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Getting The First Date Bang: Volume I, The Setup

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When I was going on a lot of dates, I got first dates down to a science.  I decided to break down the entire strategy into three separate posts:

Volume I: The Setup & Logistics

  • Setting The Date
  • Venue Selection
  • Prep Your Pad
  • “Seed” Something

Volume II: The Public Date

  • The Intro
  • Kino
  • Paying
  • Planting Seeds
  • Bouncing

Volume III: The Grand Finale

  • Transportation
  • Make Her Comfortable
  • DHV’ing Your Planted Seeds
  • Learn To Mix (Drinks)
  • Seal The Deal
  • Damage Control

Over time, my routine become just that to me, a routine.  It was borderline monotonous, as if I was driving to work, going to work, and driving home.  Granted, tearing apart new pussy would be a job any real man would jump at.  This is the work that is fun.  The better prepared you are, the more at-ease you will be, hence, your dates will run more successfully.  Not only will you have more fun, but you’ll notice that your conversion rate will skyrocket as well.  Once you’ve got a system down, it doesn’t always pay to take risks.

With that being said, I present to you:

Getting The First Date Bang

Volume I, The Setup & Logistics

Volume I contains NOTHING in regards to actually being on the date with a girl or getting your dick wet.  This post is designed to completely get you setup for your upcoming fornication.  I know some of it seems silly, and a lot of work, but if you’re not willing to work hard, you shouldn’t be here anyway, you pussy.

If that’s the case, have fun getting your dick wet fucking 3’s and 4’s.

Setting The Date

Go back to Game 101 if you need help with this.  If you’re reading this guide, chances are you should be pretty good at actually getting girls out on dates at this point.  If you need review, though, the most important thing is this:

Take control and lead the interaction.

Once you figure out her schedule (and you’ll have to ask, she’ll rarely come out and say it), set a time, and then move on to…

Venue Selection

A good venue is:

  • Close to your place, as in 10-15 minutes MAX.  Or…if your game is really tight, close to her place.  If you go to her place though, you must screen for roommates and living situation.  I’d highly recommend your place over hers.
  • Seductive lighting.  It doesn’t have to be dark like a club, but it shouldn’t be lit up like a commercial restaurant
  • Not too loud
  • Not too quiet
  • Preferably cheap
  • Most importantly, a place that you feel comfortable at

A very good venue is:

  • A place that has craft beers (my opinion)
  • A place that only accepts cash so you’re not tempted to be lazy and not hit up the ATM
  • Walking distance to your place
  • A place that offers pre-selection to you, as in you know the bartender, owner, etc.

A bad venue is:

  • Somewhere you’ve never been
  • Expensive
  • Somewhere there’s no “seduction” vibe
  • Somewhere that doesn’t have a great selection of drinks – lots of girls don’t drink beer

Prep Your Pad

First off, I’d highly recommend you get your own place.  Nothing kills a seduction faster than bringing a girl home only to have your roommate be half naked on the couch with a half-eaten pizza box sprawled across the coffee table.  I live by myself with no roommates, and haven’t had that issue in a while.  If you have roommates, the best advice I can give is to make sure they’re cool and that they SCRAM the fuck out of there when you bring some fine piece of ass home with you.

Assuming you don’t have roommates, there are five steps I always take towards making sure my place is ready for girls to come over.

1) Make Your Bed.  This should go without saying.  I make my bed as a habit every day.

2) Generally Clean.  Goes hand in hand with #1.  It doesn’t have to be spotless, a little messy won’t hurt you at all.  Dirty clothes should be picked off the floor though.  It should smell pleasant.  The bathroom shouldn’t have your pubes scattered all over the toilet, shower, and sink.  In a nutshell, it shouldn’t look like a frat house where 30 dudes live.

3) Liquor Cabinet, Stocked.  Always have “girl-friendly” liquors on hand.  Vodka, tequila, wine, etc.

4) Music Setup.  As I’ve discussed before, I play guitar.  This means I have my main guitar that I actually play conveniently located…where do you think?  The bedroom.

My Bluetooth speaker is charged and ready to go in the living room.  All I have to do is press the power button and hit play on my phone and we’re ready to rock.

5) Condoms Stocked.  Actually, fuck that, go raw.  Kidding.  Stock up, kid.

“Seed” Something

This is part of prepping your pad, but deserves it’s own section.

Of course, because you read my blog, you’ve developed yourself into an interesting man, with cool hobbies and stories to tell.  This means that you have cool things you just have to show off.  Make sure that they’re in optimal position.  Like I said, I use my guitar.  If you do not have musical talents though, many other things work fine.  Other things I could use, personally, would be my triathlon medals, my mountain biking videos, or the bike frame that is hanging on my wall (which was totaled after an F-250 smashed into it while I was going 40mph…that’s a story for another time, though).

Other random ideas:

  • Cool gifts or trinkets you’ve been given.  I have a “Hangover Cure” book I leave lying around.
  • Pictures of you traveling
  • Wii Sports…aka foreplay

On the date, you’ll learn how to plant that seed so that you have plausible reason for her to come back to your place.  Stay tuned for Getting The First Date Bang: Volume II, The Public Date.

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    1. playing Wii tennis or anything like that gets the endorphins going. Plus girls love it.

      You: “Let’s go play Wii Sports!”
      Her: “Okay!”

      I actually don’t have a Wii myself but I’ve had friends that used it to great success. I had one roommate who had a Wii and I DID use it to my advantage.

      Another underrated idea: a nerf basketball hoop. Strip H-O-R-S-E is a blast.

    1. I thought it was but when I found it I had used the term “dark hair blue eyes girl”.

      Either way, I think she hit the wall if recent memory serves me right, at least compared to this pic.

      What do you seed at your pad?

      1. My dog is a good seed. Mention it on the date and tell a quick story show a picture and she wants to meet it.

        Sometimes I’ll bust on her later and say “it’s too bad this isn’t working out, (dog’s name) really wanted to meet you”.

        Dog game is really a thing of its own, though.

        I’ve seeded special liquor “my friend makes his own wine and just dropped off a bottle, it’s better than that donkeypiss you just ordered”

        or unique things about my place “my couch is so soft that your ass will sink in three feet when you sit down”

        the Guitar is a hall of fame seed though. wish I still played.

      2. Guitar is also the ultimate LMR-neutralizer.

        You oughta do a post on dog game, I’d be interested as to what you’ve got. My friend has an adorable basset I’ve borrowed once or twice.

  1. Quality stuff man. Hey, I actually just moved to San Diego, living in the East Village and having a terrible time finding girls, although for that I usually go to PB. Any tips for a fellow Alpha Male who’s new to SD?

    1. Downtown on Saturdays is good. Wednesday hit up Incahoots in Mission Valley. Other days are usually predominantly male packed. Hence the “Man Diego” name.

      Shoot me an email if you want to grab a drink.

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