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Okay, okay, yes, I am blatantly ripping off LaidNYC’s idea of doing a mailbag of search terms that people have found through.  It’s too good to withhold.

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“married mans sex life”

That’s a myth, kinda like unicorns. You should play the hand you’re given.

“what to say to a girl who says your short”

Don’t say, do.

“jobs with liberal arts degree”

“art in our economy”

“what job can you get with a liberal arts degree with a concentration in sociology”

They don’t exist.

“at the beginning of a date she asks you to hold her purse”

Do not do this.  Ever.

“will a girl give me her handbag if she likes me”

She likes your balls in her vice.

“she says you’re too old”

You don’t have enough game.

“will a red pill guy change”

You can probably beta him up if you try enough.  Get #BackToTheKitchen, suck his dick good, and he just might commit.

“the fear of regret wordpress”

^ That is how Holly found my blog.

“why satan want people to watch garbage on television”

Satan encourages booze, hookers, and cocaine.  Not garbage reality TV.

“how to take her on an emotional roller coaster?”

You could try punching her in the face, Chris Brown-style.

“this text exchange is hilarious”


“girls don’t know how to orgasm”

Who cares?

“are blowjobs healthy for women”

Infinitely more so than pizza.

“athlets prefer anal when dating groupies”

Probably.  Less worry about children, though plenty of athletes seem to give no regard to  the number of illegitimate kiddos their father.

“letters about fucking your sister”

“girly kiddo fucks cock”

“hot sex story of rubbing penis at the back of teen inside ferry”

“black cock tonic speed fuck white wife”

“college women sex with dog only”

“if a man fucks a dog and cum in side can the dog get pregnant”

Is my blog this bad?!

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