Last updated: September 13, 2017

Hacking Your Sexual Marketplace Value As A Female



In the animal kingdom that we live in, status is king.  The value of the man she obtains directly impacts the female, and dictates her own worth in society.  Naturally, everyone wants to be at the top of the hierarchy, looking down upon everyone else.  Females are naturally incredibly competitive creatures, especially amongst themselves. They want to show off, stab each other in the back for personal gain, and be more valuable to male’s than all of their friends.  This is exactly why you see the hot chicks with ugly friends.  For example:

hot chick ugly friend

Now, based off of that photo, I’d probably rate the girl on the left at about a 4 (at least she has a nice body), and the girl on the right a solid 8.  Feel free to agree/disagree on the ratings.  But now, let’s take the ugly one out of it:

hot chick ugly friend 2

Now though?  She’s definitely still cute – but I’d wager she’s a point or a point and a half less.  I took much more notice of her very round face and shitty hair style.  She just appears average, more than anything.

If you want to hack your SMV value as a female, it’s quick simple.  Be cuter than the next girl.  Here’s some resources for you to stop being a fat and ugly duckling:

Also, check out how to hack your SMV as a male.

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  1. Round faces are pretty… I wouldn’t want a girl with a long, thin, angular face. that’s masculine.the author is a tranny

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