Go Get More Dates #2

This is the second lesson of the Go Get More Dates class.

Today, I’m going to show you the next important step you should take to improve your dating life.

You’ll also learn my biggest mistake and how it changed my life.

Let’s jump in.
When I was a wee lad of just 20 years old, I’d just broken up with my girlfriend. I was destroyed, emotionally.

Six months or so later, I finally got back on the bandwagon with a pretty girl who was on my triathlon team. Her name was Savannah.

On our third date, Savannah was back at my apartment. I cooked my great-grandmother’s famous spaghetti sauce.

I thought I was finally going to get the wrenched virgin-monkey off my back.

Then, as we were making out on my bed, she uttered something that changed my life:

“We aren’t going to have sex tonight.”

I was bummed, but whatever. I could wait! I’d waited this long a bit longer

I said “Okay”, and never even tried.

I never saw her again.

There was a reason for that – my strategy with girls. Let’s take a look at this great diagram I drew outlining my strategy model.

I hated myself because I didn’t have any power.

Everything I did predicated on asking her instead of DOING what I WANTED.

Let me ask you a question…

Would you rather have given it your all and failed, or never fail because you never tried?

Yesterday, I gave you a couple to-do items:

  1. Spend at least 15 minutes brainstorming what you want out of your dating life now.
  2. Think about WHY you want this and what your ***1 goal*** should be to achieve this.
If you didn’t do this, do it NOW.

I’ll wait on you.



How to get there.


Now you’re crystal clear. You know what you want.

  • “To get more dates”
  • “To have more choices of the girls I date, and ultimately, perhaps up in a relationship with”
  • “To live the playboy lifestyle that I’ve always envisioned”
  • “To have the FREEDOM to not feel chained to one person because I can’t get another”

Big question now is…

How can you achieve the goal you’ve just set? (Whatever it may be).

I remember a huge turning point for me was when a mentor of mine said this to me:

“If you could see yourself the way others see you, you would be amazed.”

It stuck with me, because I realized my own vision of myself was far more critical than any random girl’s would be.

The exact same thing is true for YOU, too.

My biggest mistake was not looking at myself in a BETTER way.

My own lack of self-confidence meant I didn’t even have the balls to TRY.

But, guess what – trying is ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS better than not trying at all.

I don’t regret going up to a girl in a Vegas club and making out with her within 10 seconds of meeting, even though she wouldn’t come home with me.

I don’t regret meeting a smokeshow at a bath party in Eastern Europe and fingering her in the pool.

Those things were BALLSY but I felt good about trying.

I do regret the beautiful girl who I sat next to in a coffee shop for 30 minutes, but never said “hi”.

I do regret chickening out of approaches in clubs because I thought a girl was “too hot”.

I never regret trying though. Never.

Your job is to stop avoiding TRYING.

Because most guys don’t. They’ll text girls on Tinder for hours, but not actually ask for her number. Or they’ll swap texts for weeks, but he’ll never ask her out on a date.

The biggest fatal mistake you can make with game is not showing up.

You can’t win if you don’t even make it out of the clubhouse and on to the field.

You cannot do if first you cannot try.

Okay, here’s your action items for today:

  1. Think about one time you did something really BALLSY…and how you felt after. It can be anything – skydiving, rock climbing, etc. Doesn’t have to relate to girls. Write it down.
  2. Write about the one girl you regret not going after. We all have one. How do you feel when you think of her? Write it down.


In the next lesson, I’ll show some texting interactions from guys realized that trying with girls is how you ultimately win the game.

Chat soon.

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