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Goals For A 22 Year Old

I turned an ancient 22 years old this past Wednesday.  It wasn’t too much off a normal day.  I went to work, then went out with some of the boys from work for beers and pizza.  Overall, it has been an awesome week.  Girl(s) took me out on Tuesday, Thursday, and I have two more celebrations tomorrow (I think I’m going paddleboarding — she wants to surprise me!), and Sunday.  For whatever reason though, this birthday felt different than past ones.  22 is not a big cool number.  It’s not 16, 18, 20, or 21.  It’s just…another day, really.

I’m out at a bar getting drinks with this girl Thursday, and she remarks, “Wow, you really have things together for a 22-year-old.

For whatever reason, this was like a train hitting me head on at high speeds.   The thing is, I hear things like this a lot.  I graduated college early and landed a great job.  I have a nice place, a nice car.  I date a lot of pretty girls.  I very much live the lifestyle of an up-and-coming hotshot bachelor.  And I love it, obviously.  I live very comfortably.  The reason this hit me though was because for the last year it’s been, “Wow, you really have things together for a 21year-old”.

Her comment hit home.  It made me doubt.  What am I aiming for in life?  I’ve always been so far ahead of people my age.  More successful, more driven, more in shape…you name it.  However, I always want something more…it never ends.  When I was in school, I always wanted a shiny new bike.  I got them.  I hardly ride these days with my work schedule. When I graduated, I wanted a new car.  So I went and bought a shiny, beautiful dark grey Mustang with blacked out rims and a ridiculous amount of horsepower and handing (GT500 track pack, baby!).  Now though, the speed and beauty of that car has worn off, and I want a Ferrari.  I’m about to move into my own apartment in one of the nicest areas in the entire country.  After a few months though, that won’t be such a big deal.  I drive by beautiful, $5 million beachfront homes all the time; I aspire to own one of those one day.  I used to say I’d love to date one pretty girl and settle down with her.  These days, I’m not content unless I’m dating three pretty girls.

However, I suspect even driving a Ferrari up to my infinity-pool-overlooking-ocean-cliffs mansion would loose its appeal eventually.  Then I would need a private island with a Ferrari and an Aston Martin.  With 5 supermodel girlfriends that would all want to hang out and have sex with me all day.  See, it never ends!  Look at these ridiculous schemes in my head.  However, anything I’ve ever set my mind to, I’ve gotten…so I would probably get most of that one day (the 5 supermodels might be pushing it).

Where does it end…?

Back to the girl’s comment.  What am I chasing?  Another career/life accomplishment that I can relish and then move on to continuing to hunt for the next challenge?

Why do I labor in my desk with millions of monitors surrounding my panoramic vision?  So I can do these cool status things, which provide only temporary bliss.  So then, what do I live for?  Love?  I’m not positive it exists.  I’m hesitant to bring a child into this world.  I think what I need to do is spend some time by myself traveling and setting some life goals.  While I feel old, 22 isn’t in the grand scheme of things.  I could live anywhere in the world doing almost anything I want by the time I’m 30…so here’s the goals.  These goals are to help me figure out what I want; in hopes that I will find satisfaction in my life from not chasing things I’m told I should want.  These goals are to set me on a path as a man to fulfilling, and taking, whatever the hell I want in life.

Within the next 3 years…

  • Get the opportunity to move overseas.  One of my supervisors is about to take over a management position in London.  I want to go there and work with him.  This would give me the opportunity to live in an English-speaking country while exploring tons of other countries.  I could take a train for $60 every other weekend to a new place.  This would let me explore where I might want to put some roots down long-term.  I will never be happy working in the US and having as much of my paycheck go to worthless causes as it does now.  Yes, some European countries have taxes.  They also have a workable public transit system and healthcare (though it may honestly may suck, I don’t know).  Right now I chuck probably $20k-30k to the government a year in taxes and there’s nothing to show for it as far as I can see (besides crappy maintained roads with no bike lanes that F250’s like to plow into me when I’m going 35 mph.  Another time…)
  • Grow my own business/brand.  I have tons of skills.  Sales.  Computers.  Web/UI design.  Writing (right? right? anyone out there?).  I want a passive income on the side where I can have all my life at my beck and call.
  • Invest.  Something.  I haven’t saved much money besides my 401k.  Granted, I’m way ahead of most people.  I want to invest in something that will give me passive income BEFORE retirement though.
  • …MAYBE, just maybe, give love a shot.  I have one girl now who is sweet and feminine and I enjoy her company.  She makes me want to consider a long-term relationship.  There are other circumstances that will likely prevent that with this one…but maybe I need to give it a shot.

My first words as a 22 year old.  We’ll see where I am in a year.

Note: this was edited for hyperlink additions on 4/22/2015.

Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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the real olive - July 19, 2013

MOVE OVERSEAS. Fucking do it. I want to, and will if/when I can afford to. Then again, they’re not giving out dual citizenships these days..
And I think love exists, but it’s insanely rare. I mean, you can “fall” for anybody, but to stick around and be willing to actually build a life with someone, you have to be committed to them even when that wears off. I think it’s a mindset in addition to the initial attraction level.

Why am I compelled to write fucking full books on each one of your posts?! I swear, I’ll stop.

Trouble.Maker - July 19, 2013

No, don’t! I like your comments. And your blog. I’m *sorry* I write so much and make you angry 😉

I’ve never even been to Europe but my goodness, the girls there are so much prettier than in America…

    the real olive - July 19, 2013

    Haha oh good. I like my blog and my comments too 🙂 I’m super narcissistic, but I try to display a modicum of humility most of the time.

    And I dunno, I see a lot of hot girls around here…none with brains, but then, that’s everywhere. You can’t have everything.

      Trouble.Maker - July 20, 2013

      Stone isn’t that far from you? Where do you live? Maybe you can be GF #3 😉

the real olive - July 20, 2013

Well when I say “not far,” I mean I could easily get there. I’d still have to plan a short trip though.
And I thought you only date super hot girls!? For all you know, I could be hideously ugly. 😛

    Trouble.Maker - July 20, 2013

    Very nice! There’s a lot of good breweries in this area. I think it’s got the second most in the US now.

    Very true. I uploaded a photo of a girl and I to FB today (typically against my rules :P) and of course my dear sister shows my mom. Who tells me, “She’s pretty!,” my response: “well, duh, I only date pretty girls mom.”

    You ARE the girl in your profile pic, right? 😉

      the real olive - July 20, 2013

      Nope, that’s Emma Stone from the movie Easy A. It’s where my username came from. Also, I’m kinda in love with her. I didn’t put my personal information on here, because a lot of my stories are about people from my hometown, and I don’t need anyone else pissed at me.

      I did use the outfit in the picture as a model for my Halloween costume last year, my coloring is similar to hers in that picture, and I’m NOT hideous.
      But I wouldn’t say I’m super hot either. Probably more along the lines of “average looks + brains.” Depends on who you ask I suppose.

      And posting stuff on FB is dangerous! That girl’s gonna assume all kinds of shit haha…good luck!


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