Go Get More Dates #5

In lesson 5, I’m going to show you two case studies of people who crushed it using the tip I gave you in lesson 4.

If they can do it, so can you!

Check it out…


Quick review of the strategy:

What are 5 things in life you are PASSIONATE about? With those lists of 5 things, think about how they relate to girls.

Item #1: Write out some comparisons to the things you’re passionate about, which you did yesterday. (i.e. if you wrote that you like cars, what’s the opposite “test” to ask her? For example: bikes, planes, boats, etc.).

Item #2: Use the template above to write out your first “qualifying” or “disqualifying” message based on her answers.

Today I thought I’d send an example along of this in action. In the profile my student was using, he has (in emojis):

Pizza or sushi

Wine or beer

Dogs or cats

Now, while I did have you come up with 5 things – I’d recommend using 3 at most times. But, I had you brainstorm 5 so you could have some flexibility.

You might find that girls overwhelmingly respond most positively to certain ones.

Now, this interaction is LONG (remember Lesson #3 – that example was much faster). Longer than I’d usually recommend before going for a number to set up a date.

But…look at how well she is complying.

While this example was taken with a student I was coaching in Poland, it’s a great example of how FUN the game can be when it’s played right.

Could you do the same?


Now it’s your turn.
Fire up your online dating app of voice. Put some emojis in your profile.

Take special note to make sure that you have girls QUALIFY themselves to YOU. Make it fun!

Quit procrastinating. Set a timer and execute.


Now, I won’t lie. There is more to this than just plugging some emojis in and running with it.

Once you’ve implemented this, there are still questions like…

  1. Am I going for the number/date soon enough?
  2. What’s the smoothest way to ask for a number? Do I ask for it or make a statement?
  3. How do I then transition this to really getting her out on a date?

If you want those answers, the next lesson (tomorrow) will help you. I’ll be answering several popular questions about how to make the transition and meet in-person.

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