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A Report From the Ground Floor of the Brussels Attack

A friend of mine just moved to Brussels (about two weeks ago) and just went through the Brussels attack. When I heard about the attacks this morning, I reached out to him to get a real report on the situation.

I thought it would be a good idea to get some photos from the ground floor of the attacks instead of just soaking in the many pictures of terror that the media shows, all while they’re promoting you change your Facebook photo to help “unite” people, all while living in denial of the real problem.

Here are a few quotes he gave me:

“Many of the main arterial roads were closed off to cars; lots of police and soldiers cordoning off streets; most shops are closed, pedestrians are sparse”

“The type of military truck seen in the third photo was already very prevalent in the city”

“I saw soldiers with assault rifles daily prior to the attacks”

Here are the scenes of the Brussels attack as of this evening.

I’ll keep this updated over the coming week as he sends me more.

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