Go Get More Dates #6

Hey hey, welcome to lesson 6!

In this final lesson, I’m going to answer the most common questions that people ask me about how to get more dates..

  1. Am I going for the number soon enough?
  2. Am I going for the date soon enough?
  3. What’s the smoothest way to get her number from a dating app/site?
  4. What’s the best way to pitch a date?
  5. How do I handle the logistics of planning the date itself?

I’m going to answer all these. Then, at the end, I have a little surprise. So be sure to read through the end to catch it.

Question #1: Am I going for the number soon enough?

There is an old-age way of thinking about Game: you don’t need Game as long as she is complying.

Basically, your job as a man is to lead her down the path of what you want. Ultimately, it’s probably to end up tangled in the sheets together, but that’s beyond the scope of this class.

The mission is just to get her out.

As long as she is complying along the this road, there is no need to deviate. Sure, she is going to try to throw you off the road with little tests – but that’s okay. You just steer back on to the road.

Basically, if you use the test I showed in lesson #5 – you can ask for the number right after that. It can EASILY be within swapping 10 messages (5 each).

Question #2: Am I going for the date soon enough?

The answer: probably not.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been out with girls, and I’ve often asked, “So…I’m a stranger from the internet. What made you want to meet me?”

75% of the time they respond back with: “Because you didn’t hesitate and just asked me out with confidence.”

Believe it or not, probably 9/10 guys just doesn’t EVEN ASK girls out.

And it’s over text! It’s not as bad as it used to be when you had to pick up the phone and call her. I’m old enough to remember those days…

Just asking puts you so far ahead of most guys. Ask quickly and with confidence and you will be rewarded.

Question #3: How do I get her number?

It’s very easy.

After you have your system of place of your interests, she takes your tests, you just qualify her and ask in the same sentence.

“So you like football and beer too. Helloooo soul mate! Let’s get drinks. What’s your number?”

Yeah, it really is that simple (see #2).

Question #4: What’s the best way to pitch a date?


Question #5: How do I handle the logistics of the date itself?

It’s best we tackle both of these at once.

First off, if you got her number – it’s a good time to try to set up a date, too.

Always keep momentum going. If she takes 5 minutes to text back, don’t play the silly game where you wait 5 hours.

Strike while the iron is hot. If she gave you her number, guess what – she’s going to be open to the idea of meeting you. But again, you must ask.

So, you got her number as I showed above.

Text her, and use some callback humor. “Hey hipster girl who likes wine, sneakers, and dresses.”

Whatever it is. Doesn’t matter.

She’ll respond, and within a couple of messages, all you have to say is…

“So my favorite hipster/nerdy/blahblah girl, when’s good for that drink?”

Don’t just pitch a random date and time out of the blue. People have lives.

She’ll give you an idea of her schedule. Let’s say she says she’s free Wednesday and Friday.

Here is how you handle the logistics: you just do.

Now, it is worth noting…if you live in a gigantic city like Los Angeles, you probably want to get an idea of where she’s living. You don’t want to be pitching a date by the beach if she lives 30 miles away in the suburbia mountains.

But this won’t apply for most. So:

“Great, Wednesday is good for me too. Let’s do 8pm at ABC Bar.”

Alternative; if you feel more comfortable with a question than a statement.

“Perfect. Wednesday, 8pm at ABC Bar?”

ABC Bar should, of course, be a place relatively close to you and one that you are familiar with.

90% of the time she’s just going to say yes to that because YOU WERE A MAN.

You led her down the road, you asked for her number, got her schedule, and you proposed a date that she really has no reason to say no.

You asked her out, you made a plan.

That puts you so far ahead of most men that it’s laughable.

Now you can enjoy the fruits of having a system that WORKS and gets you a steady stream of dates.

This concludes the Go Get More Dates class.

It was fun!

If you enjoyed this crash course and are ready to get serious…

If you’re ready to take it to the next level, I’ve got the system to help.

It’s called Go Date Online.

Find out more here.

-Kyle Trouble

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