Go Get More Dates #1

In this first lesson I’m going to help you get an INCREDIBLY clear picture on the exact reason WHY you want to improve the technology aspect of your dating. Then…at the end, I’ve got a small challenge for you.


Hey there!

Most people understand that the dating game has changed in recent years, but they don’t understand why. They try every different strategy imaginable from every different blog or podcast they hear.

This is dumb.

There is something WAY more important than any kind of tool or strategy you can use.

The thing you MUST be clear on is…”THERE IS ONE GOAL.”

When you’re texting a girl, what is the ONE GOAL you always are working towards?

WHY are you texting her, or messaging her on online dating?

Every guy who is single wants more dates.

There are so many resources out there on how to do this, but no matter how many different things we read, it almost seems impossible to get enough momentum to fill your calendar with dates.

1 phone number a week from bars.

1 phone number from Tinder a week.

A month later…you have a total of 8 phone numbers.

3 of them never respond to your first text after you meet them in the bar.

3 of the Tinder girls go cold on you without warning.

1 girl’s dog dies the day you’re supposed to meet and you never do.

1 left.


Despite that frustration, you persevere. You fight through it. Live to fight another week of the grind.

Even with as much sand as you must wade through in today’s dating world, there are plenty of dudes who break through and have smashing success with girls.

Those people though…they answered that one question.


Take me, for example. I’m 26 years old. Grew up in suburbia, California, USA. And until I was 22, I had NO CLUE how to get girls on dates…

…much less KISS them…

…or go any further…

I’d spent years struggling with it.

  • Nights out until 3am, where I’d return home elated with a half-dozen phone numbers, only none would respond.
  • Days trudging around the mall looking for girls to talk to.
  • Hours spent on online dating, copy-pasting messages, and then moving them to texting and trying to get them to meet up with me for one measly drink.

On. And on. And on…

But I knew people were having success. I saw it with some of my own friends. That’s when I discovered what was SO WRONG about my approach.

These friends…never took their eyes off the prize.

No, not the girl.

(Side note: don’t ever make the girl a prize, you’ll lose her fast)

They had the focus of getting the girl out with them, 1-on-1.

Nothing more, nothing less.

I decided I could do the same thing. And I did. My sole mission became to get girls on a date with me where I could try to charm them.

If they weren’t on board with that, I deleted them from my life.

Over time, I refined this and built a framework that can be used by anyone. If you want to stop losing girls over technology, get more dates, and just be…happier…

This course will start you down the path of doing just that.

But first…

Your homework for today is to identify your mission?

Without a clearly defined mission a man will get lost along the way. That I promise.

What is your WHAT?

Do you want a girlfriend?

Do you want to play the field?

Do you just want to get some more practice on dates?

What is your WHY?

Do you want a girlfriend so you can be happier and focus on other pursuits like fitness or business?

Do you want to play the field because you feel like you haven’t gotten that out of your system?

Listen, it is HARD to define these things.

Your assignment today is to figure out your 1 GOAL to work towards.

This will help you figure out what you should say to girls over text or online dating.

It’ll teach you to screen for the goals that you want.

  1. Spend at least 15 minutes brainstorming what you want out of your dating life now.
  2. Think about WHY you want this and what your ***1 goal*** should be to achieve this.
  3. (Optional) Hit reply to this email and tell me both of these.


In the next lesson, I’ll show some of the mistakes often made by guys when it comes to communicating with girls.

See you tomorrow!

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