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“Game/Life” Balance



There were some really good comments on my post about new relationships that they’re worth their own post.

Ed Latimore


Man this is exactly what I say to guys looking to get things done. They gotta calm down a bit and stop chasing girls. Hopefully you find the right one, which it sounds like you have. It will make your life that much easier. Especially if shes supportive.


Congratulations pal, you’ve successfully stepped off the stepping stone that is game/manosphere/PUA, and not become marooned there as so many others have done.

It only gets better from here. Just don’t get complacent and make the same mistake I did, taking it all for granted – I’m still trying to rectify it!

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Darren (Twitter):

my favorite line ever:

“What I do know is that I just came to a realization that a couple dozen more sluts this year wouldn’t even be close to worth it to just throw away a great relationship with this girl.”

I like to think of this mindset as a sort of red pill ascendancy. You’ve gone through the trenches, rebuilt yourself as a man from a blue pill beta to a pussy smashing machine. At this point you start contemplating your purpose, a purpose beyond sticking your dick in every moist hole that moves that you rate above a 7.

You also realize that the time and effort required to be the stereotypical “red pill alpha” going out 4-5 nights a week and trying to bed all the women doesn’t leave you a whole lot of time for other endeavours.

Find that next challenge, and attack it ruthlessly. Having a woman that helps motivates you, supports you, and keeps you on your toes will fuel those efforts. Plus as someone else on twitter once said in regards to flirting/hitting on other women while in a relationship: “nothing wrong with looking at the menu if you have no intention of buying”. Gotta stay sharp somehow.

Proud and impressed by you man. You figured out at 25 what I only figured out in my real early 30s.

Darren (again):

Another thing worth mentioning is the BP -> RP -> BP cycle that comes from being an AFC, to finding RP and getting laid, only to fall back in BPness once you end up in a relationship. I believe Rollo has a couple of really good posts on this. You tend to find it in the RP guys that over-idolize that perfect, virginal type wife (all you fuckers know exactly who/what I am talking about).

The key in what you are doing is that it is the NEXT PHASE in your development. Alpha RP relationship type shit. Not a regression that sooo many other guys make. This causes them to fall into the cycle of re-finding RP and then putting the pussy conquest phase as the be all and end all of being a man. Cos they have never really internalized everything they needed to and truly ascended past being a bitch deep down inside.

That is all.


This is all great. But now comes the tough part for both of you. You CANT be complacent. You can’t stop hitting the gym so you can spend time w your girl you can’t let your guard down and become a beta again. You must be more focused now than ever, and she will help you succeed more than ever before. It is easy to fall into her traps. Good luck.


Agree with you, almost 100%. Endlessly chasing women is only appealing to the men who won’t ever do it.

It’s almost like there’s a cutoff time where it gets old, or becomes a hassle, or isn’t worth it. There are things that just become more important.

It’s definitely a maturity thing, and it looks like you’re taking it to the next level. You realize you couldn’t be where you are if you hadn’t lived the life you’ve lived.

Great post, Kyle.

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Thanks for chiming in, everyone!

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