Last updated: October 30, 2016

Why Girls Get Wet For French Men (Cocky Game Lessons)



I took a bit of heat from some people earlier this year on Twitter. Frustrated by my experiences in France at the time, I tweeted this:

“France is the worst country in the world.”

People didn’t like it.

Okay, fair enough.

I decided to investigate a bit deeper into why the French are so arrogant. I mingled with some locals. Observed people carefully when I was out. Did my best to blend in and understand. Kept an open mind.

Here’s what I found, and I think there’s some real good Game lessons in it.


It’s really not a surprise to most people. Parisians are noted for being some of the rudest people on the planet. And to an extent, it’s earned.

Hell, Americans are known for being quite arrogant. We’re hated in a lot of parts in the world. I actively have that stigma working against me.

And when you come from a country where success is part of the culture, it’s natural to have that arrogance.

France has such a rich history, it makes sense.

It was one of the most decorated countries from a military perspective, for a long time. The food is flavorful. The wine incredible. The language beautiful.

It’s a culture-rich place.

Much more so than many places.

And the people are proud of it. It’s why they’re arrogant as fuck about it.


Not going to lie, I loved Paris but hated the people. That won’t change. I probably won’t go back.

But at least by the end of the trip, I had an understanding of the reason WHY they were so arrogant. Understanding other cultures is a huge part of travel. If you can’t keep an open mind, you’ll hate everywhere.


A lot of American girls have a big thing for French men. Maybe it’s the accent, the artsy-hipster-independent aura they give off. Maybe it’s the knowledge of art and food.

Or…maybe it’s the damn arrogance.

We don’t need to rehash that arrogant, cocky, self assured men always do better with women in comparison to the betas. There are almost no situations in the modern world where the nice guy finishes first.

I suspect the reason that French men can be seen as very attractive overall is because of that arrogance. That they think are the best in the world, even if they’re not. Remember–fake it ’til you make it.

So whilst I won’t return to France anytime soon (if ever), I can salute them for having a winning attitude that is likely to take them farther in life than the attitude of a coward.

Let’s hope that attitude comes back when they have to fight for their homeland.

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