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Getting Buff For Budapest, Steak And Eggs Week 1


Steak & Eggs


Rules of the road:

  • Steak, bacon and eggs as the staple of my diet. I’ve heard such great things about quick fat loss (which is really what I need, as I’m stronger, albeit heavier, than I’ve ever been) with this, I want to give it a real shot. Basically, zero carbs allowed. Though I’m not a huge fan of eggs, which is unfortunate. Read more about Steak & Eggs here.
  • Two meals a day with a full-day fast once a week (usually will be Wednesdays)
  • Minimal eating out, with the exception of the below…
  • One cheat day when everything is fair game. I’ll probably eat greasy Mexican, pizza, and drink a six pack.
  • Alcohol is acceptable once or twice in the week. No beer, only clear liquors allowed. Think “healthy drinking” – vodka/gin and tonic/soda/water, or a glass of wine. Maximum of two drinks with no late-night munchies allowed.
  • Workout a minimum of 5 days a week, which I already do. I’ll skip the workout on the fast day (Wednesday), and perhaps on my cheat day, too. I’ll also be adding in 2x two-a-days, in which the second workout will be a high-intensity cardio session.


Weight: 181 lbs

So I gained a couple of pounds back after the fast. Not surprising.

Workout – 12pm

30x Pullups – note that I definitely felt “lighter” and blasted through the first set with a higher number than usual. Might have been a placebo effect, though.
4x 21s, superset with 4x superman rows
4x Rows
4x standing bicep curl (cables)
4x lat pull down
4x bicep machine

Notes: good workout.

Meal 1:

3/4 lbs of tri-tip
2 eggs

Meal 2:

3/4 lbs of tri-tip
2 eggs


Workout – 10am

45 minutes of the stair stepper
100x pushups
100x crunches
80x machine crunches
4x light shoulder raises (I’ve had major shoulder surgery and consider this therapeutic stretching)
4x linear shoulder raises

Meal 1 (before workout)

1/4 lb tri tip
2 bacon

Meal 2

1/4 lb tri tip
2 bacon

3 eggs

Meal 3

~1 lb tri tip
1 bacon
3 eggs


Weight: 176 lbs

THIRTEEN pounds lost.

Oh boy, here goes the gluttony. I did workout legs, but my knee has been bothering me and it was a pretty light workout. I didn’t push anything heavy.

4x Squats
4x Calf Raises
4x Leg Press (isolating one at a time)
4x Quad Raises (iso)
4x Hammy machine (iso)

Rather than listing meals I’ll just list everything I ate.

Carne asada plate with guac, rice, and two massive tortillas
Two snickerdoodle cookies
4 Sculpin IPAs that made me fall asleep at 3pm for two hours
4 pieces pepperoni pizza
5 pieces of cheesy bread
1 cup of Pepsi


Fuck yeah cheat day.

Note that I weighed 182 on Monday morning.

Want to go on more dates with your steak and eggs body? Go here.

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