this will be the one place that isn’t a sausage fest, let’s go!” 

Next, they proceed to drop $75 to get in the club.  Note that this doesn’t include any drinks, this just gives them privilege to buy drinks.  Next, they buy three drinks at $15 a pop, which puts their total for the night up to $120.  On top of that, that’s probably a low estimate of a drink tab for a high-end Vegas club.  That’s double what the girls paid for the entire trip and accommodations.  With a few hundred chumps in the room, it’s only a matter of time before the clubs have broke even on their initial “girl” investment and are raking in the dough.

(Q) What are the requirements?

(A) The requirements for our trips are simple.

➢ Girls must be of 21 years of age or older.
➢ Girls agree to follow the exact itinerary of attending the nightclubs and pool parties, including transportation to and from each location and arrive as a group at all venues.
➢ Once accepted Girls are required to pay a non-refundable $60 fee to hold your spot on the trip.
➢ Girls understand that if at any point they will-fully divert from the itinerary, they are no longer considered part of the group and/or trip. They will be responsible for their own accommodations for the remainder of the trip. This includes their access to venues, clubs, meals and transportation back to San Diego.
➢ Girls agree to attend each scheduled event with a positive attitude, take photos as a group.
➢ Girls agree to sign an insurance liability release waiver/form from SFiNX Productions & TAO Management Group pertaining to the duration of the trip.
➢ Girls agree to sign a ‘No Drugs’ policy agreement to protect SFiNX Productions & TAO Management Group.
➢ Each Girl must agree to work with their SFiNX chaperone to help organize and coordinate their group of friends throughout the duration of the trip.

(Q) What is covered as part of the “all-inclusive” trip?

(A) The following items are included complimentary as part of this trip

  • Roundtrip bus transportation to/from San Diego/Las Vegas
  • Hotel Accommodation for 2 nights (excluding room service, incidentals & other miscellaneous charges or expenses)
  • Snacks & drinks on the bus ride to Las Vegas
  • Giveaways from sponsors including watches & shirts among other things
  • Appetizers & Drinks at LAVO Lounge
  • VIP Access & Bottle service at LAVO Night club
  • VIP Access & Bottle service at Marquee Nightclub
  • VIP Access & Bottle service at Marquee Dayclub
  • Appetizers & Drinks at TAO Nightclub
  • VIP Access & Bottle service at TAO Nightclub
  • VIP Access & Bottle service at Marquee Nightclub
  • VIP Acces & Bottle service at TAO Beach

I realize this may sound bitter, but man it must be cool to get free vacation weekends and everything paid for simply because you were born with a pair of tits.

Female Attention Whoring Is Out Of Control

The level of this goes far, far beyond the attention whoring seen on girls nights out.  As if Tinder,OKCupid, and every white knight at the bar weren’t contributing enough to the over-inflated egos of American females, now we have legitimate businesses piling a group of girls together on a bus, and whisking them away to Vegas so they can bask in the spotlight of men drooling all over them.


Yet, these are supposed to be the best memories of a young woman’s life.  A house has been replaced by lavish hotels.  A husband has been replaced by a thirsty dude begging for permission to buy them a drink.  Saturday morning cartoons with the kids have been replaced by Saturdays lying in bed, dealing with splitting headaches and hazy memories of the poisons and cocks consumed the night before.

It is yet another lie that society has told young people, and women are the unfortunate victims of this one.  They are told to party away their 20s with the assumption that a good man will sweep them off their feet the day they turn 30 and are ready to settle down.

While it’s hard to feel bad for a woman considering all the free stuff a vagina entitles you to (just see above list), I actually do.  Alas, all of the attention in the world in the forms of free drinks at these events, “swiped right” pictures on Tinder, and OKCupid openers will never replace the true happiness any normal, sane, healthy woman receives from authentic relationships, family, and simply being a natural, feminine being.

Certainly, they do relish in the lifestyle, like they are supposed to.  It’s too bad they sure as hell wouldn’t be open to finding Prince Charming on an All Girls Vegas Trip.  It isn’t until much later that they are very forcefully fed their own red pill in the form of The Wall that there is no Prince Charming at the end of the party tunnel waiting to rescue them. I just hope the free weekend in Vegas is worth it.

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