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Greek Women • The #1 A-Z Seduction Guide

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Greek women are the dream of every guy, right? They’re beautiful, passionate, and family-oriented. You’re in for a treat with them! But you’re also in for trouble if you expect a Greek girl to act anything like a… Scandinavian, for instance. 

Greek women are a handful! This is where our guide comes in. Read on to learn everything about dating in the country of olives, ancient history, and Mediterranean beauties: 

  • What they are like – looks, personality, expectations
  • The dating culture as a whole (and what it’s like for a foreigner)
  • Online dating or real-life pickup – which is better for meeting Greek women?
  • The 10 commandments of dating in Greece (without getting slapped)
  • A travel guide for single guys (no, Athens is not the only place to visit)
  • And much, much more… 

What Greek Girls Are Like

We all know the stereotypes about Greek women. But are they all straight out of ‘My Big Fat Greek Wedding’? In some ways… 

Here is what Greek girls are actually like – from their legendary beauty to family values and changing attitudes!

Beauty & Looks

Greek girls are among the prettiest in Europe and there are three reasons for that: 

  1. Genes
  2. The Mediterranean lifestyle
  3. High-maintenance

It’s clear that women in Greece have won the genetic lottery. Nearly all of them are blessed with prominent features, curves, a clear and bright complexion, deep dark eyes, and some of the lushest hair you’ve ever seen. 

However, it’s hard to tell which is first: the lifestyle helped greeks become a beautiful nation as a whole, or the Mediterranean diet and climate are just complementary to what Greek women already have. 

One thing is for sure though: Greeks put a lot of effort into their looks. 

The city with the prettiest women (all Greeks agree) is Thessaloniki. Do you know why that is? First, because of the mixing of genes – this has always been a multicultural place and Thessaloniki natives come from a lot of mixed marriages. 

Secondly (and more importantly), Thessaloniki girls are never seen without makeup or in a sloppy outfit. The joke goes that they put on high heels even to go to the corner shop. While this is (obviously) exaggerated, women here are never under-dressed. 

By night is when you’ll see them in full glam. The same goes for men, by the way, you don’t go to the club in shorts or flip-flops. To make an impression on Greek beauties make sure you put in effort into your looks as well. 

You can’t go wrong with a fitted shirt and dress shoes. Yes, even if it seems like too much for a waterfront club!

Will She Even Speak My Language? 

This is a concern for many Western guys that try to date Greeks. The language barrier won’t exactly help your communication with these fiery queens. But I have some good news: 

Most Greek women speak decent (or even better than decent) English. 

You might have problems if you go to a small village. In the big cities, however, girls are well-educated, they’ve traveled a bit, and they do speak enough English to understand you. 

Worst case scenario? She has a thick accent. But you’re dating abroad, did you expect perfect pronunciation? Hopefully not. Otherwise, I am happy to report that Greek women will understand what you’re saying and speak enough English for an actual conversation. 

Passion For Life

This is one of my favorite Greek traits. Of course, it’s not limited to only women. Virtually every Greek person that I’ve met is very passionate. I am talking passionate about their job or studies, passionate about their hobbies, their friends, their pets… Passionate for life in general!

Greek girls are a lot of fun to be around for that reason. They’re not ones to nag or pout, expecting to be entertained by their date. In fact, you can easily spend several dates on random banter – stories, ideas, things she has read in the newspaper…. Greek women have seemingly inexhaustible enthusiasm for life. Dating them feels like an adventure!

What Do You Mean You Can’t Dance? 

This one goes hand-in-hand with their passion for life. All Greek women can dance. I am not just talking about their traditional dances, Greeks also love dance classes as an exercise option. Greek women aren’t big fans of the gym but they will happily go to Zumba, salsa, swing, or whatever other dance sparked their interest. 

If you’re not a great dancer yourself, she can teach you. Greeks are pros at having fun so your boring ways won’t last a day once you’re dating a Greek hottie!

Don’t Mess With Greek Women 

… but it’s not all sunshine and roses. Greek culture is very loud and 100% fiery. Virtually every Greek is temperamental, sometimes getting angry even at small things. Traffic is the easiest example here – the honking, shouting, and swearing never stop!

When it comes to dating Greek women, expect them to be stubborn and stick to their guns. When a Greek gal is angry with you, it won’t be a calm discussion. It’s war. Luckily, they cool off just as quickly as they get mad. 

A word of warning, though: If you offended them (even without meaning to), they will hold a grudge. Apologise, even if you feel weird (and angry) that she’s blaming you. It’s the easier way out! 

Family First, Chosen Family Second

Greek women have very strong family values. On top of that, most young women live with their parents and they have huge extended families. They grew up with a bunch of cousins, who are now their best friends. Family is everything to them, Greek women rely on their support (emotional, practical, even financial) every day. 

In return, they are fiercely loyal to parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and anybody who is even remotely related to them. 

Second on the ladder: her friends. Greek girls are naturally very sociable. They have large circles of friends and share a deep connection with all of them. When you’re dating a Greek, you will have to pass both the friend and the family test. If either group doesn’t approve of you, your chances just got slimmer. 

On the same note, one of the best ways to impress a Greek woman is to make an effort with her friends and family. It always makes a great impression on a girl when you try to be friends with her friends. It goes to show that you’re interested in something more than a fling, plus, it’s a great way to impress her group (and avoid being gossiped about in their group chat). 

Actually, scratch that last part. No matter what you do, you will be talked about in the group chat, in cafés, during her 3+ hour phone calls… Gossiping is a way of life in Greece. Besides, she probably wants to brag with her cool new boyfriend. Be on your best behavior to give her something to brag about! 

How To Meet Greek Women

It’s not hard to meet Greek beauties. This Mediterranean country is renowned for its hospitality. People here are friendly and open-minded, girls don’t mind meeting men on the street. 

Of course, don’t be creepy about it. Greek women don’t appreciate pushy guys ruining their girl’s night! Approach, ask for her number, if she rejects you, move on. By the way, moving on from initial rejection will catch her off guard (as local men are very persistent) and it will help your cause. 

Either way, there are plenty of girls on the streets of Athens, Thessaloniki, or even Mykonos. This one has a boyfriend? On comes another! 

Even if most Greek girls want a serious relationship, meeting them can be fun and casual, just like it is for the locals. 

What They Want In A Guy

Greek women have been raised in a patriarchal society. To them, getting married is just the natural progression of life. Love and marriage, and a baby carriage, this is how life works in Greece. 

So they all want to be housewives? 

Not anymore, no. Greek brides nowadays are more emancipated. Still, it’s nothing like you’ve seen in Russia or Ukraine, where women work equal to men (and it’s something very normal). Staying at home to look after your children and keep the house is still a common gender role in Greece. 

Things are changing little by little. However, the majority of Greek women are looking for ‘husband qualities’ in their potential boyfriends, because marriage is expected. After a certain age, the pressure to get married mounts and Greek women start to lower their standards. Even so, here is the bare minimum: 

  • Good provider. Greek girls want to have the option to work. They don’t want to be forced to do it. This is why they will favor financially stable guys. And no, this is not gold-digging, at least in my opinion. It’s a way of ensuring the relationship will work long-term. 
  • Mature. Greeks don’t mind age gap relationships. In fact, most women think marrying an older man is far better than someone their age or younger. ‘Us women mature faster,’ as a Greek friend of mine would explain. ‘This is why we need an older man who has reached our level.’
  • Fun and exciting to be around. Being mature doesn’t mean Greek women want to date a complete bore. Dancing, music, good food, and generally good fun are very important to Greeks. If she can’t have that with her partner, a Greek girl would move on to another guy. 
  • Relationship-minded. Flings are very rare in Greece, especially among ‘good girls’. If you want a high-value woman, you will have to invest more than the money for a 3 AM Uber. 

And now that you know what Greek girls are after, let’s talk about meeting them. Option #1 is: 

Online Dating In Greece

Online dating is convenient and way more efficient than approaching strangers on the street. What it lacks in spontaneity, it more than makes up for in options. 

Dating apps like Tinder and platforms like International Cupid are filled to the brim with exciting singles. Do you really want to miss out? 

Tinder is great on the terrain. Tinder in Greece isn’t a hookup app but the quality of girls still won’t be the best. Why? Because the barrier of entry is so low. You only need a few minutes to be up on Tinder. Flakiness levels skyrocket! Out of 100 matches, maybe 10 will respond to your message and 1 will agree to meet you. 

Should this put you off Tinder for good? 

No way!

The app is a great option when you’re already in Greece. Before arriving, though, I recommend pipelining with International Cupid. 

Why not pipeline with Tinder? Because the girls are flaky. They’ll respond to your messages and act flirty one day, then they will ghost you for weeks. It’s not worth investing much in a conversation like this. 

What even is pipelining? It’s the practice of meeting girls before you arrive in the country. Once you’re there, the dates are already lined up for you. All that is left is to have some fun. 

So why International Cupid? 

International Cupid is one of my personal favorite dating platforms and here is why: 

  • It’s a premium dating site, meaning higher engagement, better safety options, and advanced functionality. 
  • The membership fee is affordable and all-inclusive, even if you only get a profile for a few months (as opposed to agencies that charge you for longer periods of time). 
  • There aren’t any pros on there (or they are the exception). 
  • The girls on International Cupid are looking for something real and long-term. They are true wifey material… They’re not one-night-stand material, though, if this is what you’re interested in.

Unconvinced? There is actually a money-back guarantee on International Cupid.

It’s also free to register, fill out your profile, and talk to paid members. Unfortunately, most Greek women on International Cupid have free profiles.

You will need a premium membership to take advantage of the full functionality BUT you can use the free registration to get a feel for the site and decide if it will work for you!

Singles Nightlife In Major Greek Cities

Meeting Greek women in a bar or a club? Yes, it’s possible. Even though they go out in huge packs (which is very intimidating), Greek women are pretty open to the option of meeting men by night. 

Ok, that sounded wrong. 

What I mean is there is no stigma around talking, kissing, or even making out with a stranger in the club.

So what are the best places to go looking for Greek women? 

In Athens: 

  • Bolivar Beach Bar is a beach party legend with buzzing parties, a young crowd, and never-ending dancing. It’s a day-party club, nightclub, after-party option… Bolivar Beach Bar has it all!
  • BIOS multispace in Gazi is a hidden gem in the Athens night scene. It houses a rooftop bar, a small cinema, an area for art installations, and, of course, an underground club. You’ll meet Athens’ fun but alternative crowd here. A lot of Greek women with tattoos and piercings!
  • Rock ‘n’ Roll is a staple on the city’s nightlife horizon. With over 30 years of history and legendary parties starting in the late afternoon (and going into the little hours of the night), this is a MUST during your stay. 

In Thessaloniki:

  • Vogue is a hot spot for all lovers of R&B, pop, and house music. The atmosphere is fun (if a tad too glitzy), the line up of DJs is always interesting and you’ll meet some of the hottest Athens girls here. 
  • Club Monroe is sophisticated and classy, attracting the city’s beautiful singles and elegant guests. Make sure you dress for the occasion. The last thing you want is to get dress coded!
  • TRAP basement is the exact opposite of Monroe. They’re low-key, relaxed, and feature little-known remixes along commercial favorites. The only downside here is that TRAP can get very crowded on the weekends. Then again, this only means you’ll have more options for meeting girls. 

In Patras:

  • Disco Room is exactly what it sounds like. They’re a large mainstream club that attracts the city’s pretty 20-something girls. The drinks are a little pricier than other places but you know you will have a great time!
  • Notos is a stylish jazz club, perfect for meeting older Pataras singles. Their whiskey selection is sold, they have amazing music, and the crowd might be 30+ but there are plenty of beautiful women to meet there. 
  • Ifaistou area is a nightlife hotspot, popular with the city’s party animals. Check it out – virtually every bar I’ve been to here has been rad!

 Side note: when in Patras, make sure you try their typical Tentoura liquor. You can thank me later!

Approaching Girls By Day

Not all Greek women will be open to day game. Even if the stereotype says Greeks are lazy, they still have things to get done during the day. To be successful, go to places where girls are likely to be relaxing, wasting some odd time, or, at least, hanging out with friends (as opposed to rushing to work). 

Parks and university campuses are a great option here. Keep an eye on Facebook events for any upcoming activities, which can also be a great opportunity to meet Greek women. 

Don’t overthink it when it comes to approaching, though. A simple ‘hi’ will do. Or, if you want, try a cheesy line like, “I’m not sure if you’re Greek, but you’re definitely a Goddess.” At least it will get a laugh out of her!

Dating Greek Women: 10 Commandments For Success 

Greek women are hot-headed. Here are some rules that you should think twice before breaking!

No Cheating 

This one should be self-explanatory. There is no bigger betrayal to Greek women than cheating. 

Looking At Other Girls Is Cheating 

Perhaps it’s a bit exaggerated but it’s true. Greek women are on the super possessive side of the jealousy spectrum. Avoid checking out other girls, following models on Instagram, liking and commenting on lingerie pictures, etc. Otherwise, you’re just asking for a fight to happen. 

Impress Her Family 

There is nothing harder (but better for your cause) than impressing her mom. Greek mothers are notoriously protective of their daughters. Fortunately, they are also very hospitable so you will be received like a king. Don’t let this lull you into acting impolite. Respect, both towards their daughter and to their family and country, is of paramount importance.

If Her Friends Hate You – Game Over

Much like her family, friends are an important factor in your future relationship. Don’t even doubt that she’ll tell her best friend about every single detail of your fights. Try to make her friends love you. Obviously, in a non-obnoxious way. They might be super fun people, why not trying to get to know them. 

Don’t Tell Her Not To Gossip

Gossiping is an integral part of Greek life. Telling her to stop talking about other people… Yeah, not the brightest idea. Try to keep up as much as you can and sway the subject when possible. 

Pick Up The Tab

Greek women are traditional. They will cook and clean for you. At the same time, they expect you to play your part – as the provider. Early in the relationship, this means that all the checks in restaurants, cafés, and bars are on you. 

Appreciate Her Cooking

Greek Women

Greek girls have top-notch culinary skills. Make sure you compliment her efforts and you’ll be rewarded with even more delicacies!

Tourists Are Easier

You want a vacation fling?

It’s usually easier to find another tourist.

Great Sex Or Bye-Bye

Not to get too explicit but… Greek women want to have good sex. Missionary with minimal foreplay is not good sex. You’ll find they like to keep it fun and spicy in the bedroom!

And there you have it: everything you need to know about Greek women, from their looks, to where to meet them and how to have a relationship with them. Any questions? Ask them in the comments below! And remember to share your own experiences with Greek girls – we are dying to know!

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