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Happy 3rd Birthday to This Is Trouble

On July 7th of 2013, I published my very first blog article.

That blog was not This Is Trouble, but instead (I think) thisblogwillgetmeintrouble.wordpress.com.

The article was about my college-aged female friends slutting it up, and my thoughts on the matter.

Something silly like that. And goodness, I’ve come a long way. And thank you for coming with me.

Originally, all I wanted was girls. I wanted to track my progress. For the first time in my life, I was getting lots of dates. I was having lots of sex. I was feeling like I’d finally knocked that monkey off my back.

I wanted to help others do the same.

For a nearly-22-year-old kid to finally lose my V card was a big deal. Now I look back and laugh.


The blog became therapy for me. It helped me get all of my frustrations out with the world. And somehow, I picked up a following. I remember that Matt Forney put me on his blogroll, and thought it was the coolest thing ever. In July of 2015, I met Matt in Chicago. It felt like a meeting with a colleague, something I never had imagined would happen.

Viva La Manosphere published a couple of my articles, too.

I remember the first one: Privacy Is Completely Gone.

Thinking that if it was good enough to be shared on an aggregator site, why not try to get it published over on Return Of Kings?

That’s exactly what I did. I wrote a couple more articles, and before I knew it I had a weekly columnist gig there.

The audience kept growing, people kept commenting, and I was really happy with the way life was going.


Then, in December of 2013, I got a girlfriend. All of a sudden, I simply didn’t have as many interesting things to write about. The frequency kept up for a few months but then dwindled off.

Much of the accountability I had built for myself over the past six months with the blog was being sucked away into my relationship.

Maybe that’s what it was all about, I thought. To myself. My destiny as a blogger was to get a girlfriend and retire.

I kept plugging along, writing Cracking OkCupid and still trying to publish a couple posts a week.

It was just a hobby, but I had some aspirations. I was just a foolish businessman.

I thought that if my post about 5 tips on OkCupid got 100 hits a day, I’d automatically be able to convert 5% of those into buyers. 5 sales a day at 20 a pop and I could quit my corporate job, no problem. That’d be $3,000 a month.


100 hits does not equal 100 clicks to your sales page. It does not equal 5 sales. It is far, far less.

But I was just 22 and thought I had time on my side. So I didn’t stress. I kept telling myself I’d write another and maybe it would do better.

I started a second post-college job that I really hated and just tried to make it through the day.

Blogging was occasional therapy for me to bitch about my job, but I didn’t provide any value for the world.


But until July of 2015, when that relationship endedThis Is Trouble was absolutely stagnant. There was very little growth.

A few thousand dollars earned (which isn’t bad by most blogs standards, but I’ve never been okay with average. Neither should you), but that was it.

I started to take it a little more seriously, but it wasn’t until I went to Colombia in November of 2015 that I realized what I was missing. I met some friends who were making money online (though not via blogging), and living in Colombia.

Their life was so much better than mine. Girls. Freedom. Adventure.

All of it beat my dreary office job.

By the time I stepped off the tarmac at LAX, my decision was already (mostly) made. It took a few weeks to really gather the courage to do so, but I knew in my heart.

No more office. I am going to succeed online with a God damn blog. 

I think it was around December 15th I told my mom my plans. She supported me. Always has. I can’t thank her enough. Dad was a bit more skeptical, but fully supportive as well.

I wouldn’t be here without either of them, and part of me wishes they could read this. Probably better they don’t.


On February 9th, I gave notice at my corporate job. On the 23rd, I walked out of the door for the final time. And I moved…

…in with my parents.

But only for six weeks. Eastern Europe, where I wanted to go, looked a bit cold. I waited it out and headed to Poland on a 1-way ticket on March 28th.

I still don’t have a return ticket home.


And the blog keeps truckin’ along.

It’s slow work at times. I want to skip to the “end”, but there really is no end. Only growth. Bleeding and building. Publishing everything I learn so that men who want the best of life can learn from me.

And get that life they want.

In today’s world, a man who steps outside the bounds of society and does his own thing is truly a troublemaker.

There’s already been three times as many comments on this blog as of July 1st than all of 2015.

I’ve published near twice as many articles as 2015. Many of which are of superior quality.

The podcast has been a success. People love how I come across on YouTube.

I’ve built a ground-breaking course for those really wanting to take their game to the next level.


I can take random small trips around the continent without having to make vacation requests or worry about money.

Overall, life is very good. But I still want more.


When this post goes live, my girlfriend from Kiev will be here. I like her. A lot.

Her birthday is close.

Rather than sitting in an cube and rushing after to get her a gift, she’s getting a silk scarf from The Grand Bazaar in Istanbul.

Rather than having to beg for that day off, I’ll just take it off. We’ll go sit on the beach and probably drink a bit too much, then stumble back to the hotel when I’ll wake up when I want the next day.

And the day after I’ll be back to working hard.

But this freedom, it’s incredible. There are no rules I must play by. Rather, I make them.

It would never have been possible without using this blog as a stepping stone to accountability, and YOUR support. I would encourage everyone to start their own blog. Not to make money, but to keep a log. To hold yourself accountable.

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Eventually I would like to cut down from daily postings and focus on getting three to four high quality pieces out a week, but that time will come.

I’ve started a new book and have a lot more in store.

So with that being said…I’ll see you guys on 7/7/17.

Thank you for everything.

– Kyle

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Nikolai Vladivostok - July 8, 2016

Happy birthday and keep the good stuff coming.

    Kyle [ThisIsTrouble.com] - July 8, 2016

    Thanks very much Nikolai!


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