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Gringo’s Ultimate Guide to Guyanese Women

Guyana, South America


Guyanese women are beautiful, they are fun, and…

Where was their country again?

You see, this is what I’m talking about. People tend to look over Guyana because they do not even know the first thing about it. There is not dedicated Guyana dating site, there are no mail order bride agencies, there are zero American tourists scouting Georgetown for hotties.

The country is essentially an untouched paradise!

In this article, we’ll talk about Guyanese women so you can get in on that before Westerners come to ruin it. You will learn about:

  • What Guyana girls are like on the outside and on the inside
  • The dating culture and traditions
  • The different Guyana women you will meet
  • How to meet them online easily

And, of course, as with other guides we have done, the point is to give you a comprehensive overview. However, it isn’t always easy to cover an entire country. If I get anything wrong or if you think I missed something very important, please contact me in the comments down below. Let’s make this a conversation, not just a one-off article!

Guyana 101

Guyana is a South American country that borders Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela. Both of these countries are currently more dangerous than Guyana (at least in that region), especially Venezuela.

The other major perk of meeting Guyanese women is the fact that they speak English. A little reminder: in Brazil, they speak Portuguese, in Venezuela the language is Spanish. Guyanese women are usually fluent in English so no language barrier for you!

But I am getting ahead of myself. Let’s start with some fun Guyana trivia.

How Guyana Came To Be

Right now, Guyana is one of the smallest countries in South America. It is located in the northern part of the mainland continent. But here is the trick:

Guyanese people consider themselves to be Caribbean!

While this seems weird at first, you will soon notice they are much more culturally close to the Caribbean countries anyway.

Guyana is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean (it has a beautiful coastline), Brazil, Suriname, and Venezuela. It is located in a region known as “the Guianas” between the Amazon River to the north and the Orinoco River to the east. There were many indigenous groups before the Dutch arrived and many of them survive still.

There is a rainforest in Guyana and large chunks of it remain uncivilised. Native tribes still live on those lands, though I would not recommend going to meet Guyanese women there. As Sebastian of Global Seducer put it:

Of course, you can pretend to be Indiana Jones and fight your way through the jungle. You can do that, but you won’t find anything besides hundreds of snakes and one or two indigenous girls who want to shoot you with arrows.

Guyana came under British control in the late 18th century and they renamed it British Guiana.

By that time, slavery was abolished but plantations were still a key way of making money from the colonies. So what did the British do? They imported cheap labourers from their other colonies.

These workers mostly came from India and that’s why Guyana’s largest ethnic group today is East Indian. For the sake of simplicity, when I say Indian in this article, that’s what I mean. Local tribes that were here before the Europeans are indigenous or native, it’s kind of racist to call them Indian anyway.

The Types Of Guyanese Women You Will Meet

The major ethnicities of Guyana are:

  • Indo-Guyanese (also known as East Indians), make up 43.5% of the population
  • Afro-Guyanese constitute 30.2%
  • Mixed-race girls (some say they are the hottest) make up 16.7%
  • Indigenous peoples (known locally as Amerindians) make up 9.1%

There are several differences that you will notice immediately if you date girls from different groups. At the same time, social position and wealth also matter.

How Rich Is Guyana?

The GDP of the country is US$3.082 billion (US$4,029 per capita).

Just to compare, in the US, the GDP is US$19,390,600 (US$59,495 per capita).

If you just look at this numbers, Guyana is about 15 times poorer than the US. Of course, this is not the full story. There are still many wealthy people in the country. Prices here are much lower than they are in the States. Finally, there see, to be some issues with undeclared income so some people live better than it looks on the statistics.

Still, Guyana is in no way, shape, or form a rich country. It is growing but at a fairly modest rate. The biggest problem for them right now is shortage of skilled labour and a deficient infrastructure. What does that tell you about Guyanese women?

Most of them are not well-educated. 

With the exception of girls from Bel Air, Guyanese women usually only have a high school education.

Are All Guyanese Girls Stupid?

Just because not everyone can afford college in Guyana, it doesn’t mean that the girls are some illiterate fools. In fact, one of the coolest things I learned about Guyana is that people are incredibly curious. Of course, they are also warm and friendly, like most Latin Americans, but they are the most interested in other cultures.

Maybe it’s because Guyana itself is quite small but I am yet to meet a Guyanese that doesn’t want to travel, learn languages, or meet foreigners. Dating them, however, is a different story:

Guyanese Women Are Afraid Of You

Of course, this is a major exaggeration. Not all Guyanese girls are scared to date a foreigner. It is true, however, that Guyana does not get many visitors.

There is a huge expat community so this is not a matter of not knowing how you live. You would be surprised at how much she knows about the U.S. and Europe. Don’t be surprised, she probably has tons of friends and relatives that live there.

But one thing about Guyanese people is they have a distrust toward Western culture. Even when they move West, they’re often confined in their own communities. It is a very family-oriented culture, even if it seems like they are running away from their relatives.

Fortunately, there are also many Guyanese women who are dying to meet a handsome foreigner. So the question comes up:

How Do You Find Them?

I don’t know about you, but I love online dating. When it comes to meeting Guyanese women that are up for an international relationship, this is your one-stop destination.

The women on dating platforms are already looking outside their local community. There are many reasons for that (and I will share a few in a little while). But the fact remains that:

They are (at least somewhat) prepared to tackle dating and culture shock at once. 

But not all dating sites were created equal. I, for one, expected most Guyanese women to be on Latin American Cupid. After all, the country is in Latin America.


If you ask Guyanese gals, most of them consider themselves to be Caribbean. That’s because, culturally, they are much closer to the Caribbean. Did you know that Rihanna’s mom is from Guyana? I did not either!

Either way, the single best place to meet Guyanese girls is LATAM CUPID . It comes with the perk of plenty other Latinas to choose from. So, you know, if it turns out Barbados gals attract you more, you can meet plenty on the site.

Why Latin American Cupid Is The Best Place To Meet Guyanese Women

It’s hardly a secret that we dig the Cupid Media platforms. They are safe and affordable and they have plenty of members. Since online dating is a numbers game, you want as many options as possible!

But, most importantly, there are tons of success stories to prove that it works. Here is a promising testimonial:

In November 2015, while being frustrated in finding a good partner for marriage and visiting other sites, I accidentally stumbled on CaribbeanCupid, I set up a user profile on this site and on December 12 2015, I found the love of my life. I am from Georgetown Guyana and she is from Petionville Haiti. We started dating and a relationship through this site. In October i visited Haiti and one week after, I got married to her in Haiti. I just want to say thanks to this site for allowing me to find my soulmate for marriage.

People are moving in together, getting married, having kids etc. To me, that is the best proof that Latin American Cupid is worth it.

How To Slay The Online Dating Game

If you are about to use Latin American Cupid to meet Guyanese girls, I might have some tips for you.

The first and most important tip is:

You have to learn for yourself. 

Even though Latin American Cupid is a paid dating platform, signup is free and so is browsing gals and messaging Gold and Platinum members. Sadly, most women are not premium members and you would eventually have to get a subscription.

But at first, I definitely suggest you try your hand at it and find what works personally for you.


Choose an amazing picture of yourself. 

Caribbean chicas are not as superficial as some claim they are. Still, profiles without a picture are never trusted. Even a selfie is better than no picture at all.

However, I don’t recommend a selfie. Not only are they surprisingly hard to get right (unless you take 100 different ones), they do not exactly say “I have friends and I like to do fun stuff”.

A selfie is fine to have on your profile but it should not be the first pic. And yes, I know most of the girls have selfies. They kind of get a free pass, as unfair as it sounds. But for male profiles, you would definitely get better results if you pick a high quality, non-selfie pic of you.


Don’t approach as though they don’t speak English. 

In Guyana, they do speak it because the majority of people are East Indian. You would have no problem speaking to these girls.

Guyanese Women

The Dating Culture Of Guyana

There is no dating culture.

Well, no, that’s not true. It’s just that depending on the community rules change. Different girls in Guyana have very contrasting attitudes toward love and dating.

The first huge difference will be between Christians and non-Christians.

Why Religion Matters

The biggest religion in Guyana is Roman Catholicism. As you might know, Catholics are not exactly chill and low-key. The joke goes that if you feel guilty about every single thing you do, you know that the Catholicism is working.

But tasteless jokes aside, Catholic girls are, indeed, more conservative. Not every single person is super devout but if she considers herself Catholic, you can expect a more traditional worldview.

There are some members of the church, for instance, that completely renounce all intimacy before marriage. I am not even talking about sex. “First kiss” weddings are a thing among very religious Catholics.

Others would refuse to use birth control, as it is a form of rejecting God. How so? Well, God only can decide how many kids you get. Every single child you have He will provide for if you have faith. That sort of thinking is not common but it does exist in Guyana.

Finally, Christian girls (the more faith-centred ones, anyway) are adamant about their future husband’s religion. They would not consider an unequally yoked relationship. In other words, if their partner is not Christian, it is completely unacceptable to date them.

How To Date Christian Girls

While there is nothing wrong with embracing your religion, it can create some potentially awkward situations for you. That’s why I recommend you do this one simple (and slightly uncomfortable thing):

Put your religion on your profile.

I know that in the West we hardly talk about faith. It isn’t something you discuss on a dating profile unless the said profile is for Christian Mingle.

It is a similar situtation IRL in Guyana but online, the best policy is to be upfront about it. When it comes to dating, it should be “come as you are”. It would suck to meet someone you actually like and then not be able to be with them.

The same goes for kids and previous marriages by the way. Not all Guyanese women are open to dating single fathers. It’s a bit harsh but it is a reality that you have to accept.

All in all, the best way to deal with this sensitive differences is to be completely open and honest. This way you avoid all unpleasant situations that might come up later.

How Different Ethnicities Date

Most Indian girls were raised in traditional homes. They tend to be more closed and confined within their social circle. What is more, they are also more modest and tend to be less open-minded about dating foreigners. It isn’t impossible to date them but bear in mind that you will have to prove yourself to her family.

In East Indian culture parents are still heavily involved in their children’s love lives. Expect to be invited over for dinner within a week of talking. Some Indian women are a bit of flakes on that and it’s a very bad sign.

If she invites you over but then you never quite get round to it, it’s probably because her family (usually her dad) said something. There are not many ways out of this situation other than treating the daughter amazingly. Still, if an Indian girl likes you but her family does not, 9 out of 10 times she would choose her family.

Also, Indian gals are not into the whole hookup scene. They usually want a life partner. Read future husband. That is why their expectations (in online dating and in real life) are different. Indians tend to be less bothered if you are not the hottest guy on the planet. They are looking for stability and good humour, rather than male model looks.

Why Would They Want A Foreign Husband?

Machismo culture in Guyana means that these girls don’t lack male attention. Hot Guyanese women know that they are hot because they hear it all the time!

However, when it comes to choosing a husband, local guys are not always a reliable choice. Money is an obvious factor here. Guyana is struggling economically and most young guys can’t afford to raise a family by themselves.

Don’t think this is just about gold-digging, though. Guyanese women and especially Indian-Guyanese prefer to date foreign men because unlike locals they:

  • Don’t cheat (at least not as much).
  • Are not incredibly machista, they don’t expect dinner on the table and their wife shutting up every time that the game is on.
  • Would not abuse alcohol and most are non-smokers.
  • Are mature enough for a long-term relationship.

What About Other Guyanese Ethnicities?

African girls are a lot more open-minded than Indians. They are naturally a lot more seductive, too. They don’t mind hookups just like they don’t mind super revealing clothes and grinding their booties on strangers in the club.

African families can be quite strict as well but they are more accepting of foreign boyfriends. The one thing that might be awkward, though, is if you are super white. Black girls (some of them anyway) aren’t too thrilled to walk with a white guy down the street. You might get some looks for it and Guyanese women hate to be gossiped about.

So how do you get around this?

You date mixed race girls.

First of all, the mixed races gals are the hottest (in my humble opinion). Secondly, they are more open toward dating foreigners. Third, these are actually the girls you will meet on Caribbean Cupid. For whatever reason, there are tons of them online.

I always expected Indians but hey, no complaints here, mixed-race women are beautiful!

Famous Guyanese Women

There are plenty of celebrities you didn’t know had Guyanese heritage.

For instance, London-born Leona Lewis has a Guyanese mother. Rihanna does, too (and we bet she gets a lot of her stunning looks from her mother).

Platinum Selling Anjulie was born to Indo-Guyanese parents in Canada. Anjulie rocks her Guyanese heritage. In a post she wrote for Canadian media, Anjulie says:

Affectionately known as Mabear, my mom, a President’s Gold Award-winning real estate agent, an A-level squash player, a beautiful badass cross between Bianca Jagger and Claire Huxtable, and an expert in all worldly things from how to crack a coconut to Canadian hockey trivia to how to bake a perfect English apple crisp, had just taught me my first lesson in self-esteem. Dey ain’t no betta than you. After all this time it still hasn’t fully seeped in. But I’m workin’ on it.

If this doesn’t explain typical Guyanese moms, I don’t know what will. Indeed, in Guyana kids are raised to love themselves and they are reminded of it often.

Since such a big part of Guyanese women’s appeal is confidence, you have got to than Guyanese mothers for that. Of course, the other part is great genes but that is pretty much a given in this country. Just imagine you can meet a Rihanna or a Leona Lewis lookalike.

Guyanese Women

But the best part about dating Guyanese women is:

Closing Thoughts On Guyanese Girls

Guyanese women know that love is about constant respect and support. They have learned their lesson by seeing how their moms loved them and this is how you will be loved.

There is no better feeling of being unconditionally supported. This is why I think you should date Guyanese women. Looks help and confidence is sexy but these gals are also the best to settle down with. You know she will have your back no matter what and loyalty, my friends, is something we should all cherish!

And now it is your turn:

Share your thoughts, tips, and experiences with Guyanese women in comments below! If I missed something, tell me. If I got anhything wrong – shoot! See you down there!

PS: Don’t forget to meet some girls on this website.

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