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Greetings From Canada

Hello from the great Pacific Northwest…

After a bit of debate, I decided to cancel the Germany/Seattle parts of my trip, because I didn’t want to risk getting stranded at the Frankfurt airport with their strikes today.

So, I flew the new United Polaris Business Class from Brussels to DC, then to Toronto and on to Victoria (where Air Canada lost my bag, naturally…).

So, the podcast isn’t going to be happening until the bag (and my microphone) both get here.

But, good news…

Here’s a few pictures from the flight to wet your appetite for what’s coming next…

Speaking of appetites.

As I’ve been teasing a bit for a few weeks, I’m here in Canada to put on the Selo LIVE Experience, an olive oil event to educate you on the dangers of supermarket oils and to show you the “real deal”.

You can sign up for the webinar, which is one week from today, simply by clicking the link below and entering your email.


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