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Fuck You Government

I walk out to my car a week or so ago and there’s a piece of paper on the windshield.  I groan, thinking I got ticketed because of street sweeping or something of the sort.  Then I remember, there’s absolutely no street signs regarding any sort of parking times or rules anywhere on that specific street.  What the hell could it be?  Upon opening the ticket, I see that I owe the City of  San Diego $59.50 for not crimping my wheels to the curb.

Fuck you, government.  And fuck you, “Officer” Raspberry.  I bet you’re a fat Paul Blart mall cop. If I ever meet you I’m gonna piss all over your stupid little parking ticket car:


I appealed the ticket online and got a notice in the mail saying that it was “reviewed by our staff and determination has been made.  After carefully reviewing the facts and evidence available (bullshit), we have determined that the citation was properly issued.”

Personally, I’d love to see the research that was done.  Not much of a case without evidence, eh?  Unless you’re the party with all the power and simply have to be proven wrong.

Now, I could try to fight it more (and I took my GPS out to the hill, and it measures just at 3% (law = must crimp wheels to the curb if it is >3%) so I could fight it.  But I’m sure they’d come back and say it was 3.5%.  It’s simply not worth my time.  $60 is just a little over an hour of work for me.  If I were to fight this, I’d have to take a half day off work, drive to court…it’s simply not worth the opportunity cost of fighting it.

The biggest issue I have with this is that I pay my fair share of taxes.  My last check was $3,200 gross.  I took home $1,900 after taxes.  I’ve paid thousands of dollars in taxes this year.  I’m a good citizen and I abide by the laws.  So my argument is…why are cops being paid to go write tickets for not crimping wheels to a curb?  I help pay their damn salary.  Send them to go clean some of the scum off the streets who are mooching off the rest of us who work our asses off.  My tax money goes towards funding social security (which I won’t see a lick of by the time I’m that age), single moms, and hobos begging for change on the street corners.

The government doesn’t need to take more from me because I didn’t turn my steering wheel another 90 degrees to the right.

I’ve paid for the right to say; fuck you, government.

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