Last updated: August 17, 2015

Getting Stood Up



“Let’s do 10 at XYZ Wine Bar tonight.”

“Sounds good!”

Those were the texts exchanged at about 3:00pm that afternoon, just hours before I got legitimately stood up for the first time…ever. Rolled to the bar at 9:45. Chatted with the bartenders who are my wingmen because I have the place locked down after two weeks. They poured two lemon drop shots – one for me, one for my mythical date. No charge. Nice gesture. This is at a wine bar. I sip on a beer until ten.


10:10 rolls around. I text her that I’m in the corner with a blazer. My gut already tells me though that she won’t be coming.




The bartender takes the second shot with me and pours me two more. My usual rule is if she’s 15 minutes late without letting me know, fuck her. I’ll wait 30 minutes if she lets me know – and if that’s the case, she’s buying the first round.

10:30 – drink last shot.



It happens. Joke’s on her – I’d banged an 18 year old twice just an hour before. Balls empty. No fucks given. But, I have to say – this is 2015. It’s not like you have to actually pick up the phone and tell someone that you’re not showing up. Sending a text message takes ten seconds and zero effort.

With that being said (and I promise I’m not actually bitter about it!), it takes a true level of cunt-ish-ness to truly stand somebody up in this day and age. And no, she didn’t die or anything of the sort. Also wasn’t a case where she was driving far and was too tired (remember, girls always drive to you) – she lived less than five miles from me and the bar I chose. I saw her active online the next day. I’m trying to convince a friend to message her, set up a date, and then I’ll show up. It’d be damn hilarious. But that’s time. That’s time for another date with someone else.

How do you prevent getting stood up like that?

Truth is – you really can’t.

You can run perfect game in person, text, and logistics, and shit will still hit the fan. The same thing applies to girls that flake at the last minute; they’re just simply not as much of a cunt as the girl I described above. But, here’s what you can do: roll with the punches. Continue churning leads. There are billions of girls in the world. The one who stood you up is a fool – as a man, the world is your oyster.

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