Last updated: July 1, 2019

Greetings from Zagreb, and Pictures from Rastoke, Croatia



I’ve been here for the last couple days on this Eastern European trip I’ve taken with my parents and grandma. Very cute, small, quaint town for a capital city. That said, it’s an incredibly quiet place unless you’re in the very, very heart of town.

(We’re staying 5 minutes or so outside of it).

The people though, surprisingly friendly, it’s very clean, and it’s pretty easy to get around so far.

The place, as a whole, feels…wholesome.

Lots and lots of young families walking in the parks at night, don’t see too many people with horrible piercings/tattoos, it just has this sense of calmness about it, which is really nice. Good food and wine, too.

Moving on:

My family thought Budapest was beautiful (it always is).

And while they didn’t think Kiev was quite as pretty, they really enjoyed the drastic differences between it and the western world.

Back to Croatia:

We rented a car and drove out to a small little town called Rastoke, full of those waterfalls that Croatia is famous for. I’m actually going (with just the girl) next week to the main park full of them.

Should be a great time.

Here’s some pictures from Rastoke, Croatia.

rastoke croatiarastoke croatia rastoke croatia rastoke croatia rastoke croatia rastoke croatia

In any case, I’ve been sporadic as hell with the blogs and emails lately, but just thought I’d check in and let you know what I’m up to. I will say this.

I love travel.

I love my family.

But, and I’m sure many of you relate to this…

When you are the experienced traveler in the group, expected to sort of navigate, decide, and herd your group around, it can be downright exhausting…

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