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The First Month of 2017 is DONE—How to Take ACTION

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First month down, 11 to go.

I’m writing this from my balcony in Dubrovnik, completely jetlagged (it’s January 31st and I’m scheduling this for Thursday, so starting a bit early). I couldn’t fall asleep last night, so at 5:00am I popped a Modafinil.

Here’s what I’ve done so far (it’s 7:14am as I type this).

  • Edited one niche post for Eastern European Travel
  • Edited 2nd niche post
  • Wrote post for one niche site
  • Worked on a web design (first draft done)
  • Wrote niche article for another site
  • Wrote 2nd niche article for another site

Now it’s time to watch the sun come up and down another cup of coffee.


I’ll be honest, I find setting New Year’s Resolutions to be completely worthless and silly. I don’t do them myself. I don’t even set yearly goals, because to me it just seems like too much. It’s overwhelming. Other people will differ on this opinion.

Instead, every day I put down an insane amount of work to accomplish and every damn day I make sure I do. I know that if I do this on a daily basis, that I’ll ultimately hit my yearly goals.

Last year, it was make $1,000 off the blog by the end of the year. Well, this month should nearly triple that mark. So whatever I’m doing, it’s working. Best not fix what’s not even close to broken.

But I write this because I just keep getting an email like…this:


Stop with the thinking. Just stop it. There is no reason to overthink anything in life. Simply taking action, 9 out of 10 times, will result in a far better outcome than thinking. There are exceptions to this.

You should think long and hard before investing all your savings in to one thing.

You should think long and hard before committing to a girl.

You should think long and hard before you invest significant money into something like a brick and mortar business. Online business is both the present and the future.

However, this doesn’t tend to be the case with the readers of This Is Trouble. Most of you want to create something of substance, put it out in the world, and of course—see the world. Beautiful places like Dubrovnik, Croatia—where I’m writing this from.

If you haven’t yet listened to my podcast with Mike Medici about personal development, give it a listen:


By the time you finish reading this post, I want you to have a vision in mind. Something that you’ve been putting off doing, that you know you should do but just haven’t. Let these be the words that will you over the edge.

I know I can’t make you do it, but I’m going to do my best to make you do it by the end of this post. It doesn’t matter what this is. It doesn’t matter if you were supposed to accomplish it in January, and didn’t. It doesn’t matter if you have failed at every single one of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Just promise me you will make one small step towards it.

When I used to coach guys in regards to pickup, I had a small trick. I’d make them put their feet in motion. If they feared approaching a girl, I had them take one step in her direction. That’s it. One measly step. I go into the entire process in this video.

I was always amazed at how much that one step made such a drastic difference, in so many ways.

The view coming into London Heathrow this week.

So…can you make one step?

If you’ve been slacking on the gym, just promise me that you will go in to the gym today, and do one rep. That’s right, one rep. Not even one whole set. Go in to that gym and do one dumbbell curl. 3 pound weight, I don’t care. One rep.

If it’s girls you’re struggling with, promise me you will take one step in the direction of a cute girl who draws you in today. One step.

If you hate your job and want to quit, promise me you will do just one thing today to help move you out of that situation. Write one sentence of one blog post. Apply to one job on a freelancing site. One action.


It’s easy to look at the items I mentioned above and say, “Fuck it. That’s hard.” Understandable.

Every morning I wake up, it’s one step out of bed. It’s one cup of coffee. It’s writing one damn word on this blog before the words start coming out well (764 as of now). Sometimes I have to force myself to do it. The more often I do so the easier it becomes.

Habits form greatness. You can develop the habits, or you can die. Die knowing that what you could have accomplished with meager, small effort is just out of grasp. Breathe your last breathe knowing that everything you ever wanted in life was just one step away.

One step.

You’re telling me you can’t do that?

I don’t believe it. And fuck you—you don’t deserve it.

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  1. I can testify that the one step forward works wonders.

    I’ve been posting something every day on my main site going on two weeks. That’s it. Less than two weeks.

    Before I started posting I had to stop obsessing over SEO. I had to stop obsessing if mine was a saturated market. And quit trying to sideways slide into it.

    Instead I said I’d post just post one thing a day. Traffic is climbing. I’m selling more of my books. I’ve increased engagement on social media.

    And I didn’t even master how to optimize my SEO in a “saturated” market!

    You’ve said it 100 times on your blog, progress really is just about putting in the work. Forget the tricks.

    1. That’s the other issue with SEO itself — you start writing for the computer and you forget about people. People share the content which makes the computer give you more love.

      It’s just a numbers game and you need high numbers of content to win.

      Your novels are brilliant and drew me in, and they were written with the goal of connecting with your audience—readers.

  2. Hey Kyle I have discovered your site a while ago. I am glad you got to enjoy Dubrovnik. It is a special place. If you haven’t already you should also visit Split. I was wondering you are doing the travel work remotely gig. If I may askWhat do you do for a medical insurance? This has always been a question of mine. I too eventually want to live the digital nomad style through a combination of stock trading and SAS work and health insurance has always been a mystery. I have traveled a lot but not over long periods of time as you are. Are you still a resident for tax purposes in the USA? Perhaps a post answering some of the more official questions that many aspiring American nomads haven’t found answers to just yet. I have enjoyed reading many of your articles. Also you should consider visiting Bosnia Herzegovina and Montenegro if you already haven’t. Cheaper than Croatia, less touristy, as beautiful girls and a less traveled path. cheers!

    1. Hey Tyler, thanks for your insightful questions.

      I’m still on my parents medical plan as I’m less than 26. I’ll lose it this year. Then I’ll get some cheap emergency traveler’s insurance and make the best of it.

      I am still a US resident and never plan to forfeit my citizenship, although I’m trying to get an Italian citizenship as well.

      As you saw on my other post, I’m in Montenegro now.

      I think a “Digital Nomad FAQ” post is probably in order, indeed! Great idea.


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