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All Girl Vegas Trips is Pathetic Attention Whoring



I’ll be the first to tell you, living in Southern California means the girls are pretty and everyone is as shallow as all hell..  For proof of that, you need to look no further than this.  As I’ve mentioned here and here, the amount of validation that good-looking females in society today is overwhelming.  It makes every guys life harder than it needs to be.  So naturally, what’s next?  Planned All Girl Vegas Trips where the attention whoring, getting-guys-to-buy-you-drinks-then-shooting-them-down will reach all new levels.

Now, for a nominal fee of $60, girls get to pack the buses full and have, “the time of their life.”  $60 for VIP service everywhere and to drink for free?  Yeah, sounds like a sweet deal to me.  From the FAQ page:

(Q) How is this trip FREE for me?

(A) It’s quite simple! The Clubs, hotels and pool parties we work with want to have good looking girls at their events and their (Editor: I’m glad these promoters can differentiate ‘their’ and ‘there’) is a WOW effect when 50 girls walk into a casino or nightclub as a group. All of our trips are paid for by Las Vegas Hotels and Management groups. The expense for this current trip including transportation, accommodations, selected meals, VIP bottle service, and drinks is being paid for by Tao Management group.

I’m sure there is a WOW effect.  It wow’d me.  This is the perfect example of everything that is wrong in society.  Why does this business model work?  Well, because when guys see fifty girls in line they think, “Hey, this will be the one place that isn’t a sausage fest, let’s go!”

Next, they proceed to drop $75 to get in the club.

Note, this doesn’t include any drinks, this just gives the PRIVILEGE to buy drinks. Next, they buy three drinks at $15/pop, which puts their total for the night up to $120.  On top of that, that’s probably a low estimate of a drink tab for a high-end Vegas club. That’s double what the girls paid for the entire trip and accommodations.  With a few hundred chumps in the room, it’s only a matter of time before the clubs have broke even on their initial “girl” investment and are raking in the dough.

Every guy dropping more cash on getting these girls drunk is wasting his time, too. They have “chaperones” for these trips, and I highly doubt the chaperones let them run off and sleep with boys.  They have to be good little chaste girls while on their trip so as to not give the clubs funding them too much grief.

Last time I was in Vegas in March, I had the time of my life. The best part? My entire tab for the weekend at clubs was less than $50.  That was for three nights of partying, and I was wasted off my ass; making out with 36-year-olds *shudder*. The strategy I employed was to find a group of good looking girls in line or on the street.  I’d talk to them, flirt with them, then when we got to the front of the line, and my buddy and I had 5 girls with us, they were happy to let us in for free. Then, I’d con the girls into giving me their free drink cards (I mean, do girls pay for anything in Vegas?  Really?).  Guys, please stop funding all girls Vegas trips.

Just a few laughs on the application to apply to go on these trips. My comments are bolded.

  1. I understand the trip costs $60 & will pay it once I am accepted. (Yep, $60 for a ride to Vegas, unlimited drinks, food, and a full weekend of endless ego stroking…sounds like a deal to me.)
  2. I understand that I can pay for my own flight to/from Las Vegas if I don’t want to take the bus, but will notify SFiNX. (OMG but that would be five less hours to bond in the bus with their new BFFs!!!!)
  3. I understand that rides home from the nightclubs each night may/may not be included and usually costs $7 for a taxi. (Silly promoters.  You don’t think your gorgeous girls canconvince some guy to pay for their cab?  Silly.)
  4. I understand that the appetizers each night and at the pools are just that & not full meals. (Well, you want your girls staying slim in their bikinis right?  Plus if they don’t eat they get drunk faster and spend more money (or, guys spend more money).  Come on, I should be running these things…)
  5. I understand that EVERY girl has to apply for this trip individually, even if I put there name down as a preferred roommate. (Well of course.  We wouldn’t want ugly girls going on this trip now would we?)
  6. I confirm that I am 21yrs or older by May 31st, 2013. (But if you have a fake and are an 8+, we welcome it anyway.)
  7. I agree to drink responsibly & avoid over intoxication. (Ahuh.  Sure.  I’m sure all 60 of them are perfect angels on these trips.)
  8. I am ready to have the time of my life!!! (OMG SO TOTALLY READY!!!)

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  1. I have never gone to any establishment that boasts “ladies’ night.” Nothing attracts hordes of horny sausage with dreams of women dancing in their beds like “ladies’ night.”

    But this is a new beast to me, I had no idea these trips existed.

  2. Agreed. This is a whole new ballgame. This is a group of 50+ girls with the full intention of extracting as much money from slobbering puppy dog men. It’s a sad mix of brilliant business planning, and the perfect example of the sexual trump card young, attractive women have. Especially in places like Vegas.

    Try going EARLY to ladies nights. Usually the hordes don’t show up until later in the night. Granted, if you are looking for a one night stand this makes it impossible, but if you’re willing to take numbers and try to fight through the flakiness, you might have better lucky in the early hours of ladies night.

  3. Wow, your assumptions are hilarious. Want to know what happens? Board a bus, check in a few hours later at the hotel, chill or explore LV, meet up and have a few drinks (or not) before heading to dinner, then go to the club where the girls have their own area and bottles, dance for a couple of hours, then maybe they hear about an after party that they can go to if they want but they don’t have to, so they’ll either explore LV or go sleep or party on with friends or a new partner (yep sex is allowed! They’re grown women with their own hotel rooms!), then repeat the next day, usually with a day party and a long break in the afternoon to explore LV more or sleep, whatever. There is no need to mooch off of guys because the women are taken care of at their own tables. So maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. What’s really sad is that guys still think they can buy women drinks and get something sexual out of it. Or that you think the guys are victims. Who has to buy a woman a drink to get attention? Do they need to get women drunk? Are they rapists? Nobody is forcing them to spend money on someone else. It’s called free will. If they want to throw their money at complete strangers, it sounds like they have little financial sense.

    1. And the point you’re trying to make here is…? Because it has NOTHING to do with the points I brought up in the article.

      Keep spinning that hamster wheel faster sweetheart.

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