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Friday Q&A: Forums, Ukrainian Scams, and the Death of American Culture

Readers Q&A


Time for a bit of a Friday Q&A, since the questions in the inbox are beginning to pile up…


“Hey Kyle, Have you considered setting up your own forum? When Roosh’s forum actually promoted game, things were good – men got feedback on their cold approaches, we talked about whatever came to mind, it was actually a community of MEN compared to the pussified version seen on r/seduction.”

I won’t do it, simply because I’m far too lazy to actually moderate and work on something like that.

It’s just not a high ROI activity at this point for me. Forums are a lot of work without much reward until you reach really, really higher traffic numbers, and even then it’s questionable…

So, no, no forum in the cards for me at any point.

From experience, too, most of the guys on the forum worth meeting sort of moved off of that and into private WhatsApp/Telegram chats, I’m in several…most of us don’t really post much anymore, and haven’t for quite some time.


“What are your some scams you experienced or that someone tried to pull on you in Odessa?”

A few cabbies and a few “bonus” items in restaurants, but that was really about it.

Nothing major.

I don’t know though, something about the place is just a bit seedy, as I’ve mentioned. Something about it being a port town full of former pirates or something. Who knows. Curse of the Black Pearl ‘an all me thinks matey.


Reader “Didact”, who always has excellent comments, mentioned something about the state of the USA…

“As we’d discussed when you graciously extended an invitation to me to appear on your podcast, America has a LOT of problems, and it is readily apparent to me that it is no longer a “nation” in any meaningful sense of the word. Its time as a unified political entity is running out, its greatest cities are turning into unlivable and absurdly overpriced dumps, and its people are not recongisably “American” in any sense anymore.

And yet I still love America, for all of its flaws and problems, and I love her people. God bless them both.”

He’s got some excellent points on the cities.

How many MAJOR American cities are still worth living in?

The only places I’d EVER consider living in again would be San Diego and New York City. And NYC only because of the sex appeal. I’m sure I’d be sick of it within a year. I certainly wouldn’t touch LA or SF with a ten foot pole…

I can promise you that Eastern European cities like Kiev are far more clean and pleasant than those alternatives in the States.

As far as the people, America has, as everyone likes to say, a country of immigrants. It’s a melting pot. So, it makes sense there isn’t much recognition as far as “American” people anymore…and in many parts of the world, said reputation is not very good.

Anyways, I left, and I won’t go back…

PS: The women also aren’t anything to write home about…click the link below and you’ll see why.

Attractive, In-Shape, Successful, Independent American Female Says Men Shouldn’t Date Abroad

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