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Give Her Plausible Deniability to Be the Slut She Is



Let’s say you’ve got a beautiful girl you’re on a date with, 1on1. Alternatively, you just met her at the bar – but she’s with half a dozen of her mother hen girlfriends.

In both situations, you need to give her plausible deniability. A reason to have sex with you – but that reason can’t be sex.


No matter if you are, because it’s rare that a seduction ever follows a perfectly logical order. In reality, it’s more of a zig-zagging maze. A puzzle you must piece together. To give her plausible deniability is to give her a reason to have sex with you, but while removing all of the guilt of doing so. While men don’t usually feel guilty for having sex, it’s not the case with women. They very much feel guilt, shame, and more. It’s akin to watching porn for men – you know the feeling after wanking it to increasingly disturbing levels of porn?

(You shouldn’t watch porn but that’s another discussion for another place.)

You feel ashamed of yourself – you’ll think that you’re better than that. Well, it’s the same for women if you don’t give her plausible deniability to have sex with you.


Frankly, it can be anything.

As long as it’s not sex. You cannot utter that word.

Have you ever pulled a girl from a club by saying, “Come home with me so we can have animalistic sex all night?”

Sure, it has it’s time and place, but generally speaking, it’s too overt. The majority of the time, you’re going to crash and burn with a line like that – especially if you’re not experience and know how to calibrate a situation personally.

I’ve used that line and had success, and I’ve also had a drink thrown on me.

So plausible deniability is your way, as a man, to make her feel better about herself. To give her a reason to go back to your place, not for sex, but for something. Then, as the hamster flies, sex can “just happen”. All of a sudden, the story she tells her girlfriends the next day goes from…

Her: “He asked if I wanted to go home and have sex with him…and I did, but I was drunk and now I feel like a huge slut.”

Friend (gloating to herself): “Oh no girl you’re not a slut…it happens to all of us.” (Continues cackling to herself, knowing that her friend is sluttier than her.)

If you give her plausible deniability, that script flips…

Her: “We had a great time at the wine bar, and we went back to his place so he could show me the photos he took of that amazing church in Barcelona! It was beautiful. We had some more wine and he played guitar for me…and it just kinda happened!”

Her friend: Is now jealous.

Sure, it sounds like a cheesy Hollywood story, but while women don’t want the nice guys that Hollywood movies claim – they do want the “story” behind it to tell their friends – this is provided that she respects the man enough. 

Can you sacrifice your masculinity to do cheesy shit like play songs for girls on guitar?


You still have to be a strong man, but you can use a bit of cheesiness as a way to give her plausible deniability. That way she ends up with a great story to tell her friends, gets fucked good, and has a man she respects.

And you get laid.

Everybody wins.


Here are some of the ways to give her plausible deniability to come home with you.

Also read: “Bait”.


This is my favorite, but I’m obviously a little biased. Here is a video of exactly how to pull it off:


Girls love a well-traveled man. Assuming you’re on a date with her, it’s inevitable that travel will come up (if either or both of you have seen the world a bit). So pitch her on showing a cool souvenir you acquired, or a picture with a great white shark you ran into while snorkeling – whatever it takes. It’s not so much the “thing” itself – but more about how you present it.


There is one catch to this: you almost have to explicitly say that you won’t have sex, or that there is simply no pressure.

If she tests you with a, “What, you want to go back and have a drink and you can try to have sex with me?”, then smash that thing out of the park.

“I’m not that easy.”

“You have to buy me dinner before I sleep with you!”

“Yes, I’m also going to chop your body into little pieces and BBQ you tomorrow.”

Use caution with the last one 😉

(I have used it and fucked the girl.)

Excitement turns them on.


I don’t smoke myself, but man – I’ve seen a ton of guys use this to great effect. At the end of the night, a lot of girls just want to chill out and relax. Weed is a way of doing it.


Again, it’s not about what you say.

It’s that you give her a reason.

Give her that plausible deniability so you can both have a fun night.


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    1. Attitude is everything. You have to convey a sense of “I really don’t give a fuck if you come back to my place or not”.

  1. I liked this article quite a lot. Although it is just basic of game and I have read articles like this before, I like your how you explained it with stories from your own past experience, it is much more credible than yet another game theory blog article (even when written by experienced gamer).

    I like your lines, although I doubt I will ever use them. When I was still trying to play the game I preferred to just improvise and be in the moment. When I tried to used ready lines I failed every single time. I could not even reuse my own lines that worked great for me before. It just wasn’t natural and I think women can feel that somehow. I think lines do no matter as much, because even stupid line like “how to pick your up?” worked great for me when I was every confident.

    1. I don’t use canned lines. Almost all of these are just based off of agreeing and amplifying shit to absurd proportions. All of these were pretty much created on the spot in some way or another.

      But, you have to be calibrated properly. I’m ridiculously sarcastic and dark, so it helps.

  2. Give her plausible deniability. Man this is so key. I remember when I started going out and knowing girls wanted to sleep with me but then wondered why the hell they were making it so damn hard lol. Knowing the dynamics of how society perceive women really helped. Give them the chance to have a disclaimer and the interaction flows so much more easily.

      1. I think of this more in terms of basic salesmanship. You have to give them a reason to buy what you’re selling, especially if it’s something they “shouldn’t” buy — hence the plausible deniability. Get them into that state where they say fuck it and go with their id to make that “impulse purchase”.

  3. I’ve beaten this one to death but 1. buy a motorcycle, 2. tell her you should go for a ride but you have to stop by to pick up an extra helmet at your house. Safety first. Buying a bikes easier than learning how to play guitar. More fun too.

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