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  • Recognize the difficulty of it. Most men in the world will never ever go out by themselves to hunt. Even fewer are the ones that have success with it.
  • ACCEPT the fact that SOME girls MAY be weirded out by it–BUT, many of them will also be quite impressed that you have the balls to roll out, make new friends, talk to them, and have a good time by yourself. Doubly so if you are traveling and on the road.
  • Start early. Nothing is worse than procrastinating on this and not leaving your apartment until midnight. When you have friends it’s okay to be fashionably late, but when you’re rolling solo you should start early. Otherwise it becomes easy to weasel and just go to sleep.
  • “HEALTHY DRINKING” as always. Have a big lunch if you wish, perhaps a nap after. Keep dinner lighter and simpler–will make it far easier to have a sting energy through the night.
  • Have a routine. This should include a shower, a shave/trim of facial hair, ironing your dress shirt/suit (if applicable), and maybe a warmup drink or two during the whole process.
  • Play music that will get you going. For some people this might be hip hop, personally I like to find a balance of happy/uplifting house. Preferably with some lyrics.
  • Start at a place you KNOW you like. Always. Even if it’s not the best hunting ground and you need to leave, start with something familiar. If you know the bartenders and whatnot (as you should), it will help you get into a social mood.
  • Get the first approach out of the way, and make it indirect. A comment about the line at the bathroom. Asking for the time, or something real basic. Don’t try to hit a home run.
  • CONTINUE APPROACHING AND DON’T LOSE MOMENTUM. It almost helps to keep a ticking clock. If you go too long without sayin something it’s easy to clam up. Just keep going.
  • IF GIRLS QUESTION YOU, just own it. “I’m out alone, yeah. I like to meet new people.” Don’t show any far or weakness.
  • REMEMBER that you are head and shoulders above most.
  • Use this opportunity to focus. No friends or wings means no side convos, you can lock in. Also note all the groups of dudes standing around like chodes (are you one of them when you’re out with friends? If so find a new wing)
  • If it works out – great! Follow usual club/bar pull strategies (sans a wingman, obviously), and go from there.
  • If it doesn’t work – great too! Hopefully you enjoyed it, and you WILL be more confident next time.
Kyle Trouble

I'm Kyle "Trouble". I'm a former computer engineer who left the 9-5 in LA at 24 years old and moved to Eastern Europe. I blog about dating, life abroad, and building successful and scalable streams of income.

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Cobbett - July 30, 2016

When your mates have either moved away/settled down/died you are not left with much choice than to wing it on your own a lot of the time.

    Kyle [] - July 30, 2016

    That’s very, very true.

    Have you poked around forums to find some new guys to go out with?

      Cobbett - July 31, 2016

      No…is that what you do?

        Kyle [] - July 31, 2016

        This blog is big enough now that most of the time, when I go to a new city, I get emails with guys wanting to meet up. Sometimes it’s for game, sometimes we just shoot the shit.

        But yes, would highly recommend either the RVF or CMQ forum as a place to meet guys. Meet the high repped ones and you won’t be disappointed!

          Cobbett - August 1, 2016

          I’m from England also I’m more into traveling abroad than visiting British cities. Planning on a long trip to SE Asia at the end of the year.

          Kyle [] - August 1, 2016

          Can still meet some wings for that area!


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